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Moody weather, the oldest Chinatown, magical gardens, magnificent rocks, graffitied streets, and trendsetting attractions — Melbourne is the forever dynamic city of Australia. It is a forward-thinking destination famous for its striking architecture, love for sports, and sophisticated coffee culture. Every moment spent here remains close to your heart – a drive by the scenic Great Ocean Road, the breathtaking musicals, the biggest match on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and local wines at cellars.

A. Things to Know About Melbourne Before Visiting

  • To visit Melbourne, you must get an Australia visa and meet the entry requirements.
  • Melbourne is at such a unique geographical location that you can experience four seasons in a day. Stunning, isn’t it?
  • You can easily travel between the attractions by public transport like trains and trams. Plus, CBD has a free tram zone.
  • The city hosts a multitude of festivals, concerts, and events. The Australian Open and Grand Prix are major sporting tournaments you can catch here.
  • Plan wisely and prepare your itinerary, so you can skip the hassle and spend most of your time doing the things you love.

B. Top Things to Do in Melbourne to Enrich Your Experience

1. Try Tandem Skydive


Heard the phrase, “Live every moment like it’s the last”? Well, skydiving in Melbourne will give you the same kind of goosebumps. Push your limits to the sky as you fly above the shimmering Port Phillip Bay. Experience an adrenaline rush plunging from an epic 15,000 ft. It is a breathtaking activity when your heart gushes with energy and you free-fall for 60 seconds.

Take a vantage view of this dazzling city from the sky and feel like a free bird. Even the drop zone is picturesque, making your spine tingle with joy and thrill. To re-experience the moment back home, you will receive a video of your skydiving.

2. Live it Up at Federation Square

Federation Square Melbourne

The upgraded version of the Italian plaza and sibling of NYC’s Times Square, the Federation Square is a buzzing center of the city. Touted as one of the most famous public squares in the world, it is home to nine structures, or you can probably say architectural masterpieces. It opened in 2002 and has been witnessing millions of people every year. Visitors can browse the world-class galleries, civic spaces, al fresco amphitheater, and other beautifully-designed attractions. It is the gateway to art and culture where people can check out the historic and modern installations.

We would recommend checking the dates as it hosts numerous events, concerts, and activities throughout the year. Interestingly, thousands of years ago, this place used to be the meeting place for the indigenous groups.

3. Go for a Museum Day Out


Unarguably, the best thing to do in Australia is visit a museum. Melbourne is a thriving cultural capital and one of the easiest ways to say this is the range of galleries scattered throughout the city. It has exhibitions, institutions, museums, and everything in between. These astonishing art hubs will encourage you to rethink, reimagine and reconnect.

The museums are the perfect escape for kids and families, be it the super-chic and modern Lyon Housemuseum displaying contemporary art or the Science Works that knock your robotic senses. Also, uncover the city’s incredible history from thousands of years ago at the Melbourne Museum. The National Sports Museum, Chinese Museum, and National Gallery of Victoria are other top museums in Melbourne that deserve your attention.

4. Check out the Coolest Street Art

Street Arts

Since you are high on history, why not delve into the world’s biggest open exhibitions? The fashion city of Australia, Melbourne, is packed with extraordinary activities, but the fun begins right from the streets. The spectrum of colorful graffiti and spray-canned art across the streets and building exterior will catch your attention. You may even spot the artist working live.

Visit Hosier Lane, sitting opposite Fed Square, to check out the best street art. Admire the tribute to the Australian Rock Band at AC/ DC Lane, discover the history at Caledonian Lane, and gaze at the murals of Croft Alley. You can even sign up for Melbourne Street Art Tours if you find navigation overwhelming.

5. Sip a Freshly Brewed Coffee

Do coffee shots keep you alive and kicking? Melbourne is your go-to destination. Whether you’re hankering for an aromatic cup of Joe, or maple-syrup-spread coffee, you can enjoy a desirable coffee break. The world isn’t unknown to the fact that Melbournians love coffee, as it is the capital of the most richly prepared coffees.

Melbourne is home to the most cafe per capita. Coffee is so loved here that there is a tour dedicated to it. So, stop and smell the coffee!

6. Come Closer to Wildlife at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo Australia

When we say Melbourne Zoo, you might think of kangaroos and koalas. But is that it? Well, let your animal-lover hat on to say Hi to the majestic wilds. There is a dedicated section for all wildlife species, including the aviary center, butterfly exhibits, elephant trails, Asian rainforest, and marine home. Find yourself adoring these animals even more than before at every trekking step in this versatile zoo.

Come eye to eye with African Wild Dog, orangutans, tortoises, lions, gorillas, and many more. You can shake hands with penguins or dance with fur seals. Thanks to the zoo’s sustainable approach, visitors can learn about the conservation efforts towards the animals.

7. Take a Round Trip on City Circle Tram

Is this your first time in Melbourne, and confused about which landmarks to hit? Hop on the City Circle Tram, a fabulous way for the newbies to explore the city. You will save your leg and time as you tick off famous sights in one go. A running commentary gives you an overview of the history and attractions.

The best part of this journey is that you can easily hop on and hop off wherever you like and explore each place at your pace. The tram runs every 15 minutes, offering both clockwise and anticlockwise routes. As your trip moves forward, you can check our Flinders Street, Spring Street, Victoria Parade, Docklands Drive, Harbour Esplanade, and more.

8. Plan a Beach Getaway at St Kilda

St KildaImage Credit:

If you want to keep your feet up by the seaside, visit the St Kilda suburb. The palm-fringed beaches, indoor saltwater pool, and coastal walkways will embrace people of all ages. There are many eclectic activities, from fishing to skating, to keep you engulfed in the city’s warmth.

One of the best things to do in Melbourne is take your kids to the entertaining Luna Park on the foreshore of Port Philip Bay. It has state-of-the-art rides and roller coasters to kick your adrenaline and burst you into laughter. You can enter with an unlimited day pass. Did we mention that St. Kilda Pier and Breakwater have the most adorable petite penguins?

9. Feel Blessed at Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

Looking for things to do in Melbourne for free? Nature is an integral part of us — and what better way to appreciate it other than visiting a garden that is abloom with 85000 plants. Established in 1876, Royal Botanic Gardens still gives you ancient charm. Located along the banks of the Yarra River, it’s fascinating to see the amalgamation of 300 cacti and succulents growing with Japanese Mosses.

What makes it unbelievable is that it was a filthy swampland before transforming into a paradise. You will feel straight out of a movie scene as you sway on the punt in the lake. Then, check out the Botanical Wonderland High Tea, look up to the glossy trees, and travel by the glittering lakes. There is Children’s Garden filled with water fountains and a veggie garden for the little ones in the group. By the way, did you know there is a hidden volcano here? It is quite useful as it stores water for irrigation.

10. Brush up on your History at State Library Victoria

State Library

Established in 1854, State Library Victoria is one of the must-visit places in Melbourne. Handling a lot of titles under its name, this library holds a rich heritage and history of Australia. It is not just the oldest public library in Australia but also allows visitors to read for free. The octagonal-shaped dome of La Trobe Reading Room is a limelight-stealer.

You can even read your favorite book under the sunshine – what a resplendent experience. So, if you are a bibliophile, this place will be your next home. There are a plethora of items and artifacts that show you the iconic times of Victoria.


Melbourne is a beautiful place to go on a holiday – be it a random family getaway, a romantic escapade, or solo travel. Plan your trip around these abovementioned things to do in Melbourne and bring back loads of memories.

Passionate about travel and reading, Sreedevi believes these two aspects molded her life. She has 9 years experience in the travel industry and loves learning new things, music and crochet.

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