Dubai may be an evolving city filled with extraordinary architecture and glittery lights, but its oldest park, -Mushrif Park, continues to be a welcome oasis for travelers, locals, and ex-pats alike who want to escape all and spend some time amid of the tree-lined forest, indigenous wildlife, and refreshing greenery. So, if you’re seeking more than massive shopping malls, world-class theme parks, and thrilling desert adventures in your Dubai visit, be certain to take a look at this

“Mushrif Park Dubai”


Interesting Mushrif Park Facts

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  • Opened in 1974 by the Dubai Municipality, Mushrif National Park is the oldest public park in Dubai.
  • This desert park is a protected land enriched by indigenous Ghaf woodland.
  • It initially spanned over 125 hectares until 1992, when a total of over 300 hectares were added to the park.
  • Encircled by a natural forest, this is where you’ll find over 70,000 local trees.
  • The park underwent a major refurbishment in the late 1980s, which was then unveiled as part of the 18th National Day festivities.
  • It’s an all-age park with electronic games, play areas for kids, and a theater.
  • Besides exceptional facilities for family picnics, BBQ evenings, and relaxed shady walks, the sprawling grounds of this park are also famed for its Aventura Park, International Village, and Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre (find more details below).
  • You’ll also get to ride a horse and camel here.

Practical Mushrif Park Information: Timing, Pricing, Location, How To Reach


  • Sunday to Wednesday: 08:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
  • Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays: 08:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
  • Ramadan:  Noon to 23:00 hrs

Pricing (Entry Fee)

  • AED 3 per person
  • AED 10 per vehicle
  • Admission is free for kids below two years as well as people of determination


Nestled along the Airport Road, the park is on Al Khawaneej in Deira’s Uptown Mirdif area. It’s 15 kilometers away from Downtown Dubai and about 13 kilometers from Dubai International Airport.

How to Reach

  • If you plan to drive yourself, you can reach here via the E311 road. There are strategically installed signboards to lead you to the park.
  • Those who plan to arrive here by bus can take the 11A route.
  • Rashidiya Metro Station on the Red Line and Etisalat Metro Station on Green Line are the closest metro stations to the park. After getting off at one of these stations, hire a cab to reach here; this takes about 10 minutes.

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines and Other Important Information

  • Visitors should mandatorily wear a mask
  • Park entry fee can be paid only via NOL card
  • Although an NOL card is not sold here, you can definitely top up your NOL card here

Top Attractions to Checkout at Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park DubaiImage Source

1. Aventura Park

The UAE’s best and ultimate family adventure park is right inside Mushrif Park. Tucked away amid the natural ghaf tree forest, this spot is perfect for adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts to make the most of the 80 plus Highline and rope course activities. With diverse circuits available to take your pick from, it’s ideal for every ability and age group.

Rangers with brief, easy 19 challenges are especially for kids (but whose minimum height should be 1.15 meters), while the challenges that form part of Explorador are exclusively created for families to have the utmost fun and thrill on their zip line and bridge balancing adventure. Activities become intense as you take to Aventura, whose 15 challenges are ideal for adults and youngsters alike.

Thriller is the most distinct of all Aventura circuits, as it allows you to zip through the trees, which culminate with a 160-meter-long zipline. Finally, suggestive of its name, Extreme is unmissable for daredevils; – it’s complete with the most perplexing obstacles, including a 25-meter-high Tarzan Jump, heart-racing rope walks, and surfing across trees.

Entry Fee

  • For Adults whose height is above 1.14 meters: AED 185
  • For those whose height is below 1.4 meters: AED 149
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2. International Village

In this unique segment of the park, you’ll find replica houses that represent the traditional-style dwellings of different parts of the world. There are about 13 of them, ranging from replicas of classic Arabian, Nubian and stone houses to Thai, Burmese, Chinese, and Dutch-style houses with windmills. They sit adjacent to each other and are interspersed with elegant walkways and cool water features, including ponds.

Entry Fee: Free (Accessible with your Park Access)

3. Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre

Al Thuraya literally means a constellation of stars! And just as its name hints, you can expect to take in the privileged views of celestial bodies. Immaculately modeled to mimic a UFO, it’s the first-ever facility in the UAE that has been exclusively built for the research and study of astronomy and science. The focal point here is a huge telescope, which is justifiably the largest of its kind in the region. This not only gives you a closer look at the stars and galaxies but also lets you gain a deeper understanding of celestial objects. There is also a dedicated Astro Shop from where you can hire or purchase high-tech telescopes.

