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Illusions can get perplexing, scary and thrilling all at the same time. It can blow your mind completely as whatever appears is different from reality, sending some spine chilling experiences for one to marvel at and simultaneously get bewildered; an experience that can never be put into words. If you are in Dubai for a staycation, a visit to the Museum of Illusions is a must-visit for a lifetime experience. . For a one of a kind interactive and fun experience in the fascinating world of optical illusion, here is a sneak peek at a few wonders and activities to experience at Museum of illusions, Dubai

Anti-gravity Room

Anti-gravity RoomImage Credit- museum of illusions

The exposure to an anti-gravity room is unique. Things work here against the laws of physics, making you wonder if they are actually happening. The illusions will trick your eyes to an extent that it interferes with your brains and makes you feel that you are standing on a slanting surface and might as well need support. With water flowing uphill, bouncing objects such as balls rolling upwards, it is where you will succumb to a surreal environment.

The Vortex tunnel

The Vortex tunnelImage Credit- museum of illusions

The Vortex tunnel is the first of its kind in the Middle East and thus holds special in the fascinating world of optical illusion. It is a unique trickery that gives visitors an illusion of walking through a rotating cylinder. The feeling will get your adrenaline high as you lose ground at every step, the fear of falling and your head spinning all at the same time. Imagine all this on a completely stable and flat surface!

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The Chair Illusion

The Chair IllusionImage Credit- museum of illusions

The chair illusion is sheer magic as it is entirely based on the law of perception and proportion. The way you perceive things is reflected through its size whoever takes the chair. It is quite interesting to view the illusion of a said person in the tiniest form while he takes a seat and an average-sized individual next to him/her. A picture from a different angle will garner rave illusions. One can play with the role and size of a person to unfold the magic.

Ames room

Ames roomImage Credit- museum of illusions

Ames room is an incredible visual illusion that makes people appear gigantic in size at one end and tiny on the other as they walk back. It can stun you to your wits to think of how the magic unfolds as one walks to and fro from being a dwarf to an oversized human.

Rotated Room

Rotated RoomImage Credit- museum of illusions

This room is by far fun to be as you view the world around you not just upside down at 90 degrees but 180 degree of twist. It is fun to take pictures and share with friends while you walk on the ceiling of the room or get your imagination wild with your group of friends. Innovate, experiment and have bountiful fun!

Infinity Room

Infinity RoomImage Credit- museum of illusions

With the world becoming smaller every passing day, the infinity room certainly opens the door to unending amazement and unlimited fun. The room with mirrors installed to full heights garners the illusion of the infinite space and makes one puzzled as they walk around on to a path that never ceases to end!


TurntablesImage Credit- museum of illusions

If you wish to lose your senses and travel to a different time in the past, being hypnotized surely can be the best trick. Based on optical illusions made by rotating two turntables at the same time, this prop creates certain patterns to form different illusions.

Head on the platter

Head on the PlatterImage Credit- museum of illusions

Fascinated about pictures surfacing on the internet with someone’s head served on a plate; you will get to witness the same here. It is one of those tricks that has had scared you while watching a horror flick or left you flabbergasted from witnessing the unexpected. The illusion is a must-try with your family as it is fun and does not harm a soul.

Ambiguous cylinder

Ambiguous cylinderImage Credit- museum of illusions

The ambiguous cylinder gives an illusion of generating some unique geometrical shapes when viewed from different directions. Cylinders and quadrants are some of the shapes formed as part of this illusion. The observer basically rotates the object by pulling the handle at various angles from left to right, generating the various illusions of the same object.


Stereogram is nothing but a three-dimensional puzzle with an object hidden inside it. The hidden object can be discovered only if one manages to get a good view of the stereogram from a precise position.

Clone table

Clone tableImage Credit- museum of illusions

The clone table is a round table that reflects the images of a person taking the chair at a 60-degree angle to form numerous illusions. It gives an illusion of being surrounded by your five carbon copies.

Swap Noses

Swap NosesImage Credit- museum of illusions

If distortion is fun on pictures, see it for yourself standing all in front of a mirror with a different version of yourself. It surely will keep your entertained all the way giving you a different facet to be saved for life and laugh at the little things.

The Museum of illusions is one of the top attractions and should not be missed while in Dubai. It is a complete treat to the entire family, especially with growing kids. One has to go with an open mind to get your imagination running with the flow, leaving behind all your inhibitions in order to take back the most of it and create some unforgettable memories!

The Museum Of Illusions In Dubai

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