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Travel is for everyone — either you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker, a backpacker or spendthrift. As technology and the internet evolve, the world becomes more accessible. And with over 65 million wheelchair users, more places for travelers with disabilities are on the rise. Dubai is a technologically advanced city with attractions for visitors of different capacities, including special needs.To understand more about what people with limited mobility can do, here is a

Dubai wheelchair accessible travel guide

, along with some essential tips that can make the journey seamless.

Is Dubai ideal for wheelchair occupants?

Dubai is a tourist-favored city that goes above and beyond to create an adaptive environment for all travelers. It has the proper infrastructure, smart regulations, and strong laws to make everyone included in its offerings. Its most prominent and significant attractions are open to people with disability also. Moreover, the hospitality and warmth of the locals will be etched in tourists’ hearts.

Here are the best facilities that will make you believe that Dubai welcomes people with all abilities:

  • Most of the hotels in Dubai are wheelchair accessible. From Holiday Inn Dubai to Taj Exotica Resorts & Spa, the premium facilities and easily accessible rooms with roll-in showers are ideal for people using a mobility aid.
  • There are distinctive and massive wheelchair taxis that open the ramp behind the vehicle, letting travelers slide inside without difficulties.
  • There is sidewalk accessibility to cross the roads without getting into traffic.
  • Public transportation, such as metros, have dedicated spaces for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Dubai

Here is the round-up of top wheelchair-accessible attractions in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa Level 1245, 125 and 148

burj khalifa

We bet you would have never seen a more immersive experience than a person in a wheelchair reaching the top of the world. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stands at 829.8 meters — laden with wheelchair-friendly facilities, letting people with mobility challenges explore the decks without hassle. Massive elevators open wide and go to all the floors, including Level 148 (At The Top). The corridors and windows of observation decks at all levels are enormous, offering superb city views. Its entrance is through Dubai Mall. Just next to it is Dubai Fountain, best viewed from the water’s edge on the boardwalk, or one can take a seat at the waterfront restaurant.

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

People of determination (people with disabilities are called in the UAE) can visit Dubai like a breeze. One of the premium examples of this is the famous and most extensive natural flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden. No worries about elevators and ramps; tour the beautiful stretch of flowers in renditions and structures made out of 150 million blossoms and plants. Just zoom across the smooth paths, easily accessible by wheelchair users.

3. Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future

One recently added Dubai wheelchair-accessible attraction is the cutting-edge Museum of the Future. It is the gateway to the future. Imagine what the world would be like 50 years from now — the museum introduces you to scientifically proven and next-generation enhancements. The museum is divided into five zones, and each one of them can be accessed by a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are also available at the museum, and they are free to use. The exhibitions include life on the space station, VR and sensory experiences, futuristic progress, and interactive play zones.

4. Dubai Frame

dubai frame

The largest photo frame in the world, Dubai Frame, is located at Zabeel Park, and can be easily accessed on a wheelchair. It provides an uninterrupted city view of both Old and New Dubai. A wheelchair ramp, outspread doors, and gigantic elevators prove this place is for everyone. The deck is flat and on the same level, making it easier to roam and soak in the picturesque skyline views from your wheelchair. The attractions take particular care with complimentary services for special-abled guests, such as attentive staff and close restrooms.

5. Dubai Mall

Connected to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is a heaven for shoppers. Over 1200 shops spanning 5.4 million square feet and spread over four levels. Besides offering retail therapy, the mall has contagious energy for entertainment lovers. It has numerous attractions, from a giant aquarium to a colossal dinosaur skeleton, letting people on wheelchairs live their lives the best. The advanced elevators, smooth ramps, and dedicated spaces help people with differing capacities to enjoy themselves without feeling aloof.

6. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium

Placed inside Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is one of the highest-rated attractions in the city. The 10-million-liter tank is home to thousands of species of fish and water animals. Slide your wheelchair inside the premises and watch these colorful fishes overlapping your head. There is a 48-meter-long tunnel that allows tourists with challenges to feel like immersing in the underwater world without physically being there.

