Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai is a tourist spot with immense bling and glamour and is worth a visit at least once. November through April (winter) is the best time to visit Dubai. Be it the shopping centers, the Burj Khalifa, cutting-edge locations, and endless activities, entertainment, and events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, these months see high visitor traffic.

The Best Time to Explore Dubai as per the Purpose

While some may prefer Dubai winter season, others prefer the summer. Your choice to visit Dubai is entirely personal, depending solely on the purpose of your visit.

April- October: To Seek Solitude


Due to its diverse population and appeal to vacationers from across the globe, Dubai is a place that majority of visitors adore. Nonetheless, should you visit during the busy season, it may be challenging to gain tickets to various attractions and reservations in the hottest eatery. Additionally, less crowded areas sometimes have more affordable hotel prices. The ideal time to come if you want to avoid the crowd is any time between April and October. This is during the shoulder and low seasons when most people have left the nation, and there are few visitors. It is ideal to watch the Burj Khalifa’s sunset, take an exclusive snapshot at the Dubai Frame, or finally get tickets to the wonderful Museum of the Future.

November-February: Enjoy the Weather


It should not be shocking that a busy travel season coincides with the optimum time to explore Dubai for pleasant weather. The ideal months to tour are November-February when the temperature varies from the upper 70s up to the low 60s. A handful of places within the world can offer this steady climate during winter, with a 99% likelihood of the day being bright with azure skies. The city’s varied landscape may be best appreciated during the winter. In a couple of hours, you can travel from the beach to one of the most modern, vibrant cities in the world to the tranquil, rolling dunes of the beautiful desert, thanks to the dependably pleasant winter weather. T-shirts may often be worn during these months during the day, while a light jacket or long sleeves can be worn during the evening.

June-August: For a Pocket-Friendly Trip

Burj al arab Dubai

You will most likely find the biggest discounts on Dubai hotels during the summer months (June, July, and August) when most people have left the country due to the heat. It is also the ideal time to take advantage of Dubai’s numerous indoor attractions. Summer has just lately become a season that is worthwhile traveling throughout. In the summer, you may get excellent hotel deals and swim or lounge by the pool outdoors. You can reserve a spot at the most desirable restaurants and beach clubs since the city is not too busy. Dubai’s summer will only become more alluring over time.

For the Festival Lovers

Dubai Shopping Festival

The best time to visit will depend on your particular interests, as festivals and activities take place all year long, whether it is hot, moderate, or mild outside. Among them, Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is one of the most awaited. Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) has just been introduced, with a calendar of activities taking place all around the city this summer. UAE National Day, one of the city’s most eagerly awaited festivals, draws lots of tourists in December. Others enjoy spending Ramadan in the city because it comes alive! There is a beautiful, festive atmosphere. It is always a favorite time to be in Dubai at this time of year since the skyscrapers are illuminated, and there are so many wonderful places to gather with friends for the Iftar meal, which breaks the fast. There are also untold New Year Party Places in Dubai to welcome the year with pomp and fervor.

Monthly Dubai Climate

Let’s delve into Dubai temperature by month.

January: In January, Dubai has temperatures of about 24°C. It is moderate and enjoyable to partake in outdoor activities all throughout the month, including zip lining, hot air ballooning, and skydiving. Cirque du Soleil, Quoz Arts Festival, and Dubai Shopping Festival are the month-long activities planned for Dubai in January.

February: Dubai may be regarded as a winter location since its weather in February is comparable to springtime in Europe. Outdoor activities are also good to take part in during this month. Enjoy desert safaris, camel rides, dune bashing, and supper cruises on traditional Dhows. The Dubai Food Festival and the Dubai Jazz Festival are the events in Dubai in February.

March: For beach lovers, March is the perfect month to travel to Dubai as the temperature increases. In Dubai, there are several beautiful beaches where you can swim and engage in various water sports like parasailing, jet-skiing, flyboarding, or paddle boarding. The Annual Festival of Literature and the Sikka Art Fair are just two of the numerous events in Dubai in March.

April: In Dubai, summer intensifies in April. The temperature is soaring, and you will feel it. Days are hotter and longer, and evenings are ideal and pleasant for participating in some enjoyable evening activities. Several events happen in Dubai in April, and you can take part in WOW JBR, Global Village, and theme park activities. Comic-Con and Middle East Film is one of the major events taking place at this time, drawing visitors from all over the world.

May: In full-blown summer in Dubai in May, you will need to wear hats and sunscreen during the day. Create a schedule with more indoor activities like dhow cruises, shopping, or amusement parks. The Hotel Show Dubai and Expo Culinary are the must-attend events in Dubai in May.

