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Spread across an area of 60 hectares,

Quranic Park

is one of Dubai’s newest attractions. Even though Dubai is synonymous with glamor and glitz, you will find that Islamic culture has its roots deep in the society. And this Islamic-based park is the first of its kind in the region; it not only offers an amazing insight into Islam’s high venerated religious text, Holy Quran but also lets you gain an in-depth perspective of the Islamic culture, heritage, and traditions. Explore its serene gardens, take a look at several plants that have been found mentioned in the Holy Quran, and step into the Cave of Miracles which displays extraordinary events associated with seven prophets of Islam. The entry to this park is free for all and there is a variety of surprises for everyone. As reported by the Dubai municipality, the park attracted over 1,00,000 visitors in the first week itself after opening. The green space of the park is a hidden gem in the emirate. Want to know more about this immersive park? This extensive guide covers everything from its significant attractions to its opening hours, accessibility, and location.

Visit Quranic Park Dubai – Know Before You Go

Best Time to Visit Quranic Park Dubai

It is preferable to visit Quranic Park during weekdays as on weekends, the crowd is more. Be prepared for extremely long queues on weekends.

Quranic Park Timings

Saturdays – Thursdays: 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

Fridays: 3.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Quranic Park Dubai Location

Located at Khawaneej area close to Mushrif Park

How to Reach Quranic Park

  • Access the park via Al Khawaneej Road (D89) if you are traveling by car. From the roundabout, you can exit onto Sheikh Zayd Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54).
  • The nearest Dubai Metro Hub Station to Quranic Park is Rashidiya Station.
  • You can use RTA buses 11A and 11B that stop near Quranic Park.

Attractions Inside Quranic Park

The first thing you notice as you enter the park is a beautiful and impressive design. It is said to have cost AED 200 million to build this park. This park is designed keeping in mind cross-cultural dialogue between visitors and residents.

This park is also designed to increase the green area in the emirate and diversity in the area.

  • The Miracles Cave

miracles cave quranic park

One of the main attractions in Quranic Park is the Miracle Caves. With the help of state of the art technology, the spectacular man-made cave helps you understand the various miracles mentioned in the holy book of the Quran. From the miracles of Prophet Uzair (PBUH) returning alive the miracle of Prophet Musa/Moses (PBUH) and the parting of the sea; expect to see miracles splendidly with the help of cutting edge technology. Even if you’re unaware of the citings of the Quran, the amazing video clips help you not only educated yourself with the scripture but also aids you in guiding your way through the cave. Although the audiovisual is currently only in Arabic, there are plans to introduce the English version of the audio clippings soon for the visitors.

  • Beautiful Walkway of 12 Islamic Gardens

islamic gardens quranic park

If you’re amazed by the cave of miracles, wait till you come out and visit the twelve Islamic gardens spread across the park for you with colorful flower beds and lush green lawns. It is the perfect place to come with your family and enjoy a relaxed day out. There are fountains, waterbeds, water stones, walkways and so much more.

Different plants mentioned in the Holy Quran are planted inside the park. Whether you want to strengthen your belief in Islam or you want to know more about the religion, you must visit this park.


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  • The Glass House

glass house quranic park

The amazing glasshouse is located at the backside of the park and as the name suggests, it is made entirely out of glass. Not to mention, it is breathtakingly beautiful. A favorite hangout place for botany enthusiasts, the glasshouse contains 29 plants and trees that are mentioned in the Holy Quran as sacred. These include corn, olive trees, barley, pomegranates, basil, banana, wheat and more. There are plaques for each of the trees and plants here that mention the name and the benefits of these plants and trees.

Don’t forget to click some amazing pics behind the beautiful backdrop of the glasshouse. There are some restrooms and space for people to pray. And while roaming around if you are hungry, you can find a small food cart outside the Glass House that sells snacks and beverages.

  • The Walkway

When you leave the cave and walk towards the rest of the park, two man-made lakes have a walkway between them. The walkway makes a perfect place to click some amazing pics for Instagram. There are a few fountains in the lake as well which makes a good place to hang out if you don’t mind getting wet.

Travel Tips for Quranic Park Visitors

  • For the Miracle Cave and Glass House, a charge of AED 5 is the entrance fee. Visitors can use the RTA NOL card that can be recharged inside the park.
  • For children aged 2 to 12, there are two large play areas inside the park.
  • At strategic points inside the park, you will find food carts selling coconut water, fresh juices, rolls, burgers, and other small snacks.
  • The park features a jogging track and cycling track. Phone charging stations and Wifi is available inside the park.
  • Weekends are extremely crowded.
  • To learn more about the park’s facilities and plants download the Quranic Park Smart Guide app.


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Quranic Park is one of the best attractions in Dubai if you’re interested to know more about the culture, diversity and religious beliefs of the Islamic religion. It is in every way a great place to visit with family and educate them about all the good scriptures of the Holy Quran. Book your trip to the Quranic park today!

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

  • 15 thoughts on “Quranic Park Dubai: Visit the First-of-its-Kind Islamic Park
    1. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Is quran park outdoor or indoor please tell me

    2. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      I want to go to the Quranic Park and take my kids as well, but only have time on weekends. But isn’t the place crowded? How to avoid the crowds?

    3. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      I have been to this park and I had a great time. The caves are stunning and the 12 gardens are just a treat for the eye. It’s a must-see place.

    4. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Dubai has built everything that the nature has not provided, be it an island or a canal. The only thing that was remaining was a cave. With Quranic Park, Dubai has replenished that shortfall.

    5. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Are people of all religions allowed here or only Islam followers are allowed to be in the park?

      • Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

        No sir, everyone is welcome. One of the main reasons this park was built so people from other cultures can learn about Islam.

    6. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      We visited this Islamic Park last year and it was a wonderful experience. The Miracle Cave is truly a namesake place. We got to learn a lot about Islam through video clips.

      • Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

        Glad you had a wonderful experience. One of the main reasons why Quranic Park was made is for visitors to learn about Islam. The whole learning experience is really well done

    7. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Wow, I am impressed by all you have stated in your blog and now want to add this place to my Dubai itinerary. How much time should I allot to this place?

    8. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Hi, since the whole park is dedicated to the Quran, are there any restrictions regarding clothing? And do we need to carry our own food?

      • Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

        Yes, please dress modestly. Regarding food, there are many food carts at the park so you need not carry your own food.

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