15 Things to Do in Dammam
This is the era of Saudi Arabia. The world is waking up to the awesome cities full of amazing attractions in this Middle Eastern country. One such city is Dammam. This port has everything you’d want in a vacation destination. With beautiful islands, stunning beaches, pristine waters, and unique attractions, there are many

things to do in Dammam

that will make you forget that it used to be a small fishing hamlet.

1. Heritage Village Museum

heritage village museum DammamImage Credit: visitsaudi.com

If you truly want to explore Dammam and know the history of Saudi Arabia, you must schedule a trip to the Heritage Village. The village is a 5-storey fortress housing different exhibits in multiple sections. Here, you can closely see and understand how civilization in Saudi Arabia existed and how people survived the harsh weather conditions. You can see the story of Saudi Arabia come alive through a series of pictures, photographs, and well-preserved manuscripts. There are also many artifacts, relics, and weaponry on display. Heritage Village is a must-visit for families with kids as a tour here can be educational and entertaining at the same time. You can also buy some nice souvenirs here. Once tired of all the walking, you can grab a tasty bite in the many restaurants and cafes and relish authentic Saudi dishes.

2. Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village

Dolphins in Dammam? Yes! The port city is also famed for having an amazing dolphin aquarium where you can experience the most fun dolphin and seal shows along with other live performances. You can also interact with the stars after the show. But that’s not all. The Dolphin Village is an amusement park, so there are other experiences as wll that will keep you entertained. The Cave of Terror is like a haunted house that is only for the brave, and the wildlife museum is something everyone can enjoy. Dolphin Village also has gaming arcades and swimming pools, so you have many options to have a great time.

3. King Fahd Park

King Fahd Park dammamImage Credit: lifepark.sa

One of the top tourist places to Visit in Dammam, King Fahd is one of the best amusement parks you’ll ever see! It is massive, covering a staggering 100 hectares. In these 100 hectares, there are natural spaces like gardens and parks that house rare and beautiful flora. There are also many man-made pools, lagoons, waterfalls, and fountains that create a wonderful, relaxing, and cool atmosphere. But the best part of the park is the amusement section. Packed with 25 thrilling rides, this is the best place for kids and adults who love fun and adventure. This is the most popular section of King Fahd Park.

4. Dammam Corniche

Dammam Corniche

Spend an evening like the locals relaxing at the beautiful Dammam Corniche. This is one of the most popular spots in the city. Take a stroll on the beautiful boardwalk and take in views of the glistening sea, or relax in the nearby garden that’s bustling with young ones and parents. The cornice is huge and decorated to look beautiful. All around you will see people taking pictures and selfies. Some wonderful cafes and restaurants also provide a great view of the ocean along with delicious food. The corniche is a wonderful attraction that should be on your must-see list.

5. Al Marjan Island

Al Marjan IslandImage Credit: visitsaudi.com

Of all the man-made islands in the Middle East, Al Marjan has to be one of the best. The island has multiple beaches where you can enjoy a walk, fishing, and even take boating tours of the coastline. There are many chairs on the coast where you can relax and take in the cool sea breeze. Al Marjan Island is a prime location for families as the evenings come alive with bonfires and barbecues. For those who might love this place, there are also a few hotels and service apartments where you can stay.

6. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture dammam

Steep yourself in art and culture at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. This is a multi-use venue having room for different exhibits, which are happening all year round. Most of the exhibits are dedicated to contemporary Saudi Arabian culture. Therefore, this place attracts locals and tourists alike who want to know and celebrate the culture. You too can check out the latest exhibits and partake in the culturally rich programs.

7. Al-Hob Souk


Right in the middle of Dammam lies the wonderful Al-Hob Souk. The sights, sounds, and smells of the place will intrigue you as you can buy everything from perfumes and spices to carpets and fabrics. Al-Hob Souk is also famed for its gold stores where you can haggle for a better price, and take home beautiful jewelry. There’s so much to do and see here that you are going to be here till the evening and that’s when the real fun starts. Sketch artists, singers, musicians, and other street performers light up the streets and create a carnival-like atmosphere. No wonder this market is considered one of the top attractions in Dammam.

