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Most people prefer to go on a relaxed holiday, but there are some who seek out attractions that are spectacular, sky-high and scary at the same time. And if you think that adventure and thrill come only with activities like sky diving, paragliding, and bungee jumping, then you’re wrong; you really needn’t have to float in the air to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Take to these crazy bridges which are mostly perched at dizzying heights and you’ll soon realize that they are equally exhilarating and fear-inducing. From the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa to Trift Bridge and Mount Hua Plank Pathway, check out here some of the

most extreme and dangerous bridges in the world.

1. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

Let’s start with the highest as well as the longest glass bridge in the world! Built across the canyon of Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan Province, this unusual walkway stretches for over 1400 feet and is suspended 950 plus feet above the canopy floor. In fact, a nerve-wracking walk along this bridge containing transparent glass bottom floor (supported by suspension cables) gives you a feel of being in the mid-air with nothing but the best of scenic views around you.

2. Thrift Bridge, Switzerland

Thrift Bridge Switzerland

From an awe-inspiring cable car ride to almost two hours hike across the mountainous landscape, reaching this fantastic pedestrian bridge close to Gadmen in Barner Oberland itself is a remarkable adventure. But, it’s all worth the efforts. At a height of 100 meters above the Triftsee Lake (which contains the water from melting glaciers due to global warming), the bridge spans for over 160 meters in length and offers the most stunning views over the dramatic glacier surroundings. Not to mention, a walk across the bridge’s wobbly planks is both exciting and frightening at the same time.

3. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa

Hanging Bridge of Ghasa  

This breathtaking hanging bridge in Nepal’s Ghasa town appears to be one of the most perilous bridges. Mainly built as an alternative to relieve the traffic blocks (due to local animals) on the region’s narrow pathways, the bridge is over 1100 feet long and hangs 450 feet high above a mountain valley. Although it appears to be delicate and even scarily shakes as you walk, you can be assured that it’s safe, thanks to its sturdy built. The greatest proof is the hundreds of locals and herds of animals that effortlessly cross the bridge on day to day basis.

4. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge Colorado

Once the world’s highest bridge till 2003, Royal Gorge Bridge, however, is still the highest in the US. At a height of over 950 feet, this historic bridge above the thunderous Arkansas River extends for more than 1250 feet and is certainly not for faint-hearted. The bridge’s construction was completed in 1929, but the Royal Gorge’s origin goes back to over three million years ago. That’s not all, it gives you the unique chance to trace the footsteps of dinosaurs, being the region inhabited by these mighty creatures about 100 million years ago.

5. Langkawi Sky Bridge


Strolling 410-feet-long Langkawi Sky Bridge not only lets you take in the sweeping views of the verdant rainforest, pristine islands and dramatic oceans all from an unhindered vantage point, but also experience the world’s longest curved bridge first-hand. Find nothing scary about this? Then know it’s perched over 300 feet above on Mount Mat Cincang and is supported by a single pylon. Moreover, its striking bend makes it one of the most interesting bridges, as you can expect to enjoy strikingly diverse views in every step.

6. Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan

Iya Valley Vine Bridge Japan  

Along with its extraordinary natural beauty and quaint hamlets, Iya Valley in Japan’s Shikoku Island is also striking for its three vine bridges. Yes, the vines of exceptional length and weight have been intricately woven together to create the stunning bridges. The largest of these bridges maybe just 50 feet above the crystal clear waters of Iya River but they are special in many ways. It dates back to over 900 years and the region once had about 13 such bridges. Interestingly, the existing bridges are given a renewal every three years. Speaking of its fear element, the wooden planks on the bridge contains wide slit that is seven inches apart, which makes each step difficult for those who are scared of heights.

7. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

hussaini hanging bridge Pakistan

This 325-feet high bridge over the roaring Humza River is probably one of the most dangerous places in this list. Constructed using very basic supplies like ropes, planks, etc, the bridge, apparently, is not maintained well, as some boards are broken and some even missing. Add to this extensive gap between the planks and strong icy wind that constantly blows from the Karakoram mountains. So no matter how brave or adventurous you’re, be prepared for the precarious ever walk which is definite to make your feet tremble in every step.

8. Aiguille du Midi Bridge

Aiguille du Midi

Placed in the French Alps and close to Mont Blanc massif, this is the shortest yet highest bridge in the list. A thrilling cable car ride will journey you to this outstanding bridge poised at a whopping height of over 12,600 feet, in less than 20 minutes. Being at a vertigo-inducing altitude, a walk through the bridge is sure to give you a shiver down the spine; that said, don’t miss the incomparable 360-degree vistas of Swiss and French Alps that awaits you here. Adventurists can further elevate fun and thrill quotients by taking to its transparent glass viewing cage.

9. Mount Hua Plank Pathway

Don’t know if this can really be called a bridge; it’s more of a plank pathway that is extremely narrow and bolted along the crags of the sacred Mount Huashan. Height of more than 7000 feet accompanied by sheer drops and knife-like edges makes it one of the world’s most terrifying hike trails. Once you start the hike, you’ll find yourself hanging off the peaks, being harnessed. As you’ll need to put forward each step with the utmost care, it’s absolutely not for weak. But if you’re really courageous, get ready to be treated with the most unobstructed views of the region’s imposing mountain scenery, lying just an hour away from Xi’an.

10. Da Nang Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Da Nang Golden Bridge Viatnam The 500-meter-long bridge gets into the list not just for its fear-provoking height of over 4500 feet, but also for its extraordinary features and endless natural beauty that bound the region. In fact, a walk through the bridge gives you a feeling of floating along with the clouds. And one of its most striking highlights is a pair of giant stone hands which appears as if they raise the bridge into the sky. There are also Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers planted on the bridge pathway’s either side, adding to its exquisiteness.

In this brief list, we’ve managed to include bridges of multitude types, from the longest, shortest and highest to the most unusual and extraordinary. Barring its distinctive features, one thing common about these bridges is that they all are sure to churn your stomach while promising you the exhilarating ever sightseeing experience.

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