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Given its atmospheric ambiance and an undisputed reputation for extraordinary cultural highlights, Sharjah may not appear to be the obvious choice for families and people looking for endless action and fun during their UAE vacation. It’s often overshadowed by the glitz and glamor of its immediate neighbor, Dubai, but the truth is that it has some amazing attractions to keep people of all ages and interests engaged. In fact, it’s a lot more active, fun-filled, and vibrant than you might imagine. So if you’re seeking out an adventure-and-amusement-packed destination on your upcoming trip to Sharjah, there are plenty of exciting options and one of the unmissable among them is

Adventureland Sharjah!

Know Adventureland Sharjah Better

Adventureland Sharjah is an indoor entertainment park, located inside Sahara Centre – one of Sharjah’s most favored retail and lifestyle attractions. Opened in 2002, it underwent a major revamp a decade later and relaunched with a more exciting jungle theme in 2014. Encompassing a massive area of over 70,000 square meters, Adventureland is now home to a total of 17 exceptional rides plus more than 70 unique games that promise thrills and chills for all members in your group. Knowing this, you can be now assured of the extraordinary varieties of activities and highlights that await you here. This includes the region’s first-ever kind of rides such as motor coaster ride. Want to know more about this park’s main highlights? Read on our extensive Adventureland guide which lets you take a look at some of the park’s star attractions.

All About Adventureland Sharjah

Adventureland Sharjah Location

Adventureland Sharjah is placed in the first level of Sahara Centre which is located on Dubai – Sharjah Road at Al Nahda Interchange.

Adventureland Sharjah Timing

Sunday – Wednesday: 10:00 hrs – 23:00 hrs

Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs

Adventureland Sharjah Accessibility

It’s easily accessible via self-drive, a cab or a bus. If you’re taking a bus, get off at Al Nahda Bus Stop (Terminus 1) or Sahara Centre 2 Bus Stop.

Adventureland Sharjah Tickets

There are several ticket choices to choose from. A standard Adventureland ticket covers two rides along with one game. The prices vary if you wish to add more rides and games to your ticket. Adventureland packages come with its Power Bundles Package (inclusive of 13 rides plus 15 games) or Gold Rewards Package (inclusive of all 17 rides plus 10 games).

Adventureland Sharjah Rides and Attractions

1. Kid-Specific Rides

Adventureland Sharjah is a great place, especially for those visiting here with little ones. And some of the must-experiences in this category are:

  • Jungle Explorers

jungle explorer, adventureland sharjah

This is certain to delight your adventure-and-fun loving kids; it lets your kids to take to racecars and enjoy a jungle safari around a dedicated track.

  • Tree Hoppers

treehoppers, adventureland sharjah

A colorful ride which is all about laughs and screams! This will lift your smaller ones to a height of not more than four meters before quickly yet safely plummeting them down.

  • Safari Raiders

safari raiders, adventureland Sharjah

This allows your little ones to steer their own cute tiny bumper cars (modeled after animals). They are easy to maneuver and promise your little ones some fun-filled moments as they drive around the park, contest with other cars, and crush them to make it more exciting.

  • Jungle Kids

jungle kids, adventureland sharjah

It is the park’s soft play section which offers a variety of inspiring activities and attractions for both small and big kids.

  • Kids’ Canopy

kids canopy

This creative play area is exclusively designed for your tiny tots.

2. Adventure Rides

Now if you or your bigger kids or teens are up for something wilder, then be sure to try out these rides including:

  • Snap Traps

snap traps, adventureland sharjah

Your kids will be firmly seated around a huge column as this attraction takes them on an exhilarating ride full of drops, twists, and turns.

  • Rocket Cycles

rocket cycles, adventureland sharjah

A thrilling ride aboard Rocket Cycles allows you to experience the region’s first motor coaster ride! So get strapped in and be ready to hit the park’s twisty tracks and loops (all perched at great heights) in your own motorbikes.

  • Crazy Swing

crazy swing, adventureland sharjah

The name says it all! To start off, fasten yourself to the seats arranged around the swing. Experience the fun and thrill of a lifetime as it swiftly moves you back, forth and sideways until it comes to a stop.

  • Air Race

air race, adventureland sharjah

Backed by cutting-edge special effects and features, this gives you the ultimate sensation of flying high in an acrobatic aircraft, accompanied by heart-pounding twists, turns and drops.

  • Kukulcan

This is one of the park’s extreme rollercoaster rides which thrillingly journeys you through its long, twisting multi-level tracks that extend for over 300 meters.

  • Power Wheel

At nine meters high, Power Wheel will gently take the riders (seated in two rows) off to mid-air and completes this white-knuckle experience with more than 20 rotations per minute.

3. Family Rides

With something ideal for everyone in the park, check out these attractions for ultimate family-based amusement and thrill.

  • Forest Train

forest train, adventureland sharjah

Go on an exciting train ride which journeys you across the multi-level track, covering almost the whole of the park as well as the center. This promises you a classic theme park experience.

  • Driving School

driving school, adventureland sharjah

With this zone, kids will get to enjoy a vivacious car ride around an eight-shaped track.

  • Race Arena

race arena, adventureland sharjah

Designed with bigger kids in mind, this action-packed section is where they can ride colorful bumper cars inspired by a tribal theme.

  • Parachute

This biplane attraction is a kids’ favorite as it entices them with refreshing flying experience.

  • Hang Time

hang time, adventureland sharjah

Come test your physical ability with this eight-meter-high brick wall! It is complete with strong climbing holds, ensuring firm grip throughout your mountain climbing experience.

  • Green Go Round

Whether you wish to enjoy an amazing family ride or just looking to reconnect with your inner kid, this super lively carousel attraction is certain to delight one and all.

Things to Know Before Your Visit Adventureland Sharjah

  • To make the most of its rides and attractions, make sure that you follow park rules and adhere to its safety instructions.
  • If you or your kids have any kind of medical condition, it’s advisable to stay away from high-energy rides and games.
  • With so much to experience, you’ll need at least three hours to explore this park and enjoy its various attractions.
  • Put on ideal clothing along with a comfortable pair of shoes to ensure maximum fun. Avoid slippers and clothes like skirts.
  • Keep an eye on your little ones, especially during the exhilarating rides.
  • Besides all-day pass that offers access to all or your desired rides, you can also buy tickets for individual rides once inside the facility.
  • There are food outlets across the park to refuel your energy amidst all action and entertainment.
  • It’s a great place to conduct events and parties. To add to your convenience, the park offers a spectrum of packages starting at AED 85. This covers kiddie meals, face painting, and a party hat, among others.


So if you’re traveling with your family/kids and planning to hit Sharjah during your Dubai or UAE holidays, be sure to add Adventureland Sharjah on your travel bucket list. It may not be the region’s ultimate amusement park but it certainly is a great place to get your dose of family fun with the right balance of adventure and entertainment.

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