Dubai's Mars Science City
Back in 2017,

the UAE announced an ingenious development of Mars Science City

that will stretch to an astounding 1.9-million-square-foot area.

The project was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Dubai is an ambitious city — it has an archipelago built from scratch, self-driving cars that will run from 2023, buildings touching the clouds, and a floating resort with a helipad. The Mars Science City is yet another milestone Dubai has stepped on. Well, what’s its status today?

A $140 million project

The plan for the construction of the city was announced at the annual United Arab Emirates (UAE) government meetings in Abu Dhabi — and it made a splash. As a part of the Mars 2117 Strategy, the project is anticipated to be the largest space stimulation city ever that would cost around a whopping 500 million United Arab Emirates dirhams.

Mars Science City

The first stable human settlement on the Red Planet

Mars 2117 aims to build the first settlement on Mars within the next 100 years.

Simulating the Martian habitat and landscape, the Mars Science City will serve as a reliable and viable source to explore the extra-terrestrial existence. This is a (Bjarke Ingels Group) BIG-designed and developed project, led by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. BIG is a Copenhagen and New York-based team of architects, designers and thinkers that will coordinate with Emirati scientists, engineers, and designers to build a prototype of a city adaptable to sustaining the life on Mars.

Design, Facilities and Vision of Mars Science City

“The Mars Science City will be a platform where we’re going to have our future space robotics lab, future analogue facilities, a habitat and a space sustainability lab,” said Mr Al Rais, the project manager of 2117.

The Mars Science City will be tucked in the desert, composed of 3D-printed sand. Housing a space museum, the project is a celebration of the greatest achievements of mankind in space exploration. It aims at educating the visitors though displays in museum and amphitheatre. The campus will also include laboratories to imitate the life and human occupation on Mars, taking the advantage of 3D printing technology and radiation.

Mr Al Rais informed, “We’re currently working on the design. Then we’ll do the construction for the next two years. Hopefully, the city will be ready and operational towards the end of 2024.”

The Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, ”The UAE seeks to establish international efforts to develop technologies that benefit humankind, and that establish the foundation of a better future for more generations to come,”. He also stated, “We have confidence in the probable of space exploration, we would love to collaborate universe leaders to be able to funnel the findings of the research and activity that meet people’s needs and improve their standard of living on the planet.”

From freezing temperatures to a thin atmosphere and zero global magnetic fields, Mars has an inhospitable climatic conditions. To make a design that combats the challenges and makes the Red planet habitable, this Martian city would be powered and heated using solar energy. Architects of BIG have proposed 3D underground buildings.

As per the Bjarke Ingels Group, there will be numerous pressurised biodomes blanketed by a see-through polyethylene membrane. Interestingly, the oxygen would be supplied by running electricity through underground ice. The labs will be equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced technologies to allow researchers to test and study living strategies. They will conduct the analysis of food, energy, soil and water for possibilities of agriculture, food security and survival.

As the population increases, biodomes would be connected together to form villages, and then cities — in the form of rings, or toruses.

However, there’s no timeline for construction yet.

Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre is on an achievement spree, as last year it sent its first astronaut into space, and later launched a probe into Mars.

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    1. Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia
      Trehan Allabdeen Reply

      Once everything will be ready at this place, what will be the visiting time, and how much will it cost for a tour? My son will love this place.

      • Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia
        Shambhavi Sisodia Reply

        Right now, the focus is on the completion of the city. Once all details come out, we will share all the relevant info on our website.

    2. Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

      I first saw news about Dubai Mars Science City in 2017, and now I hear that the city will be ready in 2024. Why so much delay?

      • Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia
        Shambhavi Sisodia Reply

        The only reason for delays seems to be the lockdowns. But now everything is back on track for a 2024 launch.

    3. Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

      I am really excited for Mars Science City. I have been following news about the city and can’t wait for it to come to fruition.

    4. Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

      It seems that the UAE government has high hopes for a Mars mission. They had even launched a Mars probe right? What’s the update on that?

      • Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

        Yes, The Hope probe was launched successfully, and it ties in with Mars Scient City. It is all a part of UAE’s Mars 2117 plan.

    5. Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

      I just read the blog. This project seems to be unique and massive. I am a big fan of Dubai and its attractions. Will this place be open to the public?

      • Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia

        Yes, Ma’am, some parts of this place may be open to the public. But most of the city will be a simulation and a R&D facility. Follow our blogs to know about many upcoming unique Dubai attractions.

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