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The third-most populous city in the UAE, Sharjah has endless tales of heritage and history. Amongst its chock full of activities, there is a recent development that has caught the eyeballs. Sharjah opened the doors to the largest safari park project outside Africa. The first reviews are out — and the result is it feels authentic and pretty trailblazing. Sharjah Safari Park offers an untamed, real and mind-boggling excursion. The park embraces a whopping area of 800 hectares, petting wildlife from over a hundred African species.

Sharjah Safari

About Sharjah Safari Park

After a dedicated 7 years in making, the Safari Park is finally settled up — as a refuge for the animals and a pleasant escapade for the visitors. The similar topography of Al Dhaid, an oasis town located in Sharjah’s central region, made the project convenient. From dry sandy riverbeds to rich pastures and rugged terrain to enchanted woodlands, you get to experience the entire African panorama here.


Nestled in Al-Bridi Nature Reserve, the largest wildlife reserve raised its curtains on 17th February 2022. It hosts 12 themed natural environments, tucked at an hour’s drive away from Dubai.


Steeped in the wilderness, the sanctuary exhibits the glory of nature unlike anywhere else. Designed in an area bigger than nearly 1,000 football pitches, it offers a diverse mix of animals for all kinds of safari connoisseurs. It’s not a regular zoo; it has open-air surroundings, breathtaking sightings, strategic fencing, natural lakes, camps and lush vegetation.

Imitating the African landscape, Sharjah Safari Park is home to 50,000 animals from 120 species of animals. They are well-nurtured and fed to live in their healthiest state.

Considering the space, keep your eyes peeled to spot animals, especially the African wild turtles, lions, gazelles, marabou stork and most thrilling of all, a rare black rhino.

It is already lauded as one of the best safari parks in the world for its sheer diversity of scenery. Such as, the first zone is focused on the Indian Ocean Islands, the second one takes you around Northern Africa, the next area replicates the Savannah grassland (central and Southern Africa), while the fourth is a small area around Central southern Africa.

Investment & Vision

The UAE’s unique eco-system project is built with an investment of Dh 1 billion. Salute to its thought-provoking idea that places emphasis on conserving and preserving nature. Visiting the park rejuvenates your mind and enriches your knowledge about how the wildlife eats, breeds and survives. Several endangered lives have been brought back from the brink.

The safari adventure may take two to six hours, depending on what you want to see and do. Here is the ultimate list of the exciting viewing experiences in Sharjah Safari Park — we have all been waiting for. Get your binoculars ready!

Things to Do in Sharjah Safari Park

Sharjah Safari Park
  • The trip to Safari Park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the rare endangered animals roaming around in their natural space. Embark on a wild journey on your foot where you can check out its unique areas like Boma and Zanzibar.
  • After the walking expedition, usher into a luxury four-wheeler, a minivan or a bus and go on an epic 3-hour safari ride with a professional guide. These guides are trained to handle the animals and can sniff out a rhino from miles away. Capture a moment of a lifetime with one of the world’s magnificent hordes of animals across Savannah, Sahel and other regions.
  • Learn about the African species of wildlife through displays.
  • Through the journey, you might stumble upon pelicans gazing around, guinea fowls tip toeing, antelopes lurking in the bushes and tortoise laying eggs.

Zones and Areas in Sharjah Safari Park

Sharjah Safari Park
  • There are scarcely 5,000 Black Rhinos left across the globe. Tick off the bucket list as you observe one of the rarest and most amazing animals, black rhinoceros, in the Sharjah Safari Park — walking with its giant head and eating leaves with the pointed lips. These are originally found in the Ngorongoro region, a unique habitat formed of the extinct crater in Kenya. It also has several white rhinoceros running around.
  • Visit the Aldabra Cove and grab the chance to see the Aldabra tortoise sauntering around.
  • Within a stone’s throw, you will walk into Boma that recreates an African village with huts and lanes. You can rub heads of domesticated animals like goats, donkeys, Watusi cattle and tiny birds.
  • Later, take a breather on the perch of the Picnic Hills and pack a picnic for yourselves. The lucky travellers might get a chance to spy on gazelles.
  • Not just the majestic wildlife, but the array of native and African trees also dots the landscape. There is a spiny forest where seeds from Africa have been planted and raised. Around 100,000 umbrella-shaped Acacia Tortillas, which is exclusive to Africa, is found in Savannah. This region has some amazing species of antelopes as well.
  • With a contrast of verdant grasslands and sweeping golden desert, the Sahel region is occupied by Scimitar oryxes and Dorcas gazelles. This semiarid region in North Africa extends from the Atlantic coast of Mauritania in the west to the Red Sea in the east.
  • Take neck-craning selfies with the giraffes at Moremi, a place that is crowded with canyons of Southwest Africa and speckled with date plantations. The water channels support life through the dry season.
  • The Sharjah Safari Park Gold Ticket allows you an exclusive entry into the Serengeti. It is the highlight of the park where you hop off the safari and enter into lion’s den. This trip isn’t for the faint-hearted; you meet the king of the jungle from the front-row seats.
  • Brace yourself to watch the largest Nile crocodile in the world. These giant predators are often found basking in the sun or chilling in the inland waterways. This Tanzania region is home to a herd of wildebeests.
  • An area named Zanzibar Village is painted in white and allows you to unwind and grab a snack. Another area for a quick bite is Safari Camp. So, you can relax and refuel many times during this long, spine-chilling journey.

Other Activities & Facilities in Sharjah Safari Park

  • The Sharjah Safari Park activities also include a trip around the aviaries where you see the colourful winged creatures of Africa. From flamingos and ducks to hornbills, you can watch them opening feathers and sipping water. In a neighbouring section, you can learn about these birds, their birthing pattern and the reason for migrations.
  • In this expanse of wilderness, take a moment to revel in the stunning bird shows at the amphitheatre.
  • Other amenities include a children’s play area, conference halls, cafes, camps and more.
  • Breeding Programmes are a key aspect of this Safari Park, which is conducted with a solid vision to protect rare animals and preserve their biological diversity. Say hello to Bridi, the first African female giraffe born in Sharjah. Her parents arrived from South Africa five years ago. Another attention-deserving animal under this awareness initiative is Wuhaida, the southern white rhino born in the last August.
  • One of the common trees found here is the Samar tree. The trees provide fodder for camels and goats, as well as nectar to bees, which produce honey.
  • Complete your trip with a paid buffet.

Sharjah Safari Park Timing

The park opens at 8.30 AM and closes at 6.30 PM. The last safari starts around 2.30 PM.

Sharjah Safari Park Ticket

The basic Bronze ticket to Safari Park costs around DH40 which covers several attractions like Boma, amphitheatre and more on a walking tour. To experience safari ride either on a luxury vehicle or a regular bus, choose the Silver tickets or Gold tickets accordingly.

Book your Safari Park Tour Right Now

Since the invitation is on, it’s time to hit this exotic region and immerse in an astonishing view of these animals. While the walking tour keeps you on the toes, the luxury safari holds you on the edge of the seat. Contact Rayna Tours to find the best ticket prices you can avail of.

Intrigued by the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable diversity around the world, Shambhavi has taken the agenda of inspiring travellers to embark on their new journeys with passion and information. She has a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. She is a food-enamoured introvert who is fond of plants, reads fiction and taps feet to Bollywood music.

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        It is always best to book your tickets online. This is to ensure that you get to go on a safari on your preferred day and time.

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      I visited Sharjah Safari Park during my last visit to the UAE and realized that the country is not just about skyscrapers and shopping malls. Felt really glad to spend amidst nature and wild animals.

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