Dubai has undergone rapid development over the past few decades, thanks to its unrivaled architectural styles, world-class leisure and entertainment choices, and brilliant business and conference facilities. That said, the city has always disappointed wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers due to the lack of an authentic public zoo. But not anymore; the newly opened Dubai Safari Animal Park redefines the experience of traveling to a zoo and observing wildlife, making it worth a trip. As it is now all set to open for new season on October 5, 2023, read on to know more about it.

All about Dubai Safari Animal Park

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Animal Park is Dubai’s latest megaproject, whose construction is fast progressing in Al Warqa. Located adjacent to Dragon Mart, this space was previously a landfill site. But with the completion of the safari park, this 119-hectare facility shall be a wondrous bio-diverse land filled with several exotic, rare, and magnificent creatures, thereby replacing Dubai’s cramped zoo in Jumeirah. The good news is that it provides all animals with ample space and living conditions they are accustomed to.

Dubai Safari Park Tickets

  • Dubai Safari Park tickets start at AED 50 for general admission.
  • Choose the exciting Dubai Safari Park tickets (costing about AED 95) to add amusing and thrilling moments to your Dubai wildlife expedition.
  • Kids under three years old can enjoy free entry into the park.

Dubai Safari Park Timings

9 AM to 5 PM daily

Dubai Safari Park Location

Al Warqa 5, Dubai

Dubai Safari Park Attractions

Dubai Safari Park
  • Feel the Animal Magic

Besides more than 1,000 residents relocated from Dubai Zoo (including five lions, snakes, and a crocodile), Dubai Safari Park is a safe abode for thousands of other fascinating creatures, covering over 75 mammal species, 50 reptile species, and over ten different types of carnivores. With so many fascinating varieties of animals and birds like monkeys, bears, bats, and reptiles, you should definitely be watching out for spending seven to eight hours at this mammoth park, categorized into four main villages: African, Arabian Desert Safari, Asian Village, and Explorer Village.

  • The African Village

Like a journey to an African Savannah and the Rainforest, this approximately 12-hectare section lets you experience a unique landscape and see some of the world’s mightiest and scarcest animals, including African elephant, African tawny lions, bongo antelopes, chimpanzees, and white lions. Its highlights also cover a walk-through aviary and a variety of structures, such as an observation tower, giraffe feeding section, tram station, hippo viewing area, etc. A specialty of these structures is that they are developed using durable materials like thamnochortus insignis, which adjust according to the region’s climatic conditions.

  • Arabian Desert Safari

This segment recreates Western Asia’s unparalleled desert landscape. Besides its star residents, including Arabian oryx, Arabian gazelle, and Scimitar-horned oryx, it also provides several immersive activities and programs that allow people of all ages (mainly kids) to get up close and personal with animals.

  • Asian Village

True to its name, this themed village represents varied Asian cultures. See a myriad of wildlife native to Asian forests, rivers, and lakes, to name a few. It is also home to Asian Village Theatre, the venue of the immersive Creatures of the World show.

  • Explorer Village

It is probably the park’s most fascinating section. A must-do here is a drive-through safari experience. Traveling aboard a safe, air-conditioned vehicle will bring you up close with a wide assortment of animals, such as ferocious Bengal tigers, lions, rhinos, and zebras wandering in a vast open space. Needless to say, don’t attempt to step outside of the vehicle during this thrilling safari. You can further watch Birds Show and participate in animal feeding session.

  • New Season with Several New and Exciting Inhabitants

In the new season, you can expect to catch up with some fascinating creatures, including adorable newborns. Join a lemur feeding session, watch in awe the delightful Ankole-Watusi cow, and interact with some of the facility’s latest residents, including the Nile crocodile, the squirrel monkey, the Arabian wolf, the water buffalo, the white-cheeked gibbon, and the Eland antelope.

Why Dubai Safari Park is expected to be incredibly awesome?

  • Naturalized Enclosures: Contrary to conventional concrete cages with bars, you’ll see here large and spacious enclosures that have been modeled to resemble animals’ original habitats. Moreover, to keep residents and visitors cool, there are air-conditioned rocks all over the park.
  • Wadi: Apart from three unique villages, Dubai Safari Park also comprises a valley or wadi region, where you’ll find amazing animal as well as bird residents. Replete with several water features and a wooden bridge, it’s composed of various dining and recreation facilities sure to satisfy kids, adults, and nature lovers.
  • Verdant Greenery: The park’s layout offers gorgeously landscaped areas across its five distinct sections, all worth exploring. So come to discover the impressive animal world and be amazed by its lush surroundings with more than 100 varieties of plants.
  • Energy-efficient: The most noteworthy aspect of this park is that it’s environmentally friendly as it mostly relies on a renewable source of energy for irrigation purposes as well as powering of its varied facilities. Enhanced by well-planned and systematic waste disposal and water recycling facilities, this green project minimizes the carbon footprint.
  • Additional Experiences: Built at an approximate cost of AED 1 billion, Dubai Safari Park will have four restaurants – one of which overlooks the cheetah enclosure. Another of the park’s specialties is an underwater observatory that lets you see pygmy hippos. A veterinary hospital plus a quarantine center are also attached. Most of all, its parking lot can accommodate up to 3600 vehicles.

Conservation & Rehabilitation at Dubai Safari Park

One of the broader objectives of the Dubai Safari Park is to set up a suitable and equally safe environment for animal species of all forms. As such, Dubai Safari Park is not just developed to ensure a breathtaking day out for visitors and locals alike but also focused on wildlife education and conservation of rare and endangered animal species from all over the world. There are special enclosures here to cure and rehabilitate traumatized animals like declawed lions, which sadly could never go back to the jungle. Furthermore, the conservation team at the park will conduct genetic breeding of animals and plants, which encompasses methods like artificial insemination.


A trip to Dubai Safari Park will be more than experiencing varied flora and fauna, with several unique attractions on offer here. Apparently, whether you’re an adventurist, leisure seeker, or wildlife lover, Dubai Safari Animal Park will surely be a must-experience for anyone visiting Dubai.

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