Entry Fee: Free (Accessible with your Park Access)

4. Mushrif Equestrian and Polo Club

This is one part of the park that is nothing short of a leading English-style equestrian club, making it a go-to destination for horse enthusiasts. Apart from show jumping, livery and stable management services, it caters to all levels of horse riders. It also offers ideal private and group lesson packages. So get ready for a scenic horse ride amidst the natural desert settings. For an equestrian encounter with a twist, you can opt for the moonlit horse ride.

Entry Fee:

AED 300 for a 90-minute horse riding session

Best Mushrif Park Activities And Experiences

Mushrif ParkImage Source

Ride a Bike: Looking for a low-impact activity to experience the park’s lush scenery? You can pedal around its dedicated trails laid out for cyclists. But, make sure that you wear helmets and take all essential precautions, such as using appropriate lights to ensure both your and others’ safety.

Plan a fun-filled picnic: The sprawling green environs of the park offer an easy-going setting to spend quality and intimate time with your family and friends. Yes, for that much-needed vitamin D, coupled with ample fresh air and pleasant moments, this spot makes a great place to sit back and unwind! So ready your picnic box and pack your food and drinks for your next weekend outing in Dubai.

Bird Watching: This is another exciting way to get closer to the park’s scenic beauty. With over 110 bird species to check out here, it’s a natural haven for bird lovers and sightseers. The major draw is the Pallid Scops Owl, whose hoots can be heard after dusk, though it’s difficult to spot. The Arabian Babbler, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Grey Francolin, and White-cheeked Bulbul are the other bird inhabitants frequently found here.

Enjoy BBQ parties: To bond with your beloved ones, there is quite nothing like a BBQ session in a cool, winter afternoon or evening. And the vast barbeque area within the verdant expanse of Mushrif Park makes it an enticing place for a laid-back outing in Dubai. Just bring the meat, seafood, veggies, herbs, sauces, etc. and have a ball of a time as you burn your stress away in the barbeque pits set in an enjoyable ambiance.

Play your Favorite Goal and Net Games: Be it football, basketball, or volleyball, there are dedicated spaces across the park to try your hand at almost all your favorite ball games. Whether you want to build your stamina or develop your child’s eye and hand coordination, the park’s sports fields are second to none.

Swim to your heart’s desire: The park has two swimming pools of 25 meters each. Both are enclosed, with one for women and another for men. To access the pool, a nominal charge of AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids applies and payment should be made via NOL card. It’s open from 09:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs.

Top Mushrif Park Facilities

  • BBQ and picnic areas
  • Free parking space for visitors
  • Kids’ play areas with facilities for people of determination
  • Electronic games
  • Sports fields
  • Prayer rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Bicycle tracks
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Restrooms

Top Tips to Visit Mushrif Park

  • The winter season (from November to March) is the best time to visit the park, especially for BBQ and other outdoor activities.
  • The park is most crowded during weekends.
  • A nominal rate is charged to enjoy certain rides and attractions within the park. For instance, kids’ train ride here cost AED 2.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park.


1. Where is Mushrif Park located?

Ans: It is located on Al Khawaneej Street, close to the Al Warqaa region, and is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

2. What are the park’s opening hours?

Ans: Mushrif Park is open from 08:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs on all days except for weekends, which is open until 23:00 hrs.

3. Is there a fee to enter Mushrif Park?

Ans: Yes; it is AED 3 per person and AED 10 per car. But the entry to the park is free for people of determination and kids below two years old.

4. Is there any similar park that I can visit in Dubai?

Ans: There are plenty of them, including Jumeirah Beach Park, Zabeel Park, Safa Park, Dubai Creek Park, and Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can check out our exclusive reads to know more about them, for instance, the Dubai Quranic Park tips and the Wild Wadi Water Park Guide.

5. What facilities are available within the park?

Ans: Mushrif Park offers almost everything to ensure a wonderful outing in a serene setting, such as kids’ play areas, picnic spots, walking and biking tracks, prayer rooms, and rest rooms, to name a few.

6. Is it permissible to bring outside food inside the park?

Ans: Yes, visitors can carry outside food, but it is vital to note that barbeques and fires are allowed only in the park’s designated areas.

7. Are pets allowed in the park?

Ans: No, visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the park.


So don’t drive far if you wish to familiarize yourself with a different side of Dubai! Just a quick drive of 10 minutes from the city center, – you’ll land at Mushrif Park Dubai, which is still one of the city’s best-kept secrets, augmented by an astonishing amount of natural beauty, peaceful quietude, and fantastic facilities that all members of your group are sure to appreciate and enjoy to the core.

Shaheen Taj is a freelance travel writer by profession. She is particularly fond of traveling and loves to jot down her experiences and cultural diversities of different countries.

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