The Best and Worst Shopping Destinations Worldwide

A latest released study revealed that Tokyo features among the best shopping cities globally for both tourists and locals. The cities have been rated based on the extent of fulfilling the shopping desires and guilts along with the varieties and diversity available on display. Whether you are travelling abroad or planning a day out locally, shopping is a favourite pastime. Designer stores, departmental shops, unique shopping malls, and luxury boutiques offer a great shopping experience and ultimate retail therapy.

Tokyo, London, and Paris occupy the top three positions, whereas Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Madrid, Toronto, and Boston take the remaining seats respectively in the top 10 shopping cities globally. The study also accounted for

the best and worst three shopping destinations

and the rationale for their ranking.

The top three on the list:


The best shopping destination worldwide features 1970 shopping destinations listed on TripAdvisor, including designer stores, boutique stores, shopping malls, and much more. This is higher than any other global city on the list. With such a diverse shopping scene, Tokyo knocks down everyone else to make it to the top with a score of 9/10.

London London Shopping Places

The ultimate fashion shopping capital, London is no surprise among the top shopping destinations. According to the sources, 1221 shopping destinations in London are listed on TripAdvisor, making it a shopper’s dream paradise. As a result, London has an overall score of 8/10.

Paris Paris Shopping Places

The world’s fashion and haute culture capital, Paris, is like living a dream for any fashion addict. Home to several top global designer brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel, Paris offers a premium shopping experience for all its visitors. The sources revealed that there are 1,116 shopping destinations in Paris listed on TripAdvisor. Paris scored 7.4/10 in the overall study.

The worst three on the list:

Vienna Vienna Shopping Places

TripAdvisor rated Vienna as the worst shopping destination globally with a 1.7/10. Furthermore, there are only 267 shopping places to browse, much less than other global cities analysed in the study.

Munich Munich Shopping Places

Munich may be a hot favourite in the list of travel buckets for many. However, TripAdvisor has ranked Munich as the 2nd worst shopping destination worldwide due to the number of shopping destinations – 144 available to the locals and tourists to indulge in their shopping desires. Munich scored only 2/10 in the study.

Stockholm Stockholm Shopping Places

Sweden’s shopping capital, Stockholm, is listed among the bottom three shopping destination globally, with an overall score of 2.33/10. However, TripAdvisor has listed 124 shopping destinations to fulfil your shopping needs.

Popular cities like New York and Madrid did not even feature among the top five shopping destinations globally. Well, the list is debatable at times. However, the parameters considered for rating have been detailed considering the shopping destinations in these global cities.

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