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In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, shopping is highly valued, and visitors may choose from a variety of huge malls, chaotic souks, and glitzy designer boutiques. If you’re serious about shopping, the Dubai Mall has more than 1,000 stores, an aquarium, and an Olympic-sized ice rink for your enjoyment. Is it a lot of work? Do your shopping at your convenience from the comfort of your own home with the best online retailers in Dubai.

As the Corona outbreak continues to grow in scope, authorities around the nation are tightening security measures at various locations. Many of us would want to avoid the unnecessary exposure that we would experience by not going to shopping malls. But, what is the alternative way to do shopping in Dubai? We have compiled a list of some of the most reputable

online shopping websites in the United Arab Emirates.

If any of you guys believe that your pockets are going to receive a break because of this, you’ve got another thing coming. Check out the most reputable places to purchase online below!


Amazon Online Shopping Website is probably already familiar to those of you who have done any kind of shopping online. Before Amazon purchased it and took over, that website for online shopping was the undisputed leader for a significant amount of time. Amazon, the online retail giant that dominates the global market, is well organized and simple to go to. Amazon has a wide variety of worldwide items, some of which may not be sold on shopping websites that are based in the customer’s country. While the costs of delivery and shipping are on the upper end of the spectrum, the prices of the items themselves are on the lower end. Even your regular groceries may be purchased on ae!


Dubizzle is the ideal website to use if you are interested in purchasing or selling previously used items, as it allows users to do either. You can post an ad on this website for free, complete with images, a written description, and a method for potential buyers and sellers to get in touch with you. You may look at houses, automobiles, electrical devices, and even books, make-up, and footwear if you want to. Majority of the items on this website are pre-owned means the prices of the products that are now available are significantly reduced. You can get in touch with the seller directly to negotiate a meeting place for both the pick-up and the delivery of the item. If you want your advertisements to be published on the website, you will need to pay a set cost each month to do so.


Shein Dubai

Attention, ladies: If you’re looking for a good place to shop for apparel, go no further. On the website, you will get information on the most recent fashion trends as well as apparel appropriate for the current season. A rating out of one hundred indicates how hot the costume is, and it is sewn into the underside of their clothing. The experience of shopping is so lifelike that it makes you feel as though you are in a genuine shopping center. You can shop for items relating to ladies, men, and children.


Namshi Dubai

This is a more upscale online clothing purchasing destination, and it offers some very fantastic styles. You may get a wide variety of clothing, all sourced from your preferred merchants, at the website It features some of the most popular brands and names in today’s fashion industry, such as Adidas, Forever 21, Bobbi Brown, Nike, and Puma. As of right now, they are offering a discount of 70%; consequently, go over to their website!

Carrefour Middle East

Carrefour Middle East Dubai

Afraid to go grocery shopping because the stores are crowded? Simply place your purchase online! You may conduct all of your food shopping with the Carrefour UAE application, which is available for download. There are occasions when a product is not sold in physical stores but may be purchased online. So pull out your phones, and you’ll never have to worry about pushing one of those cumbersome carts with wheels carts again. On the app, you can also locate a great number of discounts that are available online.


Kibsons online shopping website uae

This online fresh market offers a wide variety of foods, including produce, dairy products, meat, seafood, and more. In addition to that, they provide free delivery on the same day. They provide a selection of organic fruits and vegetables, in addition to other foods that are suitable for a diet. You can complete all of your grocery shopping online at Kibsons, and the very same day that you purchase it, you will receive fresh food! Additionally, Kibsons is well-known for its selection of fresh food.


This is most likely one of the most cost-effective places to purchase online around the country. You may look at their daily bargain for AED 1, which includes a variety of items such as smartphones, smart watches, hair straighteners, and shampoos, among other things. The rate for conventional delivery is AED 29. However, if you want it delivered to a nearby delivery place instead, it will just cost you AED 9! Again, the delivery time is between three and five business days.


This is another shopping website that sells a wide variety of products, ranging from cosmetics to electrical gadgets. The website functions more or less like that of Amazon and noon. It provides paid delivery and shipping options, in addition to free delivery on orders that exceed AED 100. They also do a significant amount of business on the wholesale level.


This has quickly become one of the most well-known websites for online shopping in the United Arab Emirates. Everything, from technological goods to cosmetics and clothing, may be purchased on the website. There is a delivery or shipping cost, which is often around about 10 AED. On the other hand, delivery is on the house for orders that total more than AED100. In most cases, the shipping period ranges from three to five working days; however, you have the option to select rapid delivery to acquire your items the very next working day! Certain credit cards provide convenient monthly payment plans for things such as cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.


Check out Ubuy, an online retailer that sells all kinds of electrical goods, if you’re thinking about purchasing a new smartphone or laptop this month. This comprehensive online destination for consumer electronics has a plethora of attractive discounts and well-known brands. You may also get different types of things here, like clothing, masks, and so on.


Technology has eased people’s lives in many ways. E-commerce platforms have indeed revolutionized the way we shop. With everything available at our fingertips, we sure have a good time dealing with all the value-packed merchandise that these portals have on offer. So, indulge and have a great life!

Subham Chakraborty is a resident of Shillong, Meghalaya, the Abode of Clouds. Although his career began in a variety of sales and business-related roles, he always had a knack for writing. He is always eager to learn new things and adapt. He recently made the decision to pursue his goal, and his passion for writing has now become his profession. During his spare time, you are most likely to find him on Twitter or reading books. Coffee is his weakness and music is his first love. He is also a travel freak and above all a canophilist.

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      I love online shopping because you get so many discounts and offers. I am a regular of Awok. Their discounts and offers compete even with Amazon.

    2. Avatar for Subham Chakraborty

      I love designer clothes, so price is not an issue for me. I just want a portal that offers high quality clothes and has convenient return policies as well.

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      Which one is the best online portal for electronics? I am looking for PC accessories and headphones for my workout. Which portale has the best discounts?

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        Subham Chakraborty Reply

        When it comes to electronics, Amazon and Alibaba have the best range and offers but you should also compare prices with Noon and Ubuy.

    4. Avatar for Subham Chakraborty

      I am confused between Kibsons and Carrefour Middle East. I want fresh groceries and you have covered both places in your blog. What would you recommend?

    5. Avatar for Subham Chakraborty

      Hi, I am moving to Dubai next month and will be in need of a house and some furniture. How is Dubizzle? Will the website help me in this regard?

      • Avatar for Subham Chakraborty

        Dubizzle is the best. You can even find homes for rent. I have explained the process in the blog. Please follow that.

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