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Burj Al Arab may be known to all as home to the world’s most ridiculously lavish accommodation options. But did you know it is an iconic Dubai landmark that reigns as the global epitome of Arabian opulence and Emirati hospitality? With its sail-shaped design and alluring interiors soaked in unmatched luxury, it is an attraction you should see at least once in your lifetime.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a guest anymore to glimpse into its stunning architecture, regal settings, and out–of-the-world comforts. Its well-guarded doors are now open to non-guests as well, starting on October 15, 2021. Thanks to the recently launched Inside Burj Al Arab Tour! Want to know more about this exclusive tour? Keep scrolling through this Inside Burj Al Arab guide.


Amazing Burj Al Arab Facts

Before you jump to the actual topic, take a look at some of these inspiring Burj Al Arab facts, which make this hotel a surefire spot to add to your Dubai checklist.

  • Burj Al Arab stands on its own island, which is man-made and is about 280 meters off the coast of Dubai. There is a bridge road that connects it to the mainland.
  • Opened in 1999, it took almost five years for its completion.
  • Its overall height is 321 meters, which makes it the world’s tallest all-suite hotel.
  • It is also the holder of several Guinness World Records for creating the biggest tin of caviar and the most expensive cocktail (amounting to over AED 27,000.)
  • Its interiors are so richly adorned that they contain about 1800 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf.
  • Moreover, it has used over 24,000 square meters of Statuario marble to finish its flooring and walls. For those who don’t know, it is the same category of marble that Michelangelo, the celebrated Italian sculptor, used to create his many timeless masterpieces.
  • Festooned with over 20,000 Swarovski crystals, the ceiling of Junsui Restaurant within the hotel is the largest of its kind.
  • Besides the choicest of its kind accommodations, the hotel is notable for its several captivating sections, including the legendary Helipad (which has remained the venue for many death-defying stunts and moments), the Terrace (the man-made private beach that spans 10,000 square meters with the most luxurious features), and the stunning ever Talise Spa that is perched 150 meters above the Persian Gulf.
  • Al though it falls under the category of a five-star hotel, Burj Al Arab is popular as the world’s only seven-star hotel. It is courtesy of a British journalist who gave this unbelievable rating after her stay here.
  • The hotel also places emphasis on conservation programs with its Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project which cares for injured and sick turtles.

About Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

The Butler Guided Tour of Burj Al Arab, known as Inside Burj Al Arab, is conducted by Jumeirah Group. The main idea behind this approximately 90-minute tour is to guarantee a totally distinct and riveting Dubai experience for tourists and residents alike. It allows you to check out some of the hotel’s most outstanding segments and attractions, whose access earlier was reserved for its elite guests alone. Along with this, come grab some authentic information and even listen to the unheard tales about this world-renowned hotel. It, precisely, gives you the once-in-the-lifetime opportunity to experience what it is like to stay in the world’s most luxurious hotel, interestingly without ever staying here. More details of the tours follow (in the ‘what to expect’ section).

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour: Practical Information (Timing, Price, Location, Accessibility, and the Best Time To Visit)


The tour is made available from 10:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs on a daily basis.

Ticket Price

The Inside Burj Al Arab tour starts at AED 249.


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Ticket Choices

Besides standard ticket options, you can book an Inside Burj Al Arab tour with a beverage or gold cappuccino at UMA Lounge or a dining session at Al Iwan.


It is located in Dubai’s Umm Suqeim 3 area.

How to Reach?


Burj Al Arab is easily accessible via public transport and private transfer.

If you take Metro, the Mall of the Emirates is the nearest metro station. Take a taxi to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which leads you to the ticketing lounge of the Inside Burj Al Arab tour.

If you take the bus, look for bus numbers 8, X28 or 81, which make their way through Jumeirah Beach Road on a daily basis. Get off at the station nearby Jumeirah Beach Hotel to reach here.

If you take a taxi, ask your driver to take you to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and then follow the internal route signage before he drops you off at the ticketing lounge of this tour.

If you take a private transfer, make your way to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and use the valet parking made available for this tour.

Best Time to Visit?

