Of all the top highlights and things to do in Dubai, Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is probably one attraction that appeals to all age groups. It’s one of the world’s largest aquariums, featuring hundreds of thousands of aquatic creatures in its massive tank, along with a range of inspiring marine experiences. In fact, this attraction is so vast that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for the first-timers, to understand and explore it in-depth. Starting with its amazing facts and detailed information to its diverse experiences, here we bring you a comprehensive guide that helps you to get the absolute best out of your visit to this Dubai Aquarium.

All about Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Best Time to Visit Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Being this aquarium completely indoors, you can travel to this spot any part of the year, especially during the summer months when the outside temperature blisters, reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Timings

Monday – Sunday: 10:00 hrs – 24:00 hrs

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Location

The location of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo itself is one of the main Dubai highlights. It’s placed in Downtown Dubai, next to Burj Khalifa and within Dubai Mall, one of the world’s biggest malls and the best-rated Dubai attraction. In fact, it forms one of the main highlights of Dubai Mall, along with KidZania, Dubai Ice Rink, Play DXB etc.

How to Reach Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

  • By Private Transfers: You can drive to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo on your own or opt for efficient private transfer which drops you right at the doorsteps of the Dubai Mall.  The mall has three car park areas which together can accommodate over 14,000 vehicles.
  • By Taxi: This is yet another convenient option to arrive at the spot.
  • By Metro: The nearest metro station is the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station. Once you get off at the station, you can walk into the mall via the Metro Link Bridge or use the feeder bus which operates between the metro station and the mall.
  • By Bus: With two buses (Bus Number 27 and Bus Number 29) that serve the Dubai Mall every 15 minutes, you can easily reach the mall from the Deira Gold Souk Station and the Ghubaiba Bus Station.

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Tickets

As the enormous tank is placed in the public area, you can view some parts of the aquarium for free. But, if you wish to have a more comprehensive look at both the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, there are ideal Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets tickets to select from.


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Things to Do at Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

  • Shark Encounter

It brings you incredibly close to one of the underwater’s most fascinating predators. And the specialty is that you don’t have to be an experienced diver to enjoy this activity. In this approximately 30 minutes experience, you’ll be joined by shark feed divers who will attract the sharks towards you, allowing you to see them up close. It also involves behind-the-scene tours; this enlightens you about the shark breeding program and even lets you glance into how baby sharks are fed.

  • Dive with Sharks

This gives you the once in the lifetime opportunity to plummet into the aquarium’s colossal tank and swim with one of the world’s largest collections of Sand Tiger sharks. What’s more exciting is that you don’t have to be a certified diver to try this.

  • Cage Snorkeling
Cage Snorkeling dubai mall

If you’re looking for a safer alternative over shark diving, you can’t go wrong with the cage snorkeling. Just put on your safety gear and hop on to the diving cage to take in the aquarium’s diverse yet super intriguing aquatic species at close proximity in an absolutely safe environment. Only four people will be accommodated at a time in the cage. Kids are allowed for this experience, although they should be at least 8 years old. There are also other kid-friendly options in the city, such as, Dubai Dolphinarium, that offer memorable encounters with sea animals.

  • Shark Walker

This is one of the aquarium’s newest experiences, designed for those who want to see sharks up close but don’t want to swim or get their hair wet. This experience lasts for 25 minutes and can be enjoyed by anyone who is healthy (fit to dive) and is 12 years or above.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
glass bottom boat

This is yet another marvelous option to have a close encounter with fascinating marine species. For this, head to one of the exciting tourist places in Dubai, Underwater Zoo, which is located just above the Aquarium. The stunning glass-bottom ride which can seat up to 10 people at a time will take you on a maximum 20-minute ride along with the aquarium’s 10-million-liter water tank.

  • VRZOO Experience
VRZOO Experience dubai mall

The Virtual Reality Zoo (VRZOO) is an absolute treat for animal lovers as this will put them right in the midst of some of the most ferocious, rare and endangered animal species across the world. There are two diverse experiences including live-action thrill and CGI virtual animation. While live-action employs a 360-degree virtual reality experience to transport you to the topmost wildlife destinations like Uganda, Australia, South Africa, etc, the CGI virtual attraction blows you away with its super immersive techniques.

