holy trinity cathedral of tbilisi

Georgia! I had been wanting to visit this fantastic country for a long time, and finally got the opportunity when a business trip came along. So what’s so magical about Georgia, you say. It’s a mix of everything; the people are warm-hearted and open. The countryside is simply stunning. Tbilisi’s nightlife is great, and the monuments and cathedrals and the architecture – all of that is mind-blowing.

Technically Georgia is located in Eurasia, but ask any Georgian and he or she will say Georgia is the ‘balcony of Europe’. I love balconies – it’s great to be within one’s home and still enjoy a view! So there I was, on a 6-day and 5-night trip to one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe, more excited than I can tell.

Details of

one week Georgia itinerary

Trip Duration: 5 Nights and 6 Days

Trip Cost: AED 1518

Places Visited: Georgia

Day 1 and 2 – 10th and 11th November

1. Landed in Tbilisi International Airport

The weather was relatively mild when I landed at Tbilisi International Airport on 10th November. It was around 11 A.M. and the temperature was around 200 Celsius. At night, the weather was expected to turn really chilly, around 140 Celsius. This was fine with me; I had brought some warm woollies along. I used the airport’s currency exchange to get some Georgian Lari. Even though Georgia is a member of the European Nation, they don’t use the Euro. The Georgian currency is the Lari, which is equal to 0.33 Euro or 0.37 USD.

2. Checked Into My Hotel – Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel Tbilisi City

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

This hotel has a 5-point rating and is located in Mtatsminda, at a walking distance from Rose Revolution Square and Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre. All the attractions of Tbilisi are within a short distance, including Freedom Square, Metekhi Church, and Rustaveli. That’s why I picked this hotel, which offered Wi-Fi, pool, gym, great food, and several other good amenities.

Day 1 and Day 2 in Tbilisi

bridge of peace in tbilisi

On my first day, I walked around Tbilisi’s streets, parks and squares which are truly charming. Tbilisi is a quaint little town with cobbled streets and alleys and beautiful little houses and markets everywhere. Most stalls are owned by grumpy old ladies who don’t speak much English but cheer up when you buy something from them. The main attractions are along Rustaveli Ave. Abkhazia St. Freedom Square, Tbilisi leads to Old Town and Rike Park, which I visited in the evening to see the dancing fountains.

holy trinity cathedral of tbilisi

The next day, I walked on the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi and visited the Sameba Cathedral. Later in the afternoon, I took the cheap funicular to Narikala Fortress. I also checked out the Clock Tower and the Opera House and the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. Mtatsminda Park Tbilisi is an amusement facility that sits on top of Mount Mtatsminda at 770 meters, overlooking the Georgian capital. Before settling down for the night, I visited Wine Bar Sancho for some great Georgian wine and of course, the inimitable Georgian beer! Beer is really good in Georgia.

Day 3: 12th November: Day trip to David Gareja

Freedom Square Tbilisi,Georgia

There’s a van that leaves from Freedom Square every morning to David Gareja, but I had rented a car for business purposes, which made my life easy. The roads are rough in Tbilisi, and people drive a bit rashly. David Gareja is a 6th-century Georgian Orthodox monastery complex in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia. The half-desert slopes of Mount Gareja beckoned to the trekker in me and I walked up to the steep hill. There are beautiful frescos on the walls and many cells within. From the top of the hill, you can look upon the neighboring country of Azerbaijan.

Day 4: 13th November: Day trip to Mtskheta – Ananuri – Kazbegi (Gergeti Tsminda)

mtskheta georgia

There’s so much to see in Georgia and so little time in my itinerary that I have to club several sights in one day. Mtskheta is a beautiful little town. I enjoyed visiting the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, built during the 11th-century, and the Samtavro Monastery which looks like a fortress. Jvari is a 6th-century mountaintop monastery which was awesome. Ananuri is a 17th-century fortress built on the right bank of the Aragvi River. Kazbegi National Park is 8,700 hectare-large; at 5,047 feet above sea level, there’s an amazing viewing point from where you can see all over the park. I had a little time to spare so I traveled from the city of Kazbegi to the Gergeti Church to admire it.

Day 5: 14th November: Batumi City, Georgia

Batumi Georgia

Travel: There’s a train that reaches Batumi from Tbilisi in 4 hours. The subtropical climate in Batumi is nice, even in the winter. The stunning Black Sea Coast was magnificent. I have seen a lot of sandy beaches but this combination of the sea and the close-by mountains was breathtaking. If you like, you can go skiing on the icy slopes in the morning and then relax on the beach and work on your tan.

Attractions: As far as sights go, I really enjoyed the upside-down White House and the lighthouse of Alexandria. What’s remarkable is the coastline. Batumi can be called the new Cote D’Azur of Europe. There are some good fancy hotels and a very nice beach walk to enjoy in the mornings. I saw many youngsters enjoying the beach and mountain skiing. Batumi offers the best of both environments. Oh, and did I forget to mention the great beach parties at night? This Las Vegas of the Black Sea has tons of casinos everywhere. Gambling is forbidden in Turkey next door, so a lot of Turkish nationals come here to gamble.

Supra: I was invited to a traditional dinner, or ‘Supra’ as it is called in Georgia. They served so much food that I could barely manage, but that’s the Georgian culture. Supra means something similar to ‘fill the tablecloth with dishes’ – literally. Then there’s the ‘Tamada’ who is the toastmaster for the dinner. As long as the Tamada is toasting everyone, you are required to drink wine in their honor. I don’t know how much I drank because the toasts ran on and on and on. Dinner included the lovely Georgian pizza called Khachapuri, which is a cheese-filled bread topped with an egg.

Costs: Things are cheap in Batumi. A lunch that includes wine and dessert won’t cost you more than 12-15 Lari. Also, you’ll be paying only 5 Lari for a 10-minute taxi ride. I hired a driver for the day for around $25 and he guided me to the best places to see in Batumi.

Day 6: 15th November: Zugdidi


Zugdidi is the home of the former Mingrelian royal family. I really wanted to see this city, so I took a taxi from Batumi to Zugdidi for about INR 4300. Zugdidi has some stunning architectural sights including Niko’s Palace, the Queen’s Palace and Mantskhvar-Kari and Blachernae St. Virgin churches. This city is the historical gem of Georgia, not to be missed.

So that was the end of my 6 days, 5 night’s tour of Georgia. The high points of my trip were the incredible coasts of Batumi, the amazing architecture of Zugdidi, and the warm-hearted people and their welcome at the Supra.

Tip to Travelers: Georgia is fairly economical to travel. Trains, buses, and taxis are cheap. Stay at local guesthouses to save more money. The food, wine, and beer are great and cheap.

A Country head and general manager CIS by profession, Himanshu has ventured into travel writing to be able to do two things he loves doing most – writing and hitting the road to explore new places.

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