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As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. This quote stands true for many things in our life, the most important being traveling. Every person should travel as there is no other more perfect way of learning about new things as well as becoming a better person. However, self-realization from traveling does not only come from going to places and sightseeing. Traveling becomes more enjoyable when you try to learn about the place and their culture, interact with the locals and do something different from your comfort zone. This brings us to the adventures that you can try while traveling.

Jaw-Dropping Adventures to Try While Travelling

These adventures are thrilling and dangerous to an extent which is what makes them more interesting. You need real guts to try them. But if you could push aside the fear for some time, you would be able to experience something really incredible.

1. Sky Diving

Sky Diving

Jumping from an aircraft is really not a suicidal mission. Rather, this is what it entails in the famed recreational sport of sky diving. Here, you take off on an aircraft but do not land in one. On the other hand, once the aircraft reaches several feet up in the sky, you have to jump towards the ground. While it involves free fall, in the beginning, a parachute is attached to you, which guides you through the last part of your diving adventure.

Although you may not be in the frame of mind to look at the scenery below while diving, a little beauty around you would not really hurt. Hence, if you want to try sky diving at Dubai, Fox Glacier in New Zealand, Sydney in Australia, and Pattaya in Thailand provide a scenic backdrop for sky diving.

Bungee Jumping

Quite similar to sky diving, here too you have to jump from a few feet above the ground. But bungee jumping is a little different due to the fact that you are attached to a large elastic cord through a harness. The fun part of this activity is that after you fall free, the harness rebounds and you swing back and forth for some time.

Bungee jumping can be done from above a building or a mountaintop or from a movable object like an airplane or aircraft. While this adventure activity has been introduced in several countries, you must try this in a place that offers the most beautiful scenery but also provides you with a guarantee of 100% safety. Some of the best places for bungee jumping are Switzerland, New Zealand, China, Costa Rica, Austria, etc.

2. Diving with the Sharks

Diving with the Sharks

Scuba diving is a well-known recreational activity around the world. While this is a wonderful activity to try if you are in a country or place that has a huge coastline, why not try something more exciting? Instead of going for the regular scuba diving, go for shark diving! No, this does not mean that you are offered as dinner to the sharks; this is quite a safe activity.

Shark diving is popular in places like Dubai, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, etc. Here, you are put into a metal cage and lowered into the sea, in places where sharks are known to exist. The cages are 100% secure even when you have the meeting with the sharks, up close.


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3. Cross Country Cycling

Cross Country Cycling

If cycling is not just a pastime for you, cross country cycling is something you should try. It is a unique way of exploring countries or places. However, you need to remember that you may not always be cycling on a smooth road, as cross country cycling also includes mountain biking. So you need to be prepared both physically and mentally to have a successful cross country cycling trip. You can go for this trip alone or with a group of people. Several group cross country cycling adventures are conducted for charity purposes. You also do some good work while indulging in an exhilarating adventure.

4. Caving


Do you love the dark and the unknown? If yes, caving is something that you would definitely enjoy. Caving is an activity where you get the chance to explore the dark and deep recesses of caves, although one should remember that this is no cakewalk. Rather you’ll have to deal with sharp rocks, mud, bats and several such things found in caves. But if you are ready for all these, there is a new world awaiting you inside the caves. Waterfalls, deep canyons, streams, small crawlways, etc. are some of the things that you are likely to find while on a caving trip. While caves are found in almost all countries, the best places for this adventure are New Zealand, Barbados, Vietnam, Belize, South Africa, and Malaysia, among others.

5. Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is akin to activities like bungee jumping and sky diving, with the exception that in cliff diving, upon jumping from a place above ground, there will be no harness to hold you from touching the ground or a parachute to make your landing smooth. Rather you jump freely from atop of a cliff to the water below. The lack of any safety equipment tied to you makes this activity more adventurous and exciting. If you are really keen on trying cliff diving, Kimberly in Australia, Negril in Jamaica, Santorini Island in Greece, and Red Rock Park in Vermont are some of the places that assure you of a great experience.

Apart from the aforesaid adventure activities, there are loads of other pursuits that would get your adrenaline pumping. Paragliding, canoeing, tubing, skiing on an active volcano, zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. are other activities that would add more memories to your travel experiences.

An important thing you must remember is that some of these activities require certain training. So, take up a training course if you are really interested in trying them. On the other hand, even though safety should be your primary concern while trying these activities, do not let your fear take over you. Taking part in these adventure activities is a great way of learning to let go and also to bring out a more confident you!

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