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Batumi, Georgia, has the wonderful charm of beautiful beaches, old heritage sites, and magnificent botanical gardens to cater to every tourist.

With our detailed city guide, you can explore Batumi beyond the beach. Here are the top things to do in Batumi, the best Batumi restaurants to dine, and top day trips to take from here!

We now value and admire all the oddities and inconsistencies that perplexed us the first time around. We have realized that Batumi is like several cities rolled into one; there are so many distinct pockets to explore.

Batumi may appear superficial, yet it has a genuine heart and soul. There, indeed, is a Batumi beyond the beach, which is just what we hope to demonstrate with this Batumi blog. We hope this list of our favorite things to do in Batumi inspires you to explore Georgia’s Black Sea resort city beyond the surface. Make sure you choose the best Georgia holiday packages according to your tour plan.

Is it worthwhile to visit Batumi?

visit Batumi Georgia

Should you visit Batumi as part of your Caucasus itinerary? It is a reasonable question and one that we are frequently asked. Batumi is commonly connected to the beach, bikinis, and alcohol. It is tempting to skip Batumi entirely if that is not your scene.

We believe that being near water is both nutritious and renewing. We suggest riding the marshrutka from Kutaisi to Batumi for the first time and rounding the last wooded hill to catch a glimpse of the Black Sea spread out like a blue satin cloth over the tops of the poplar trees. You have to admit; it is a fantastic scene.

Batumi was a prominent summer resort during the Soviet era. It is now an important port. The city still has that coastal resort vibe with summer crowds to back it up, but there is another side to Batumi that we wish more visitors would take the time to discover.

Batumi is the capital of Adjara, a self-governing area with its flag, speech (which borrows specific terms from Turkish), and delectable, decadent food.

Adjara is distinguished from the rest of Georgia, thanks to its unique black-sand coastline, lush interior hills, and warm, humid environment. The region’s history, culture, and religious composition are also distinctive.

Batumi has unusual architecture, a lovely landscape, a great cafe culture, colorful markets, street art, and much more.

Outside of the city, there are Roman ruins, one of the region’s most extensive botanical gardens, and leisurely walks in some of Georgia’s best national parks (including the country’s first Natural UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Colchis Rainforests, and Wetlands). Many of the places are easily accessible by day trip from Batumi.

Where can you stay in Batumi?

Batumi is quite large, but it is straightforward to travel around by foot, bicycle, or bus. The most excellent spot to stay in Batumi is the inner city; we favor the neighborhood behind 6 May Park. The Seaside Zone and Batumi Old Town are busier and more expensive. There are also some lovely lodgings further south along the beach in the city’s newer section, New Boulevard.

Best option:

Kartuli Hotel: Kartuli is the one Batumi hotel we suggest above all others. This boutique-on-a-budget apartment, located on the 37th and 38th floors of the Orbi Beach Tower, has a faultless design (think street art murals and internal hammocks) and a hip ambiance. The best part is that every room offers a breathtaking sea view.

The rates are inexpensive and include a delicious breakfast and access to the hotel’s communal areas. This is, without a doubt, one of Georgia’s top hotels.

Batumi Surf Hostel: Batumi Surf Hostel is a low-cost hostel that offers bunk beds in mixed dorms and individual family rooms with shared bathrooms. There is a well-equipped kitchen and various communal lounge areas. The hostel is ideally located, only a 5-minute walk from the beach.

Banana Apartments: Banana Apartments is located in my favorite Batumi neighborhood, within walking distance of fantastic cafés, restaurants, grocery stores, and the boulevard. They have three contemporary, self-contained studio apartments that can accommodate up to three people. Each includes a full kitchen and a view of the sea.

The Radisson Blu is a luxury hotel. The Radisson Blu boasts an outstanding location, just steps from the significant portion of the boulevard and Batumi Old Town. The rooms are enormous and enhanced with stunning ocean views. They also include a large outdoor pool, a spa, a sky bar, and, most importantly, an excellent buffet breakfast.

Best things to do in Batumi in general: Batumi highlights

Let us start with the top things to do in Batumi aside from the beach.

1. Walk Or Bike Along Batumi Boulevard Batumi Boulevard

The city’s pride and delight is Batumi Boulevard. Built in 1884, it is one of the oldest areas of Batumi and one of the largest parks of its sort in Europe. It runs for 7 kilometers along the seafront.

The Boulevard area comprises a network of walking and cycling lanes that go through manicured gardens, recreation areas, and cafe clusters. The wide Seafront Promenade borders the Black Sea shoreline from the lighthouse and port to the bottom of Lech and Maria Kachinsky Park.

2. Stroll Through The Batumi Botanical Garden

This is a must-see in Batumi because it is one of the most extensive botanical gardens in the region. Walking and hiking pathways, as well as several panoramic vistas, may be found inside the garden.

Batumi Botanical Garden, founded in 1912, was the most prominent institution of its kind during the Soviet era. Mtsvane Kontskhi (‘Green Cape’) is located 12 kilometers north of the city center and is easily accessible by bus or cab.

3. Join A Walk To Learn About Batumi’s History

Learning about Batumi’s past is one of the best ways to know the city beyond its beach image. We recommend taking a walking tour for this purpose. Batumi walking tours combine old and new to give you a sense of how the city has changed over time. Having a local to provide information and answer your queries is quite valuable. Our Batumi walking tour, joined by an expert knowledgeable guide, was one of the determining reasons for my falling in love with the city.

4. In Batumi Old Town, Take A Step Back In Time

Nothing makes a traveler happy than roaming around a gorgeous historic town with their camera. Batumi’s Old Town is not as large or as evocative as that of Tbilisi, but some beautiful treasures remain here to be discovered.

The Old Town is located at the city’s eastern end, between the dock and the lush Gamsakhurdia Street (originally Mariinsky Avenue, inaugurated in 1911) – it’s the lemon-shaded section on Google Maps.

5. Wild Modern Architecture At Batumi  Batumi

The extravagant buildings along Batumi’s shoreline stand in stark contrast to the traditional facades of the Old Town. Its skyline has a unique silhouette, making it ’the Las Vegas of the Caucasus’.

Batumi’s builders and benefactors took their cues from the West when shaping their city into a vision of European grandeur in the nineteenth century. In a future where city planners have allowed their imaginations to run wild, every structure is a bizarre utopian achievement of glass and steel.


The seaside town of Batumi is both eclectic and laid-back, making it a favorite of all types of visitors. Be it for its distinct landscape, amazing cultural landmarks or the mind-boggling array of dining and leisure attractions, Batumi is worth a visit on your Georgia holiday.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

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