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The happy atmosphere comes into the picture, especially when moving to a new home if you are an ex-pat or resident in the UAE. It becomes even happier when you are a new homeowner of a newly-acquired property. With that being said, there will be several things rushing through your mind, such as how to set up and decorate your new house, make new friends and acquaintances, and adapt to the new environment, among others. The newness factor has both sides when moving homes far away from home. We have compiled a list of the key things you need to do while moving into a new home in the UAE.

UAE Moving

Connecting with Current and New Landlords

Before you plan your move-in, take time to read your rent or tenancy contract carefully, in particular the security deposit terms and clauses mentioned for early termination or non-renewal. Then, give your current landlord sufficient notice time to prepare for the transition. At the same time, if you end your contract well before the due date, you may end up paying a few months’ rent as part of the termination clause. In addition, your security deposit needs to be returned as per the contract. Hence, you must connect with both landlords to plan your next steps carefully.

Cancel and Register the Utility Payments

You need to cancel all your utility payments, like telecommunications, electricity, and mobile bills, and register for a new one if required at the new place. The Dubai residents use the REST app to complete their Ejari online registration, and you can even get more details about how to complete your application online. You can register or book your utility services online. This allows the users to upload all the requisite documents and make utility payments online.

The key utility telecommunication providers such as Etisalat and du offer complete cancellation and a new connection through their online portal. So, complete these steps to avoid any last-minute changes in your plans.

Complete the Banking Procedures

Many people often miss this as processing the same takes several weeks and can be done only in person. If you intend to close your bank account, you need to withdraw your funds and file an application for closing your account while returning all unused checkbooks and credit and debit cards. Take a clearance certificate from the bank stating no current or outstanding liability in your name. Connect with your bank to know the exact process, as several banks have various procedures.

Selecting the Property Management Company

While you select a property management company to move in or move your household belongings from one place to the other, you should look for the company’s safety and hygiene measures and also ensure that it follows the highest hygiene standards. For example, Mohammed Ishaq, one of the managers of Atlas International Movers, stated that his company uses strict COVID-19 guidelines and compliance measures while moving in or moving out of their customer’s household items. He also stated that their team undergoes daily temperature checks and wears only anti-microbial hand gloves and masks to ensure the move-in or move-out is done in the most hygienic way possible and is compliant with the directives and guidelines shared by the UAE authority.

Clearance for Moving in or Moving out Your Household Items

When residing in a building or a community within the UAE, you must furnish certain documents as part of the move-out or move-in procedure. For example, some communities accept a written request from the tenant that features the date of moving out or moving in, the property management company’s name, their trade license number, and the vehicle registration number of the vehicle carrying your stuff for moving in or moving out.

In certain cases, the building or community may also request the company’s insurance papers, says Vijay Kumar, the CEO, and founder of MoversZone LLC, while speaking to Gulf News. All the above details must be furnished to the property management company for your existing and new residences well in advance. Then, once you have the clearance to move in or out, you can surely proceed to the next step.


Moving to a new home is stressful and it is more strenuous when you’re moving to a new location. But, we anticipate that above guide will prove helpful to make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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