Tamil Nadu's Napier bridge
Tamil Nadus Napier bridge

Chennai’s iconic Napier Bridge has received a new surprise makeover to promote the ongoing Chess Olympiad hosted in the city.

The pictures have stirred the online world and taken the internet by storm. An Instagram account named ‘drone captures’ captured a 39-second clip of the iconic Napier bridge painted in black and white checks, just like a chessboard. As a usual working day practice, vehicles were seen moving past the bridge as the camera slowly pans out to show the checked square decorated amid the serene river.

Several popular celebrities like Superstar Rajnikanth and government officials shared this 39-second clip on their Twitter handle, showcasing the checkered bridge representing a chessboard.

Supriya Sahu, the additional chief secretary for the Tamil Nadu government’s Environment, Climate Change, and Forest department,

while sharing the video on Twitter, stated how Chennai, India’s chess capital, was all set to host the grand 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai while also applauding the monumental efforts by the government to promote this unique event. This shared clip has received an overwhelming response from netzines with 2.9 million views and 0.23+ million likes. Many netizens also applauded the government’s initiative to promote the Chess Olympiad. As a result, the bridge has suddenly become a famed prize on the internet. Many users also like how it was shot; some even enquiring about the drone camera through which this clip was shot.

In the history books, India is hosting the Chess Olympiad for the first time starting on 28th July in Mamallapuram and will conclude on 10th August. The Olympiad would see close to 349 teams from 187 global nations participating. Thereby shattering the previous participation records as well.

On 28th July, the honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, officially kickstarted the Olympiad event at the Four Points by Sheraton Mahabalipuram Resort & Convention Centre. The first edition was launched on 29th July, the next day at 3 pm, with participating players from 187 nations.

Chennai is well prepared to welcome the world with all its elements in the best form. The Tamil Nadu government kickstarted the promotional campaigns by theming the Napier bridge like a chess board to onboarding an official mascot, Thambi, wearing a Veshti-sattai, a regional all-white cultural attire. The event also has a video anthem, “Welcome to Namma Ooru Chennai,” sung by a renowned singer and Oscar-winning producer, A.R. Rahman. The teaser covers popular landmarks of Mamallapuram with traditional and modern dance forms showcasing Tamil Nadu’s cultural ethos. The government is maximizing its efforts while leaving no stone unturned to publicize this unique event held for the first time in Indian history.

Image Credit: www.nativeplanet.com

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