8. Half Moon Bay

Visit a beach like no other! The Half Moon Bay is a beach that has a crescent shape like the moon. This is a wonderful beach as the waters here are warm, shallow, and calm – perfect for swimming. This is one of the best beaches thanks to the amazing facilities. The beach is lined with chairs and cottages that the public can use to relax, change, and shower. There are many food stalls as well that serve delicious fare. If the kids get tired of swimming, take them to the miniature desert nearby where you can take them on a dune buggy ride. Half Moon Bay is one of the prettiest beaches in the country and an excellent family destination.

9. Tarout Castle

Tarout CastleImage Credit: welcomesaudi.com

Don’t miss out on a chance to visit one of the oldest castles in the world. The Tarout Castle is said to be from the 5000 B.C. era and is still standing thanks to the conservation efforts of the locals and the Saudi government. The best way to see and experience the place is through a guided tour. The guides will illuminate you on the amazing stories that the walls of the castle still hold. Even the nearby villages and towns are worth exploring.

10. Dammam Regional Museum

Dammam is a city that finds its roots in ancient times. To know more about its history, take a tour of the Dammam Regional Museum. This museum holds many artifacts, archaeological samples, and prehistoric items that showcase how old Dammam truly is. So, you can take a tour of all the different exhibits and learn more about this great city.

11. Al Othaim Mall

Al Othaim MallImage Credit: arabianbusiness.com

This is where the people of Dammam shop. The Al Othaim Mall is one of the largest malls in the city and is the place where families come to shop, eat, and have fun. For the kids, many gaming arcades will have them entertained for hours. The young people can head over to the water zones and bowling alleys where they can have a great time. For the shoppers, there are more than 300 stores bringing clothes, accessories, electronics, furniture, and more, from the best domestic and international brands. Enter the place empty handed and you will be leaving with your hands full. You can easily make a day of it.

12. Sky Zone Dammam

No matter the kind of Dammam tours you are taking, you have to include the Sky Zone Dammam in your itinerary. This is the place for adventure as it is an indoor park with many activities that will have your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. The trampolines are strong enough for adults also to jump to their heart’s delight, and if this is not enough, jump on over to the foam and ball pits. The massive artificial rock climbing wall is another adult activity that is safe yet exciting to do. Sky Zone is a place that’s great for kids and adults. The only problem is that you will not want to leave.

13. Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum

Alfelwah and Aljowharah MuseumImage Credit: global.almosafer.com

This is a museum with a difference. The Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum in Dammam is packed with history about Saudi Arabia, but you won’t find the typical stuff here. This is a private museum where you will learn many stories and facts that paint a picture of Saudi Arabia, and to support the information, the museum has more than 50,000 vintage and classical artifacts. Since the museum is private, it is open to the public only on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm to 10 pm. However, you can see the museum on other days but you will have to take special permission. This is a unique place that’s worth the visit.

14. Mahara Karting

Mahara KartingImage Credit: mahara.com.sa

Zip, zap, and zoom at Mahara Karting! This is one of the best karting tracks in Dammam and attracts tourists even from nearby cities. It is a wonderful place where your kids can drive in karts and enjoy a fun racing track. The place also has a small trampoline park here where kids who are not big enough to ride the carts can have a good time. There are karting options for adult men and women also. Mahara Karting is a wonderful family destination full of joy and excitement.

15. Tick Tock Escape Room

One of the fastest-rising activities in Dammam is the escape room. So, gather your squad because you are going to need all the brain power you can gather to escape the Tick Tock Escape Room. In this, you’ll be locked in a room and you will be given clues to figure your way out. This is a lot of fun, especially if you have your family or group of friends to enjoy this with.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions will provide you more information on Dammam:

1. Can I go directly to Dammam through a flight?

Yes, Dammam has an airport called the King Fahd International Airport, and is easily accessible through a flight. Damman also has excellent road and sea connectivity as it is a port city close to multiple international borders.

2. What’s the right season to visit Dammam?

The winter season, which is from October to March, is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia as the weather is pleasant. Though you can go there in the hot season, you will have to spend most of your time indoors as the country experiences high temperatures.

3. How to travel around in Dammam?

Dammam does not have a public transport system, so you will be reliant on private options like cabs.

4. Is Dammam expensive?

No, compared to other Saudi Arabian cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, and Mecca, Dammam is not expensive. This is one of the reasons why tourism is growing in Dammam.

5. Is Dammam worth visiting?

Absolutely it is! It is one of the fastest growing cities in Saudi Arabia and its importance as an international port is increasing piquing the interest of tourists and expats.

So, start planning a tour of Dammam now and enjoy attractions and experiences that will leave you wanting more.

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