7. Creek Park

Behind the towering skyscrapers, this quiet, verdant park offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. Sprawling over hundreds of acres, the park is filled with green and nature trails to roam and wander around with freedom. This second-largest park in the city features botanical gardens and play areas. You can also plan a picnic to unwind and have fun with your loved ones. The passageways are designed meticulously to allow wheelchairs to move around without hindrances.

8. Dubai Dolphinarium

dubai dolphinarium

Since you are at Creek Park, visit the family-friendly Dubai Dolphinarium to watch the geeky and lovable bottlenose dolphins and seals performing for you. Take your reserved seats beforehand and watch these fluffy animals dance, juggle, jump through hoops, and play around. You can book tickets early to avoid any last-minute issues.

9. Beaches

Wheelchair-Accessible-beachesImage Credit: khaleejtimes.com

Dubai’s beaches are gorgeous, and what makes them unique is the special access for people who rely on wheelchairs. The local municipality has taken complete care of them by stretching well-built and leveled pathways. This helps the wheelchair to glide easily, even over the sand. Kite Beach was the first to add a disability-friendly ramp with a bathroom. It has a matted path so that wheelchairs can easily reach the waterfront. To check out these facilities, one can also visit Al Mamzar Corniche, Jumeirah Beach, and Umm Suqeim Beach.

10. Dubai Museum

The roads of Old Dubai might seem crammed with locals, but there are still one of the best Dubai wheelchair-accessible accessible destinations for tourists. Dubai Museum, a UNESCO Heritage Site located in the Al Fahidi Fort, is the oldest preserved building in the city. It has a 3,000-year-old story hidden in its walls. Sitting in your wheelchair, you can take a steady tour of the entire museum and its objects, artifacts, and documents collection.

11. Creek and Souks

Creek and Souks Wheelchair Accessible

When in Old Dubai, don’t forget to grab a bite at a restaurant overlooking the Creek. It’s a rejuvenating experience as the buildings in Old Dubai aren’t touching the clouds, cruises are replaced by boats, and the lifestyle is slow-paced. After this, take an Abra ride to Bur Dubai and explore the spices and gold in souks. These places have enough space to help you navigate the market without annoyance.

Additional Tips for Wheelchair Users in Dubai

  • Plan and Research: Research well to ensure that the places is wheelchair accessible in current time. Check for accessible accommodations, attractions, and transportation options.
  • Use Apps: Make your journey foolproof by using mobile accessibility apps to understand the routes, entrance and exit of attractions.
  • Pack necessary items: Carry extra wheelchair batteries and any necessary tools. Bring any required medical supplies and medications as prescribed. Also, don’t forget to regularly check your wheelchair for any maintenance issues before your trip.
  • Laws and Weather: Consider how weather conditions affect accessibility, especially in outdoor areas. To communicate, learn basic phrases in the local language. Also, familiarise yourself with local disability rights and laws.

FAQs about Dubai Wheelchair Accessible

1. Does Dubai Airport have wheelchair-accessible lounges and services?

Dubai International Airport caters to everyone, passengers with and without disabilities. There are dedicated lounges, check-in areas, and free parking for wheelchair-equipped travelers.

2. What are the transport options for wheelchair users in Dubai?

People with limited mobility can easily navigate Dubai using public transport, such as Metro. They have designated areas for wheelchair onboarding. There are also taxis under the provision ‘special wheels for a special need’ by the Roads and Transport Authority, which are comfortable and equipped with wheelchair lifts and ample seats.

3. Which Dubai beaches are wheelchair accessible?

Kite Beach is the first Dubai beach to take the significant step of introducing wheelchair accessibility pathways. Besides that, there are Al Mamzar Beach Park, Jumeirah 2 and 3, and Umm Suqeim Beach.

4. Is Burj Khalifa wheelchair friendly?

Burj Khalifa is fully accessible by a wheelchair, right from elevators to decks to lounges, offering a fantastic panoramic view.

5. Are wheelchairs available at Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall provides you with free wheelchairs.

Image Credit: visitdubai.com

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