One day Itinerary in Tiblisi

It is difficult to find someone who does not fall in love with Tbilisi, Georgia’s vibrant and eclectic capital city. Though it is not the most quintessential city in Europe, Tbilisi has a distinct spirit and personality that has enchanted visitors for years.

Tbilisi, and Georgia in general, have grown in popularity year after year, and more foreign tourists are visiting this lovely country than ever before.

So, if you wish to visit this amazing Caucasian country and wondering what to do in its capital, this article will undoubtedly point you in the correct direction of planning a perfect Tbilisi itinerary.

We fell in love with Georgia’s capital right away, and it became our de facto home base while traveling through Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. We’ve spent several weeks in this great city and can confidently recommend the

best things to do in Tbilisi.

Compiling the must-see places together, here is your perfect itinerary for a 1-day trip to Tbilisi.

Explore Old Tbilisi- Morning: Rustaveli Avenue & Dzveli Tbilisi

Explore Old Tbilisi

The day kicks off with you exploring the main sites in the Sololaki, Old Town, and Rustaveli areas of the Georgian capital. Begin your first day in Tbilisi by strolling down the busy Rustaveli Avenue toward Liberty Square. This is the main road in central Tbilisi, and it is lined with upscale shops and restaurants. While it isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective place to purchase in Tbilisi, it is lovely to meander through the lanes and take in the sights.

Along Rustaveli, you will come across the gorgeous Tbilisi Opera and some of the city’s most renowned museums. If you want to see a show at the Opera (which houses both the National Opera and the Ballet), you can easily buy tickets at the box office along the side of the theatre. Tickets are reasonably priced, and the structure is quite stunning.

You can proceed south from Liberty Square into Tbilisi’s Medieval Town, where you can see the remains of the old city walls and discover the balconies and courtyards of the historic town.

This portion of the city is on the UNESCO list, so there are a lot of renovations going on, but they all have to meet certain standards and retain the same beauty it has always had.

Since many people still live in this area, this may be both a blessing and a curse because, while there is a bit more cash to get much-needed building repairs done, residents would have to go through miles of bureaucratic red tape or face paying a lot of money to get simple home modifications done.

Despite the interferences, there is no doubt that the Old Town is a beautiful and relaxed portion of the city that is well worth exploring.

Later, make time to visit the Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre, which is undoubtedly Tbilisi’s most unusual structure. Every day at 12 & 7 pm, different characters emerge twice from the crooked clock tower and put on an entertaining show. As one of the main sightseeing places in Tbilisi, it is indeed worth stopping by the theatre because it is a genuinely interesting edifice. Also, a small crowd gathers every hour to watch angels come out with a small hammer and ring the bell.

The theatre itself takes on adult-oriented puppet plays with grim stories. There are just a few seats inside, so getting tickets can be tough, but it is an interesting thing to do in Tbilisi. Keep in mind that they do not admit children under the age of 12, as the subject matter of the presentations can be frightening and inappropriate for youngsters far younger than that.

If you desire to know more about the history of Tbilisi’s Old Town, we recommend joining a free walking tour. Every day, two firms provide free tours of the city: Tbilisi Hack and Tbilisi Free Walking Tour. The former features largely ex-pat guides and is the more popular option, so expect a large crowd on the tour. The guides, on the other hand, are competent and entertaining.

The latter trip is only offered by locals,; however, it might be difficult to find and does not draw as many people as Tbilisi Hack. We took excursions with both organizations and strongly recommend them. Every day at 12 p.m., both excursions depart from opposing ends of Liberty Square. Booking is not required.

Afternoon: Narikala Fortress & Botanical Garden

Narikala Fortress Tbilisi

It is time to unwind and eat after visiting the ancient town or taking your free walking tour. Walk over to Racha, which serves wonderful Georgian cuisine in a humble yet traditional environment, Salobie Bia is also adjacent to Rustaveli Avenue and is one of the favorite restaurants in town; try delicious tomato salad and lobio.

After you’ve had your fill of delicious Georgian cuisine, go for a 15-minute downhill walk to Rike Park, where you may take the cable car to the Nirakala Fortress. The cable car accepts the same metro card as the subway and costs 5 GEL each way. The ride lasts around 5 minutes and offers stunning views of Tbilisi and the outlying areas. The stronghold also provides breath-taking vistas.

Hike the fortress for the best views of downtown and to admire the Mother Georgia Statue, which has one hand holding a sword to ward off invaders and the other holding a glass of wine to welcome guests.

The lush and beautiful Tbilisi Botanical Garden is also easily accessible from the fortress, and the cable car will save you from a strenuous trek uphill. The botanical garden is a massive complex with gorgeous flora and waterfall. It is one of the popular neighborhoods in Tbilisi. The gardens cost 4 GEL to enter.

Evening: Dinner in Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi

Finish your day with a delicious Georgian supper. If you want something a little more upscale, go to Zala, a modern Georgian restaurant in the Vera neighborhood, not far from the Old Town. In a wonderfully romantic atmosphere, they serve excellent interpretations of authentic Georgian cuisine.

You may also go to the cosy Sulico Wine Bar, which has a nice outside dining space and a fantastic wine list, as well as delicious food. Keto & Kote is another excellent dining choice, with a lovely patio tucked away in a quiet area of central Tbilisi.

How to Reach Tbilisi

Tbilisi International Airport and Batumi International Airport are Georgia’s international airports. Georgia is accessible by road from the Republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. Sarpi is a town in West Georgia on the Black Sea coast. Tbilisi is 400 kilometers away, while Batumi is 15 kilometers away. There are direct flights from four major cities in India to Tbilisi.

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      I am heading to Georgia during the summer holidays and am really looking forward to visiting Tbilisi. This article was really helpful.

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        Nirakala Fortress is worth visiting when you are in Tbilisi. The place opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm every day, throughout the week.

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