Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia, is located in the Midwest region of the country and is one of the oldest towns both in the country and the world. Most people who visit Georgia for business or pleasure first land at Kutaisi and then take a 3 or 4-hour cab or bus to the capital city, Tbilisi, or head to the main beach.

Kutaisi is a beautiful city in Georgia, known as the city of eternal spring. Fallen chamomile flowers decorate the walkways, the beautiful historic stone monuments, and the houses. The city has an old-world charm, and it feels like you are in a completely different era. It is mostly popular among the locals due to its low-cost airline Wizz Air.

Brief History of Kutaisi

From the sixth to the third centuries BC, the city served as the capital of the Colchis. Later, between 1008 and 1122, Kutaisi was the capital of Georgia, and from the 15th to the 19th centuries, it was the capital of the Imeretian kingdom. Currently, it is one of the best places to visit in Georgia, and the economic situation is slowly improving due to increased tourism.

What are some of the most interesting things to do in Kutaisi?

If you are in Kutaisi, you must spend at least five days in the summer months and three to four days in the other seasons to enjoy the rich heritage and beauty. If you book Georgia packages, then some of these visits won’t cost you a penny.

1. Kutaisi City Centre

Most of the city’s main buildings have been renovated recently, so you can wander through the streets admiring the buildings. You can visit the Opera House to witness the tall warrior statues on the roof and a sitting lion statue with its raised paw.

2. Central Park

Next, you can visit the central park of Kutaisi, also known as Boulevard by the local people. You can spend quality time with your friends or family in this park.

3. Colchis Fountain

Colchis Fountain, Kutaisi

The next big attraction is the Colchis Fountain, located in the city’s center. The Fountain has some skillfully sculpted tigers, horses, rams, and other animals.

Here you can also find the statue of Tamanda, who is very popular at the traditional Georgian feasts as the toastmaker. He will greet you with a wine glass in hand.

4. Green Bazar

If you are in Kutaisi, you must not miss out on the lively Green Bazaar, which is also one of the region’s oldest and largest agriculture markets. However, to avoid the crowd, do not visit here before 10:00 a.m.

The market is divided into several sections where you can find hundreds of stalls selling agricultural items like herbs, dried chilies, dry fruits, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and exotic flowers.

In the covered section on the next level, you will find many other stalls selling different spices like salt, paprika, tea leaves, etc. In the central section, you will find people selling cheese, milk, flowers, etc.

The Green Market also has an outdoor book market located at the edge of the park. If you are lucky enough, you may come across some exclusive second-hand books at low prices.

So the Green Market is a must-visit if you want to bring home souvenirs for your friends and family.

5. Sataplia Nature Reserve

If you want to blend in with nature, you must drive to the Sataplia Nature Reserve, which is just 11 kilometers away from Kutaisi. You can walk through the beautiful Colchic Forest.

The site also has a special glass observation deck. The main attraction of this natural reserve is the 900-meter-long cave that contains stalactites and stalagmites. Another popular thing that you must not avoid is the well-preserved dinosaur footprint, which is around 120 million years old.

6. Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave Georgia

Just 22 km from Kutaisi, the Prometheus Cave is one of the largest caves in the country. There are 22 halls, of which six are open to the public.

At this location, you can witness petrified waterfalls, underground lakes, canals, cave pearls, and many other attractions. You can also take a boat ride on the underground river.

7. The Gelati Monastery

Gelati Monastery Kutaisi

Now let us talk about the top UNESCO Heritage Sites. The Gelati Monastery is a popular attraction in Kutaisi and was founded by King David during the war of Georgia in 1106. This is the most popular heritage site in Georgia, apart from the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta and Upper Svaneti.

This monastery was the center of science and arts during the Georgian Kingdom. The cathedral is also the burial site of many kings, including King David.

The Gelati Monastery may not be heavily crowded, but as you enter the building, you can expect to see flocks of birds sitting under the dome. The stunning views and the silence enhance the peaceful environment.

8. Bagrati Cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral Kutaisi

Built in the late 11th century by Bagrati III, the Bagrati Cathedral is one of the biggest churches in Georgia. The monument has a history of destruction and reconstruction, and it currently symbolizes the Republic of Georgia.

The cathedral is massive, and the grounds are a popular picnic spot. On the weekends, you will find thousands of people, both tourists, and locals, sitting on the cathedral grounds and enjoying themselves with their loved ones. The lawn is also popular for weddings.

9. Cable Ride to Amusement Park

If you are not afraid of heights, a cable car ride up and down the city is a good choice. At the top, you can visit the local amusement park and entertain yourself.

You can have your lunch with delicious Georgian cuisine at the Dzirdzveki (try out the khachapuri; you will love it). The cable car operates between 12 and 8 pm, and a single ride is 1 GEL.

10. Admire Street Art

Most people visiting Kutaisi love the street art scene. If you are lucky enough, you will get to witness the artists in action.

The most popular one is the sweet mural created by the French artist Vinnie which states “me dhen mikvarkhar,” which means “I love you” in Georgian.

11. Okatse Canyon Hike

If you are up for some adventure, then the Okatse Canyon is a wonderful place to hike and feel the adrenaline rush. It is approximately a 45-minute to 1-hour walk through the beautiful and dense Dadiani forest.

After the checkpoint, you will enter the Okatse Canyon, which is a good place to take pictures and create memories.

12. Kinchkha Waterfall

Just a couple of kilometers away from the Okatse Canyon, you must visit this gigantic Kinchkha Waterfall. The waterfall is located at a height of 1000 meters, but the best part is the 70-meter height and free-falling water.

After visiting the waterfall, you can hike up and visit Lumina Lake (2 km away), where you can swim and blend with nature. At night you can even stay in tents the nearby camps.

Be it for the local Georgian cuisine or the rich Imeretian history and UNESCO heritage sites, Kutaisi is a place that should be on your bucket list. It is a friendly, green, and clean city where you can roam around and blend in with the place.

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