  • Admire the Underwater Zoo Marvels
    • See King Crocs: Yes, you’ll get to witness the world’s most ferocious as well as the largest reptile on your visit here. Already weighing over 750 kilograms and with a length of over five meters, this gigantic 40-year old saltwater crocodile is expected to become even bigger in the next 50 years. To be in absolute as you see this ferocious reptile (protected in a controlled environment) from a safe distance.
    • Catch up with the UAE’s Night Creatures: With this fascinating segment, get to know how the desert creatures come to life as the night falls. Not to mention, this assures you of an edutainment experience like no other, making it great to explore with your little ones.
  • Exclusive Programs for the Curious Little Ones

Depending upon your kids’ age and interest, you can choose from Junior Aquarist and Senior Aquarist programs. Ideal for kids aged 5 to 15 years, the Junior Aquarist involves behind the scene tour, along with the opportunity to feed marine animals, see shark feeding and enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride. Alternatively, the Senior Aquarist is designed for kids from 8 to 15 years and covers all the Junior Aquarist inclusions plus a thrilling cage snorkeling experience.

Interesting Facts about the Dubai Mall Aquarium

There are numerous mind-blowing facts about Dubai Mall Aquarium that will give you more reasons to visit it:

  • With a 10-million-liter water tank that measures 51m X 20m X 11m, Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is the world’s largest suspended aquarium.
  • Indicative of its name, it has two sections: the aquarium and the underwater zoo.
  • While the Aquarium on the ground level inhabits over 33,000 marine animals from over 140 species including over 300 sharks (such as Tiger sharks), rays, batfish, clownfish, unicornfish, etc, the Underwater Zoo is one floor above Aquarium and has three zones such as Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean.
  • One of its unmissable highlights is a long underwater tunnel that stretches over 48 meters, treating you with a 270-degree view of the aquarium.
  • It was designed by Peddle Thorp (an Australian firm) and now managed by Emaar Entertainment.
  • Most of all, it has several records and recognitions to its credit, such as:
    • In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records featured the aquarium’s acrylic panel as the biggest of its kind in the world. It weighs 245 tons and is 32.8 m X 8.3 m X 750 mm.
    • Again in 2017, the aquarium broke three Guinness World Records for its OLED screen (largest of its kind), video wall (with the highest resolution), and high-definition video wall (largest of its kind).
    • CEOWORLD recently named it as the world’s top aquarium.
    • TripAdvisor ranked it as the MENASA region’s best attraction.

More about Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Tips for First Time Visitors, Facilities, etc.

  • It’s recommended to visit Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo during weekdays, as the Dubai Mall Aquarium gets exceptionally crowded during holidays.
  • Know that your basic tickets provide only access to the aquarium, an underwater zoo, and the tunnel. You can opt for All Access Pass or pay an additional charge to add more animal encounter experiences to your aquarium visit.
  • To avoid the hassle, pre-book your desired Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo online through a reputable service provider.
  • Diving enthusiasts can sign up for the specialty PADI courses which cover three distinct dive experiences.
  • While a camera is a must for your visit Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the facility allows you to make the most of the high end Go Pro professional underwater cameras. This captures the fantastic pictures of your exclusive underwater experience such as snorkeling, shark dive, specialty dive, etc.
  • If you’re visiting here for the first time, make sure that you keep aside at least two hours in order exploring its various attractions.
  • For best value, choose a combo package that combines your Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo trip with other the top attractions across Downtown Dubai as well as Dubai Mall, , such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania, and the newest Infinity des Lumières and Play DXB (whose previous name is VR Park Dubai).
  • Besides enjoying the top indoor activities in Dubai, there are also other things to do in the mall. Visit the gift shop at the underwater zoo’s entrance, from where you can purchase some unique souvenirs.

Q1. What are the timings for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

Monday- Sunday- 10-24hours

Q2. What is the perfect time to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

It can be visited all year round especially during the scorching summer when temperatures reach to about 50 degree Celsius outside.

Q3. How to reach the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

  • By bus
  • By metro
  • By taxi
  • By private transfers

Q4. What are some things to do in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

  • Shark Encounter
  • Dive with Sharks
  • Cage Snorkeling
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Q5. How much time does it need to explore the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

Well this depends on the interest of the individual. But normally, 2 to 3 hours is enough to explore the entire Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.


It’s evident from the above info that this aquarium is incredibly vast and one of the Dubai Mall’s top attractions, but we assure you that a trip here is absolutely worth your time and money. So if you haven’t been Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo this attraction, make sure that you include this amazing aquarium on your Dubai sightseeing checklist.

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