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Being completely conducted indoors, you can take this tour of Dubai icon practically at any time of the year.

What To Expect On Your Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour?

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

It starts with a Buggy Ride: After you clear the Burj Al Arab entry formalities at the ticketing lounge, hop on a covered buggy that rides you through the bridge road that links the main road to the private island.

Snap Perfect Instagrammable Shots: Before you reach the hotel, make quick stops to capture some cool and amazing pictures of yours with this appealing structure in the backdrop.

On Arrival at the Hotel: As the main door is opened, you will be greeted traditionally by your Emirati host. Get the tour started right off as you refresh your hands with a generous sprinkling of rose water.

Learn about the Hotel’s Vision & Creativity: Burj Al Arab is the outcome of the Dubai ruler’s (HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid) groundbreaking vision. Be impressed as you pay attention to your host, who will enlighten you about the ingenuity and vision behind the making of this impressive hotel.

To the Lobby & Atrium: Pass through the lobby as your host leads you to the elevator. This area is so strikingly and vibrantly set that it itself is one of the major highlights of this tour. That’s not all; it gives you the rare chance to stand in the world’s largest atrium, set at a height of over 180 meters.

Make Your Way Up to the 25th Floor: Next, you will board a glass escalator that greets you with the most marvelous views of the Arabian Gulf. It whizzes you up to the hotel’s 25th floor, which is actually the 50th floor as every suite in the hotel sprawls across two floors.

Get soaked in the Luxury of the Royal Suite: As the doors to the Royal Suite are opened for you, be prepared for a royal experience like no other. It allows you to peek into what is referred to as a jewel in the crown of the hotel. Yes, you get a detailed look at the hotel’s most expensive suite, where it can cost you an average of whopping $24,000 to spend a night here. Now you can imagine the sheer opulence and unequaled comforts on offer here. From the rotating bed to the empire-style rooms embellished with premium-quality silk and other materials, it is, on the whole, an indescribable experience; just see it yourself to believe it.

Immersive Dining & Other Activities at the Experience Suite: Following the in-depth tour of the Royal Suite, you will be led to the Experience Suite. You can be part of the unbelievable 3D dining experience and even see how every dish is meticulously prepared for the guest in the hotel’s kitchens with the help of cool digital experiences. You can further make use of its interactive AR (Augmented Reality) aids to travel through Dubai’s past, present, and future.

Access to the UMA Lounge & Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique: Depending on your Burj Al Arab package, you can relax in the outdoor UMA lounge that overlooks the Arabian Gulf and even savor premium beverages or gold cappuccino. If you wish to take home an inspiring keepsake of your Burj Al Arab experience, head to the dedicated boutique.

FAQs on the Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

1. Can I reserve exclusive access to the Inside Burj Al Arab Tour?

Yes, you can consider booking a private Inside Burj Al Arab tour with exclusive access for you and your group.

2. Is this tour ideal for kids?

Yes, it is ideal for kids. But if they are small or don’t want to accompany you on this tour, the facility offers professional Kids Club facilities.

3. Do I need to follow any dressing etiquette for this tour?

It is recommended to wear smart casuals and avoid wearing dresses like jeans.

4. Is photography allowed inside Burj Al Arab?

Visitors are not allowed to take flash photography or carry a professional camera.

5. Can I bring pets for this tour?

No, pets are not permitted inside the facility.

Keep A Note Of These Things

  • Wear smart casuals; you can wear tailored shorts but avoid beachwear. If you wish to combine this tour with a dining session in the hotel, check your chosen restaurant’s or café’s dress etiquette.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your designated tour time.
  • Food and drinks from outside are not allowed inside the hotel premises.
  • If your little ones don’t want to join you on this tour, there is a Kids Club facility to take care of your kids while you enjoy a relaxed tour of the hotel.


Dubai boasts some of the world’s most decadent and over-the-top accommodations that pack everything for a super satisfying and restorative stay. But nothing probably comes closer to the epic grandeur of Burj Al Arab! So, don’t let go of this chance to admire the ultra-luxe style and settings of one of the most sought-after opulent hotels. Be sure to take an inside tour of Burj Al Arab; it promises you an experience that you will never forget.

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