gorgeous Khorfakkan Beach in Sharjah

The small city of Khorfakkan in the Sharjah Emirate, surrounded by the Fujairah Emirate, has a little gem on its eastern Oman coast, namely Khorfakkan Beach. With a thriving coral reef, it is a tourist hotspot for marine enthusiasts, thanks to the immense efforts made by the local government to preserve its untouched charm. It is set against the rocky terrain of the Hajar Mountains means it is a perfect spot for uploading your Instagram stores and feeds. We have collated the best indulgences in this gorgeous paradise on earth.

Thing To Do At  Khorfakkan Beach

Snorkelling and diving opportunities

Snorkelling and diving opportunities, Sharjah

The coral reef near the Khorfakkan Beach in Sharjah makes it a haven for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Although popular TV channels like Discovery and NatGeo have done their bit in describing the incredible beauty of this place, this is your opportunity to witness the magic live.

Anemone Gardens

Anemone Gardens, Sharjah

With the average water depth only 20 meters, you can’t find a better opportunity to indulge in snorkelling and diving. The timid waters are home to the seahorses and barracudas, who would be frequent visitors during your snorkelling/diving journey. Capture these moments if they do come in close for a friendly handshake.

Car Cemetery

Get to the outer world of car racing at the Car cemetery. With the low visibility of this place coupled with dangerous animals residing here, you will find it extremely hard to navigate through the underwater destination spot. However, if you do get through, you will witness the exotic marine species and more than 150 abandoned trucks, cars, and other automobile parts on the sea bed decorated with algae all through your journey.

Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens are home to guitar sharks and crocodile fishes, making the underwater visit fascinating. Look to explore deep into the waters for the best experience. If you are looking for an excuse to purchase a waterproof camera, go ahead and purchase it without any guilt. You can relive these fabulous marine life encounters using live footage.

Dibba Island

The wide variety of marine species thriving near the shores makes it a popular spot for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. The shallow waters are home to sea turtles, batfish, clownfish, jawfish, and several boulders and soft corals., Don’t miss the chance to explore the amazing marine life residing here.

Shark Island

Blacktip Reef Shark Island

Image Credit: Flickr

Although the name of this Island sounds a bit scary, there has never been a shark attack here on this Island. During your snorkelling or diving journey, you will witness close encounters with smaller fish species and sea turtles. In addition, the blacktip reef sharks flock to the shores during the winter months from November to April. Overall, due to the presence of extensive marine life like the moray eels, rays, and Arabian angelfish, you will not even get bored for a second no matter how many hours you spend here.

Jet Skiing & Wind Surfing opportunities

Jet Skiing

Shark Island is a perfect place to indulge in adventurous sports like windsurfing and jet skiing. It’s a heaven for all the water sports lovers out there. You can book your tickets online or offline at one of the beach shacks. So relax and enjoy some delightful treats after your tiring set of water exercises.

Parasailing Opportunities


Parasailing can’t be left too behind when most water sports are available. The beach offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in the exciting parasailing journey. So indulge in this once in a lifetime opportunity at a very economical price. You can purchase your tickets online or offline for AED 135 onwards from 9 am onwards daily. The journey lasts for about 8-10 minutes only, but we assure you that this will be an eventful one.

Enjoy a fun time with the young ones

The beach features plenty of open purpose-built playgrounds for the little ones. The sunlight barely sneaks through the dense palm trees decorating the landscape. The little ones will love running around exploring the ambience, especially if they are key football followers. Although it is a family-friendly activity to indulge in, you can also relax and lounge at the beach, enjoying the sun’s warmth as your kid tries to emulate their favourite football stars. Keep your sunscreen and shades handy to block the hot sun rays.

Go on a shopping spree at the Friday Market

If you have secret shopping desires, this place is a paradise for you. Get to explore fresh fruits, rugged carpets for every corner of your house, and beautiful earthen potteries. The shopkeepers are quite friendly and open to selfies even if you are window shopping. The seasonal fruits are in plenty, and you will find it hard to skip them if you are even dropping by. After your shopping and haggling session, relax at the nearby cafes where you get delicious sandwiches & egg wraps along with cuppa tea.

How to reach Khorfakkan from other emirates?


Khorfakkan is around 163 km from Dubai, 127 km from Sharjah, and 270 km from Abu Dhabi, making it easily accessible from all the emirates. You will get several transportation options from all the emirates to reach the Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah, be it a taxi, bus, or even car, both self-driven and chauffeur-driven. If you take a car from Dubai, the recently built tunnel will bring you to the Khorfakkan beach within 2-3 hours from any emirate.


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Still, wondering whether to visit the Khorfakkan beach or not? Think no further; pack your bags and reach this incredible destination. This place has it all to cater to all requirements across all age groups and create a special experience for all visitors and tourists.

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