June: In Dubai, the monthly average temperature ranges from 28°C to 40°C. There are many indoor activities available during the day because the days are both long and sunny. Plan a summer trip with your family to attractions such as Ski Dubai, Dubai Dolphinarium, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Green Planet, Aquaventure, and other theme parks. Numerous events in Dubai take place in June, and the Opera House hosts classical music performances.

July: Dubai has the warmest month in July, and outdoor activities are only enjoyable after dark. You will benefit from decreased hotel and flight costs because there is less of a throng due to the high temperature. The most significant summer event, Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), mostly kicks off with loads of activities and experiences in June-July. You can also take advantage of discounts on shopping, theme parks, and even nighttime concerts.

August: In August, when summer reaches its height in Dubai, temperatures rise beyond 30°C. The hotel gives freebies, airline and hotel costs are affordable, and tourism is minimal during this time of year. This is the ideal time to book a vacation if you desire to organize a budget-friendly Dubai package. The Big Bus Panorama Night Tour, The Dhow Cruise Dinner, and the Dubai Night Tour are fun nighttime activities. Speaking of events, Dubai Summer Surprises will be in full swing in this month.

September: Although it is cooler in Dubai in September, it is still quite hot and muggy. It is one of the least expensive months to travel to Dubai for indoor activities. Saudi National Day is the September highlight in Dubai. There will be festivities and fireworks all across the city.

October: Dubai is a metropolis in a desert. In Dubai, the summer is prolonged, yet the temperature drops in October. Swimming and other water sports are at their most enjoyable during this period. It is also the finest time to ride a camel or participate in camel racing in Dubai. In October, Dubai hosts several events, including camel racing, opera performances, and Halloween.

November: November is the ideal time to visit Dubai if you are searching for a winter vacation. Given that winter has only barely begun, the temperature is nice. You are free to wander outside and take part in outdoor activities during the day. The best time to visit Dubai is in November, and you can also go to Abu Dhabi to catch the Formula One race. Additionally, there are other events in Dubai throughout November, including Downtown Design and Dubai Design Week.

December: Dubai is beautiful in December due to the nice weather and joyful vibe. The coldest month is December. Carry some light wool clothes in case you become cold at night. Dubai in December is most enjoyable. It will be expensive and busy. The National Day, the Rugby Sevens competition, the Dubai International Film Festival, and the New Year’s celebrations are the Dubai activities to enjoy in December. The Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display is the highlight of this month.

Guide to Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa

So if you are all set to explore Dubai, apply for the Dubai tourist visa at the earliest. With this, you are permitted to visit Dubai and stay there lawfully for a specific time period. You visit Dubai for business, to see your family, or just for a vacation. As a result, your chosen visa must be appropriate for your intended visit. You may select a Dubai visa type that fits your needs based on the several options.

The many sorts of visas for Dubai include:

  • 14-Day Single Entry Visa: This is ideal for short Dubai visits such as tourism, recreation, visiting dear ones, attending business meetings, and the like.
  • 30-Day Single Entry Visa: This allows one to stay in Dubai for 30 days for a relaxed vacation, explore the Dubai wonders, experience the Arabian charm, or attend business conferences.
  • 60-Day Single Entry Visa: This allows one to stay in Dubai for 60 days. It gives ample time for exploring the best sights and sounds within Dubai or visiting the other emirates. The best part is that it can be extended for 60 more days.
  • 30-Day Multiple-Entry Visa: It will allow the holder to enter Dubai more than once within the validity period. This visa can be extended two times within 30 days.
  • 60-Day Multiple-Entry Visa: It is valid for two months from the date of its issue.

30-Day Visa Extension- People with visit visas having validity for 30/60/90 days can extend their visas for 30 additional days on an app by paying a certain fee. To help you understand things better, here is a brief Dubai visa guide,

Dubai Visa Requirements

  • Valid passport with 6 months validity
  • Visa application form with accurate information
  • Recent color passport size photo
  • Proof of travel
  • Financial documentation
  • Medical insurance
  • Additional requirements as per the visa type

Dubai Visa Process

  • Determine the visa type needed
  • Apply through a licensed agency or online
  • Provide the essential documents
  • Pay visa fees

Dubai Visa Fees

The Dubai visa fees vary resting on a couple of factors- visa type, the nationality, and stay duration.

Dubai Visa Processing Time

The processing time varies from 3-5 days yet can take longer resting on different factors such as the visa type applied, volume of application, and other factors.

Common Dubai Visa Rejection Reasons

  • Inaccurate/incomplete application
  • Previous visa refusals
  • Criminal record
  • Insufficient funds
  • Invalid passport
  • Incorrect visa type

Final Analysis

Which month best fits your travel plans to Dubai? For that unforgettable moment, choose wisely.  Dubai calling !!!

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