Al Montazah Parks
If you’ve never thought about Sharjah as a leisure center or a recreation spot, then the reality is that it has some cool options and one of the latest to join this extensive list is Al Montazah Park. While Sharjah’s more glamorous neighboring emirate, Dubai, has an extraordinary collection of amusement and leisure parks, a trip to

Al Montazah Parks

is special in its own right. At a distance of just 30 to 40 minutes’ drive outside of Dubai, it makes for an easy day trip, especially if you’re looking for a change of scene or want to enjoy some unique amusement park rides and water park attractions all under one roof.

Why Al Montazah Parks Deserve a Visit?

The incomparable charm and reputation of Sharjah as the UAE’s cultural hotspot is here to stay forever, but for people in the know, the place is also a great destination for family and kids. And one of the reasons that contribute to this status is the recently renovated Al Montazah Parks. So if you’re considering a trip to Sharjah during your Dubai or UAE visit, make sure that Al Montazah Parks is top on your Sharjah bucket list.

Al Montazah Parks is in the site of the former Al Jazeera Park which has remained one of the city’s prime recreational spots since 1979. Occupying an area of about 126,000 square meters, the park now comprises two main sections including the region’s first-of-its-kind the Pearls Kingdom Water Park and the Island of Legends Amusement Park, along with a dedicated green space ideal for picnics and events.

True to its name, Pearls Kingdom will transport you to an ancient kingdom with its unique theme (which highlights the mythical tale of Pearl of Knowledge) and over 35 exciting water rides and attractions which is definite to cater to every age group and skill. At the Island of Legends, you’ll embark on a time travel which takes you across the nine countries, allowing you to experience their classic innovations and inventions with 25 plus rides.

Know more about Al Montazah Parks: Location, Accessibility, and Timing

Al Montazah Park Location

Overlooking the iconic Blue Souk or Central Market, Al Montazah Parks is placed on Flag Island, along Khalid Lagoon which is a hub of activities with its many parks, fountain, etc.

How to Reach Al Montazah Park

  • If you’re traveling to this ultimate recreation spot from your centrally located Sharjah hotel or accommodation, it won’t take more than 10 minutes. Take a bus or hire a cab to arrive here.
  • For your visit here from Dubai, it will take around 30 minutes. There are frequent buses, taxis, and convenient private transfers available in order to reach here without any hassle.
  • Although easily accessible, it’s a relatively long journey (of more than one to around two hours) if you’re planning to visit the park from other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Best Time to Visit Al Montazah Park

Al Montazah Parks can be visited during any part of the year, but the most ideal time to visit here is in winter months (October to April) when the climate is cool and pleasant.

Al Montazah Park Timings

The park is open on all seven days from 10:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs. But, please note Tuesdays are ladies only day.

Al Montazah Park Tickets

Coming soon!!

Al Montazah Park Rides

At both Al Montazah Parks including Pearls Kingdom Water Park and the Island of Legends Amusement Park, there are tons of rides, slides, and attractions awaiting you. Take a look at some of the most unmissable among them.


1. The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet

This ensures ultimate fun and thrill for your little ones as they glide down this colorful carpet-like slide.

Ideal height: 110 to 150 centimeters

Depth of pool: 90 centimeters

2. Pirates Coast

The Pirates Coast

This attraction gives your little ones a feeling of sailing and tackling the rough seas as they race down into the pool below.

Ideal height: 121 to 140 centimeters

Depth of pool: 55 centimeters

3. Pirate’s Den

The Pirate’s Den

With this, you’ll first ascend to a high-rise castle from where you’ll exhilaratingly slither down (aboard a tube) with lots of turns and twists.

Ideal height: Above 121 centimeters

Ideal weight: Maximum 135 kilograms 

4. Forgotten Valley

The Forgotten Valley

Get a feel of exploring the long lost forgotten valley as you navigate your way down to the water through a series of slides, tubes, etc.

Ideal height: Above 141 centimeters

Depth of pool: 130 to 170 centimeters

5. The Fort

For thrill-seekers, this enormous structure has some amazing attractions such as four diverse water slides.

Ideal height: Above 121 centimeters

Depth of pool: 130 centimeters

6. Sea of Treasures

An amazing spot within the water park to enjoy endless splashes and discover awe-inspiring marine wonders.

Designed for hardcore adventurists, this ride not only promises you a heart-racing thrill but also treats you with the most stunning views over the park as well as the surroundings.

Ideal height: Above 121 centimeters

Ideal weight: Maximum 135 kilograms

8. Kids’ Sea

Being modeled to resemble the remnants of an ancient ship, this section is definite to entice your intrepid little ones looking for a water expedition with exciting fun and creative thrill.

Ideal height: 81 to 119 centimeters

Depth of pool: 30 centimeters

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9. The Great Oasis

The Great Oasis

Enveloped by a super tranquil ambiance enhanced with greenery and fresh air, this is a great place to relax amidst all actions. One of the main highlights here is the Mystery River.

Only guests above 18 years are allowed in this section.

