Following a lavish opening ceremony, the eagerly anticipated

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi,

the first-ever marine life theme park in the area, has now welcomed visitors. So this adds to the list of the latest places to visit in Abu Dhabi. This 1,83,000-square-meter park on Yas Island was created by Miral in collaboration with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. It is home to more than 150 kinds of marine animals and is the ideal family holiday spot, particularly for those interested in the deep sea. It features one of the biggest aquariums in the world, a wide variety of restaurants and shopping options, a thrilling roller coaster, and much more.

The parking space has solar photovoltaic panels installed on the park’s rooftop as part of Abu Dhabi’s sustainability plan. Several eco-friendly and creative solutions have been used around the park. Water from Abu Dhabi’s waterways is utilized in the habitat. Prior to being utilized in the park, it is treated. Around 1,000 staff members, including Emiratis, work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the park runs well and that visitors are helped wherever needed. Continue reading to learn what makes this unlike any other.

Explore the 8 Realms

1. One Ocean

One Ocean Abu Dhabi

The One Ocean at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi acts as the centre for guests. It has entrances to many locations as well as the Animal Care Centre. The centerpiece 360-degree media experience is a key draw here, as it lets you explore immersive stories. The Animal Care Centre, which Kaferle calls the “heartbeat” of the park, is located at One Ocean. Visitors may get a behind-the-scenes look and interact closely with the animal ambassadors. They may witness professionals in animal care conducting routine health examinations and administering medical care as required. One Ocean realm’s giant globe will attract your eye, but do not miss the One Epic Ocean tale, which takes visitors on a voyage through some of the world’s most intriguing ocean ecosystems and celebrates the relationship between life on Earth and the ocean.

2. Abu Dhabi Ocean

Abu Dhabi Ocean Sea World

Visit the Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm to learn about the unique marine ecology of the Arabian Gulf and the cultural implications of the practice of pearl diving.

3. Microocean

Microocean Sea World

The significance of both people and tiny aquatic animals is highlighted at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. This undersea environment may be viewed from the viewpoint of plankton by tourists. Games, rides, and experiments are just a few of the numerous activities that provide both enjoyment and education.

4. Rocky Point

The above- and underwater-water habitats at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi provide the animals with a caring setting where they may thrive. Through the use of sophisticated technology, the creatures’ native habitat is replicated by simulating wave motions, water currents, and lighting conditions. Two California sea lions will perform for spectators of all ages in a presentation at Rocky Point. The energetic and amiable animals are sure to entertain. Additionally, these performances have interesting interactive segments where the team educates the audience about environmental protection and sustainable practices.

5. Arctic

Arctic Sea World

Prepare to discover the unique wildlife of the Arctic, with its varying seasons and light cycles. For an exhilarating adventure of boundless discovery, you may board a research vessel or go inside the immersive Hypersphere 360°.

6. Antarctica

The six species of Subantarctic and Antarctic penguins may thrive in the climate-controlled Antarctic Realm at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. This includes the 1°C air temperature and the 7°C water temperature. Additionally, a complete spectrum zoological lighting system simulates the seasonal variations of Antarctica to provide the penguins with the finest welfare conditions during the yearlong molting and breeding seasons.

7. Tropical Ocean

Tropical Ocean Sea World

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s Tropical Ocean, take in the splendor of a sunny voyage with dancing waterfalls, lush tropical rainforest, a gorgeous crystal-clear lagoon, and magnificent aquatic life. In a tropical amphitheatre with 2,000 seats, the Tropical Ocean will perform the breathtaking dolphin performance. Along with “Flamingo Point,” tropical birds, and around 24 dolphins, the area is one of the only ones in the park with natural light. The Manta Coaster, located in the Tropical Ocean, is among the park’s most exhilarating rides. With a Manta Squadron, visitors will glide and swoop over the water as they investigate coral reefs and shipwrecks. The attraction has the first zero-gravity flip-out ever performed, the first twisting double-down dive, and the most airtime moments in the area with 17.

8. Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean Sea World

The world’s largest aquarium of marine life has the Endless Ocean realm, which includes more than 68,000 creatures, including sharks, rays, and schooling fish. Additionally, you may find seven other ecosystems that provide various viewpoints on the ocean’s immense beauty and diversity.

Research Center

The research center at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is among its most significant features. The facility embodies its goal of raising public knowledge of many marine creatures. It will be a cutting-edge information center for academics, scientists, and marine environmentalists. Additionally, it will raise the approximate 37,000 creatures to which SeaWorld now assists. To advance the current study on native Gulf species, live experiments will be carried out. The center will only concentrate on the local marine ecosystem in addition to being the foremost of its type in the UAE.

Best Time to Explore

It would be ideal for visiting SeaWorld in the morning since the temperature is considerably cooler in comparison to the remaining hours of the day and you have immense time to explore this magnificent area because Abu Dhabi is notorious for its intense heat.

Effective Tips to Visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

  • It is advised to explore the park in the winter as the location experiences oppressive heat in the summer, making your vacation miserable.
  • Bring sunscreen with you to avoid tanning, especially in the summer.
  • To fully enjoy the aquatic fun, bring a swimsuit. Check to make sure it lacks any fancy pockets, zippers, or buttons.
  • In the heat, the trek may result in dehydration. Drink a lot of water the entire time you are traveling.
  • To prevent direct sunlight, especially during the summer, carry sun caps and sunglasses.
  • The location is family-friendly, thus suitable attire is advised even if there are no preferred clothing alternatives.
  • You are not permitted to carry outside food or drinks onto Yas Island. If you’re hungry, there are restaurants and food outlets within.

Bottom Line

The arrival of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi to the world’s theme park and entertainment landscape is thrilling. A top-notch opportunity to get up close to marine life and explore the undersea environment is provided by SeaWorld. It will seek to ignite a passionate commitment to protecting our planet by revealing the connections between life on earth and the ocean. With its eight realms, the park provides enjoyable, captivating, and immersive family-friendly experiences. These experiences include up-close animal encounters, thrilling rides, motivational entertainment, as well as food and retail options, all conveniently located. So you know what to do in Abu Dhabi that is just out of the box in your upcoming visit? Go grab it at the earliest.


Q1. Is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi open?

Yes, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is finally opening on May 23, 2023.

Q2. What are the timings for visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

It is open from 10am-6pm daily.

Q3. What is the ticket price to visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

For adults, the ticket costs AED 375 and for children above 3, it is AED 290.

Q4. Is it kid friendly?

Yes, it is absolutely kid–friendly, with innumerable exciting activities and rides to keep them entertained.

Q5. Is there any age or health restriction?

No particular age or health requirements apply to visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. However, a few of the park’s thrill rides may have height requirements and may not be suited for those who are pregnant or who have specific medical issues. Before making travel arrangements, it is a good idea to confirm the precise criteria for each attraction.

Q6. Is there a parking area at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

For the convenience of guests, the park provides free on-site parking, offering a stress-free experience from the time you arrive.

Q7. How do I get there?

You can use taxis, local buses, or rent a car to reach the park.

Q8. Name some good eateries near SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

  • Texas De Brazil
  • Asha’s
  • Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Q9. Name some good places to stay near SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

  • Crowne Plaza
  • Radisson Blue Hotel
  • W Abu Dhabi

Q10. Who made the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

It was developed by Miral in collaboration with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

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