scuba dive dubai

Dubai is synonymous with all the glamor and fun. When it comes to recreational activities, Dubai has one of the most diverse and the most thrilling recreational activities. One such sport is scuba diving where you come face-to-face with different aquatic creatures such as jellyfish, barracudas, rays, and even sharks.

Scuba diving Dubai

offer different experiences that suit you. Whether you are looking for simple discovery packages or you need advanced scuba diving certification Dubai has it all.

scuba diving dubai

Know all about Scuba Diving Dubai

Planning to enjoy Scuba Diving on your next trip to Dubai? Here’s everything you need to know about Scuba diving Dubai. Read on.

  • Best Time to go for Scuba Diving in Dubai

In Dubai, diving is possible all through the year. But for the best visibility and comfort above the surface, visit Dubai outside of the peak summer or winter months. This means that the time between September till March will be the best. Although it will encounter winter months but Dubai when compared to other destinations is generally pleasant during the winters. The desert city does not get too chilly during winters.

  • Scuba Diving Price

Scuba diving is an activity that you take in the peace and do not rush it. Many tourists worry about scuba diving Dubai prices. The entire activity lasts for an approximate time of 3 hours. You can also avail exclusive pick up and drop services along with, for a nominal charge. For the same, you must select the private transportation option at the time of booking. For travelers, it is always better to select that option as it offers a no-hassle trip to and fro. Also, it allows you to concentrate on just the tranquil activity and nothing else for a while.

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Dubai Diving Centers

1. Scuba Diving in Dubai Mall

scuba diving in dubai mall

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are some of the most iconic places in Dubai which millions of tourists visit every year. The aquarium is one of the world’s biggest offers unique scuba diving opportunities for both certified and non-certified divers. So what is it scuba dive in Dubai Mall Aquarium?

  • With 10 million liters of water in this tank, this aquarium is home to over 30,000 marine animals. With the largest collection of sand tiger sharks, it is stunning to see these beautiful animals up close and personal.
  • If you want to dive and be safe, get a thrilling encounter up personal with sharks and rays in a cage dive. The encounter with shark lasts for 20 to 30 minutes with the expert trainer present inside the cage with you.
  • Don’t worry if you are doing it for the first time. Qualified expert trainers will guide and supervise you throughout.
  • Scuba diving gear is available in the package.

2. Scuba Dive in Jumeirah Beach

scuba dive in jumeirah beach

Diving in closed aquariums is a different thing, but diving in open waters is a different experience altogether. And when you get to do it in turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf you feel connected to the world. Interact with marine life in their natural habitat.

  • Do not fret if you are a beginner in diving. Expert trainers will train and guide you so that you can enjoy scuba diving.
  • The packages available give you scuba diving gear and 30 minutes training followed by underwater fish feeding with an instructor.
  • You can also select packages with underwater photography to capture those memorable moments.
  • Instructors provide instructions in English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Russian, and German.
  • If you are a guest Jumeirah Beach Hotel then you can experience scuba diving free of cost.

3. Explore Atlantis

atlantis the palm - scuba diving

Atlantis The Palm is an iconic place for people of all ages to have fun. Tourists can explore different options to interact with different marine animals.

  • Atlantis the Palm has the biggest open-air aquarium that is a favorite spot for scuba diving among tourists.
  • The Ambassador Lagoon is where this resort offers diving experiences for expert and beginner divers. This lagoon has more than 65,000 aquatic creatures to explore.
  • For beginners who want to have good diving experience, opt for Atlantis Dive Discovery. First, you will be trained and then you can go ahead and explore the majestic ruins and stunning sea creatures of Atlantis.
  • For expert divers, there are advanced packages like the Atlantis Dive Explorer and the Predator Dive that allows certified divers to feed sharks and rays.
  • For tourists who do not know swimming, they can opt for snorkeling packages.

4. Scuba Diving in Dubai Marina

dubai marina - scuba diving

The Marina beach near JBR Dubai is considered to be one of the best places to scuba dive. Beginners and experts can get good diving deals here and can explore the underwater surrounding extensively.

  • In Dubai Marina scuba diving, PADI certified divers can go for deep-sea shipwreck dives.
  • You can opt for discovery packages or certification courses in Dubai Marina.
  • Extensive & High-quality scuba diving training is provided at the Dubai marina for both beginners and professionals.
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Scuba Diving Dubai- What to Expect

  • Snorkeling in Dubai

    or Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities for tourists. But when you’re opting for this excursion, ensure you undertake it from a reputable company such as Rayna tours that undertake Scuba Dive via a PADI accredited program that includes expert guidance and adhere to all safety guidelines.
  • Expect a qualified instructor having your back at all times while you slip into the world of serene marine life that quaintly thrives deep down in the sea. For the photography enthusiast, mostly the itinerary includes various specialized options for photography and adventure.
  • Mostly, the scuba diving session includes a 30-minute briefing on how what, and why of the marine life and safety rules. It is mandatory to attend the briefing and is recommended that the tourists taking part in the activity should not travel for almost 18 hours on flight after undertaking scuba diving.

Know Before You Go Diving in Dubai

  • Age Limit

Tourists 10 years and above are allowed to participate in scuba dive.

  • Prebooking

Book your Discover Scuba Diving experience at least 2 days before your desired date of the dive.

  • Timings

Arrive 2 hours before your scheduled time of dive to attend the briefing about dive.

  • Other Restrictions

Pregnant guests and those with mobility impairments will not be allowed on the experience. Medical signs must be completed and signed before the dive begins. A surface interval of 24 hours is required before flying.


Now that you know how amazing is scuba diving and how easy it is to enjoy Scuba diving in Dubai, it is time to pack your bags and head to Dubai for a dive of your life.

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