10. Kid’s Galaxy

The Kid’s Galaxy

This is yet another kiddos’ favorite, thanks to its exciting theme that reminisces the ancient legends of meteors.

Ideal height: 81 to 139 centimeters

Depth of pool: 40 centimeters


1. The Time Train
The Time Train

Be ready for a classic train ride as this attraction loops you around almost the whole of the amusement park in the most fun-filled manner.

2. Teacups
The Tea cups

The teacup rides are all-time favorites, but one at the Island of Legends is extra special; it gives you a vibe of the old England, with its super lively themes and colors that are quintessentially English.

Ideal height: Above 90 centimeters

3. Le Palais

Let your kids have hours of fun at this exciting zone bursting with rides, slides, tunnels, etc.

4. Dragon Discovery
The Dragon Discovery

With a colossal Chinese dragon right at its doorway, this super exhilarating ride invites you to experience pulse-pounding fun and adventure.

Ideal Height: Above 121 centimeters

5. Dancing Flowers
The Dancing Flowers

This huge colorful ride with four colorful capsules will take you on a merry-go-round spin like no other.

Ideal Height: Above 110 centimeters

6. Viking Journey

Inspired by the Scandinavian snow theme, this ride section is a true white wonderland, complete with the remnants of an ancient Viking ship, frozen pond, etc.

Ideal Height: Above 90 centimeters

7. Lochiness Spin Boat

Take this thrilling spin boat ride and experience what it’s like to catch up with a Loch Ness Monster during the ride.

Ideal Height: Above 120 centimeters

8. Baz Coaster
The Baz Coaster

Jump on to this amazing ride; with lots of twisting, tossing, and bending involved, it steps you back to the Wild West era of cowboys.

Ideal Height: Above 105 centimeters

9. Volcano Tower
Volcano Tower

This is one of the ultimate rides for adventurists. Once you’re perched high up into the air, get ready to experience an epic freefall from an astounding height.

Ideal Height: Above 120 centimeters

10. La Fiesta

Drop into this section to experience the authentic Spanish carnival vibe, with its vast repertoire of games enriched by endless fun, music, and entertainment.

11. Taga J
The Taga J

Come put your balancing skills to test at this exciting ride with a spinning platform. You’ll have loads of fun and even emerge as the winner if you manage to be the last person standing.

Ideal Height: 90 centimeters

12. Balloon Tower
The Balloon Tower  

This high-rise ride designed like air balloons gives you the fantastic aerial views of the park and beyond.

Ideal Height: Above 105 centimeters

13. Rocking Tug
The Rocking Tug

This rocking boat is one of the most sought after kid-specific attractions within the park. This will sail your little ones into an exotic water wonderland, allowing them to discover the marvels of the sea.

Ideal Height: Above 105 centimeters

14. Happy Swing
The Happy Swing

It comes with an inspiring Scandinavian setting complemented by woodworks, shields, etc. All these recreate the ambiance of an untouched Viking Village from a bygone era.

Ideal Height: Above 90 centimeters

15. Fun Castle
The Fun Castle

With a vast array of slides, hurdles, bridges etc, this thrilling zone is exclusively dedicated to those who love fun-filled adventure and actions. Although the Fun Castle can be enjoyed by all, it’s vital to ensure that you have your little ones in your reach radius all through the time you spend here.

16. Jump Around
The Jump Around

This is one of the most amazing rides which allow you to step on to a Jump Around car and experience a fun ride in a thrilling bouncing motion.

Ideal Height: Above 90 centimeters

17. Crazy Submarine
The Crazy Submarine    

As indicative of its name, it will take you on a crazy ride down the seabed aboard a cheerful yellow submarine.

Ideal Height: Above 90 centimeters

18. Familia Swing
The Familia Swing

This whirlwind swing lifts you a few feet off the ground during the experience, thus assuring you of a super mesmeric ride.

Ideal Height: Above 105 centimeters

19. Eye of Emirates
The Eye of Emirates

Don’t miss to take to this iconic giant Ferris wheel, if you want to admire the whole of the park and beyond from a stunning sky-high vantage point.

Top Tips for Travelers

  • Make sure that you arrive at the park early, especially if you’re looking to visit both the parks.
  • As a majority of its attractions and activities are completely outdoors, apply sunblock and also carry some extra clothes, which is a must if you’re joined by your kids.
  • Although lockers are available here, it’s advisable to leave all your valuables behind at home.
  • With so much to experience and explore in limited time, take a look at the park’s main attractions and rides before you arrive here so that you’ll be able to efficiently plan your day out by including all your favorite activities.
  • Book your Al Montazah Parks tickets in advance to assure yourself of smooth access to the park.
  • Be sure to check the height/weight restrictions specified for each and every ride within the park.
  • You’re not permitted to bring food from outside. That said, there are a variety of food stalls and dining options to choose from in both parks.
  • Additional facilities include complimentary full-day parking spaces, wheelchair access for guests with disabilities, retail outlets, and showers and changing rooms.

Now that you’ve got this comprehensive Al Montazah Parks by your side, come make the most of this ultimate family destination on your upcoming visit to Sharjah.

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