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For the growing children and the young at heart, water sports and thrilling aerial activities never cease to entice while on a vacation. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or family with little ones, these activities are amalgamated on every travel program. With world-renowned water parks and top-notch daredevil aerial activities, Dubai is an answer to live out or satisfy all your adventure fantasies. Among the many aerial activities such as paragliding, zip-lining, skydiving, helicopter tour, Parasailing in Dubai is gaining momentum as many adventure lovers opt to experience this thrilling venture with family and friends. Flanked by a serene coastline overlooking the clear and calm waters of the Persian Gulf, there are plenty of beaches that are the best places to enjoy parasailing in Dubai.

What is Parasailing?


Before we get into the nitty-gritties of parasailing, let’s learn a little about what the activity is. Parasailing tours are of two types – Aquatic and Terrestrial. As the name suggests, aquatic parasailing is over water, which includes the use of a motorboat, whereas terrestrial is overland involving a vehicle, for instance, a jeep. Parasailing in Dubai is a fun recreational activity that is ideally on a water body (a beach is commonplace). It involves being towed behind a speed boat attached to a specially designed parachute (also known as parasail).  Participants have to sail in midair suspended to the parachute, which is harnessed and towed by the boat. The experience is just one-of-a-kind as you are flying high with an aerial view of the city and the enormous ocean underneath you; an exposure too magical to put into words. Imagine getting wings and you all are set to take your first flight raring to explore the world!

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Parasailing – A single event or family/group?

One can sail solo as a single traveller when parasailing. Nevertheless, it can be clubbed with two or more members as well. The minimum age limit to parasail is 6 years and participants below 18 years must have a parent or guardian to undertake their responsibility. The minimum weight required to parasail is around 90 pounds for solo para-sailors, thus small age group kids need to be accompanied by a guardian or parent.

Is Parasailing a water activity?


Parasailing is a water sport but it does not involve the participant getting wet. However, during take-off or landing, you might get your legs wet, which is not always the case. You don’t fly very high or fast and thus it’s a calm, pleasant adventure. The height of the parasail is decided by the captain and this is mostly 200 meters above the ocean. This height may vary from place to place and preferences as well; needless to say, increasing heights might as well increase the risk factor.

The ideal clothing to wear is a close-fitting suit or even swimwear if you plan to spend the rest of the day in the water. It is also ideal to wear sunglasses and baseball caps while parasailing. Right fitting attire and shoes are the other essentials. Moreover, avoid wearing loose jewellery and hats. Additionally, an essential tip is to avoid taking your cell phone when parasailing as electronics and water do not go well.

Avenues in Dubai that gets you to an exclusive parasailing attraction


It is advisable to contact the provider directly for any adventurous activity such as parasailing as the itinerary and package cost would include pick up from the hotel or your residence, time taken for the activity, available time slot, drop, number of people and other details such as age limit, and this could help save a lot of time and plan in advance during your outing.  A few avenues which offer parasailing in Dubai are:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Marina

Needless to say, the Dubai horizon and skyline that you will get to witness during these rides is a real treat and an experience that will be immortalized for ages. A bird’s eye view of the gorgeous Palm Islands, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh’s Island, and The walk, will fill you with tranquillity and a feeling that can rejuvenate you with true holiday spirit.

Is it worth the adventure and money?

parasailing boat

Parasailing is a fairly relaxed activity with some gorgeous scenic views to witness. Thus it is a brainer to go parasailing without any practice or warm-up. The best thing is that you can enjoy parasail even if you don’t know about swimming. Parasailing hence cannot be termed as an extreme water sport like surfing, rafting or kayaking. This makes it ideal for beginners and anyone who craves a soothing adventure. But, make sure that you wear life jackets while parasailing, besides abiding by all safety norms. You may see sharks at times during the activity, as a result, one has to be cautious and alert all the time during any adventure sport. Being observant of the wind conditions is also a good practice in order to decide if it is best to parasail on a given day. Nevertheless, parasailing is a good relaxer; it is easy on the joints, an exciting adventure that can give you good exposure to the sun, and something that can disconnect you from your mundane life to reconnect with more zeal and energy. The trip usually lasts about an hour and a half and is therefore worth the money.

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