Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden’s latest marvels,

from the enchanting Smurfs Mushroom Village to breathtaking floral exhibits; they are all set to provide a memorable experience. Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest flower garden, celebrates its 12th anniversary as it reopens for the season. Following last year’s success, the team of architects and designers has skillfully refreshed and enhanced the attractions, promising an even more captivating experience this year.

Expanded Attractions: Water Wheels and More

Dubai Miracle Garden

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In this latest season, Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes a notable addition—a larger Water Wheel. This new spectacle complements the smaller ones and adds to the allure of the garden. Furthermore, the repertoire of entertainment events and shows has been significantly broadened, which ensures a diverse and engaging experience for visitors, enriching their journey through the captivating floral wonderland.

Welcoming All: Facilities and Parking

Dubai Miracle Garden has undergone substantial facility upgrades to accommodate the ever-growing number of annual admirers. Notably, the parking space has expanded significantly, guaranteeing visitors a seamless and enjoyable experience. This thoughtful enhancement underscores the garden’s commitment to prioritizing the comfort and convenience of its cherished guests. The improvements, complemented by excellent amenities and accessibility, harmoniously blend with the garden’s natural beauty, allowing for an unforgettable outing.

Whimsical Delights: The Smurfs Mushroom Village

Dubai miracle garden

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The whimsical ‘Smurfs Mushroom Village’ receives a magical rejuvenation with seven new enchanting structures, enhancing the fantastical ambiance. This year, the village promises ample space for visitors to wander, rest, and capture delightful moments through photographs, ensuring an immersive experience within this enchanting realm. It’s a world where imagination and nature blend in to bring joy and wonder to every guest.

Within this fantastical village, visitors can now witness Smurfs characters adorned in never-before-seen floral attire, adding a delightful touch to the immersive experience. In the lively ‘Central Plaza,’ another group of Smurfs characters engages with various botanical exhibits, bringing the magic of nature to life. Prepare to enter a world where the vibrant flora and the beloved Smurfs characters create a charming atmosphere, leaving lasting memories of wonder and joy.

Floral Marvels and Record-Breaking Exhibits

The sprawling Dubai Miracle Garden, in the heart of Dubailand, is a true oasis of blooms in the arid landscape. Its floral assortment is unparalleled in the region, boasting a staggering 150 million natural flowers from over 120 varieties. This remarkable feat in horticulture showcases the garden’s dedication to celebrating the beauty of nature on an awe-inspiring scale. Among the beloved floral exhibits is the famous Guinness World Record-holding Emirates A380 exhibit, an emblem of the garden’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of floral artistry and capturing the imagination of visitors from around the globe. The garden remains a vibrant testament to the harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and the sheer splendor of the natural world.

Opening Hours

The garden warmly invites guests daily, granting an extensive visiting window from 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays. For weekend explorations and special public holidays, the visiting hours extend until 11 pm, allowing visitors to witness the garden’s magical transformation as the sun sets.

Under the soft evening glow, the vibrant blooms take on an ethereal quality, and the garden truly comes to life, revealing its breathtaking beauty. This extended experience offers a fascinating glimpse into the garden’s nocturnal charm, enhancing the overall gorgeousness of this floral wonderland.

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