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Borjomi is a gorgeous city in southern Georgia that is popular for its incredible landscape, dense green forests, warm water springs, and therapeutic mineral water. Due to the abundance of mineral water here, several tourists and visitors use it to heal their health issues. An important tourist destination in Georgia, you can enjoy lush green natural parks in the Caucasus and several cultural and archaeological sites. Book your Georgia tour packages today and explore the amazing things to do in Borjomi, Georgia, for a delightful holiday experience.

Why should you visit Borjomi?

Many people believe that the mineral waters of Borjomi have excellent curing properties for lifestyle like diabetes and obesity. It once thrived as a spa resort for the communist bureaucrats. During the Soviet days, the Romanov royal family was among the first to use it for its healing properties. With the fall of the Soviet Union, people stopped heading to Borjomi, which has left an impression to date. Most of the royal heritage homes were renovated, resulting in the closure of many Soviet sanatoriums as no visitors turned up.

The Georgians treat Borjomi as a relaxing holiday destination. Placed in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, it gives you plenty of hiking opportunities plus summer and winter sports indulgences during the winter months. Even though it is blessed with magnificent natural beauty, amazing vistas, and vivacious appeal, many few tourists are not aware of the amazing things to do in Borjomi. Borjomi has a lush green landscape with several rivers, waterfalls, dense forests, and alpine meadows dotting its landscape.

Borjomi is a magnificent gateway to amazing sights such as the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Rabat Castle and the Vardzia Cave Monastery. We recommend you browse through each landmark at your own pace by staying for a few days.

Amazing things to do in Borjomi, Georgia

Cable car ride

It is one of the key tourist attractions in Borjomi, Georgia, for the most panoramic views over Borjomi and the Borjomi gorge through its ride up to the mountain. Tourists get to explore this route that extends from the mineral water park entrance to the top of the plateau with a Ferris wheel covering approximately 2 km. Add to this some short hikes through the forest and savor the natural views and the dense forests along your journey.

Central Park

This amazing venue has unique and natural mineral water springs as its main highlight. Experience the rare opportunity to witness the mineral water of Borjomi. This park is open all through the year for visitors and tourists. Taste natural Borjomi mineral water and relax your body, mind, and soul in this magnificent environment. First, try the cable car ride up to the Ferris wheel that will take you to atop the park. Then, enjoy a relaxing walk through this lush green space. As you enter the park, you will find more peace and tranquillity. Don’t miss following the Koera River as you navigate through the forests. You can easily reach the sulfur pools if you continue for another 3 km.

Firuza Building

There is one building that stands out due to its bright blue wood latticework. The designs offer a strange mix of different styles and lend an eastern feel to the destination. The mirror decorations in its interiors will remind you of the shrines in Shiraz, Iran, and old heritage homes in Kashan. Due to its key similarity, it is not very difficult to state that Mirza Riza Khan was the consul of Iran in Georgia during the late 19th century. Mirza Riza Khan used to stay at his home in Tbilisi, but he loved to be within Borjomi during the summers. This building today runs as a hotel, with the majority of its Persian-style decorations kept as it is to preserve its cultural value.

Kharagauli National Park

Kharagauli National Park Georgia

This national park is one of the significant tourist destinations in Borjomi, Georgia. The largest natural reserve in Georgia is blessed with spectacular vistas and is among the most beautiful European parks. Witness nature in its green splendor and explore these spectacular attractions. In addition, there are two hiking trails at the entrance of the Kharagauli National Park, which lavishly spread over 85,000 hectares of protective native forests.

One is a 3-km long trail towards Saint Nino church, and the second one, a 13-km footprint trail, providing more challenges during its hiking route. There are gorgeous mountains that will leave you spellbound with amazing natural vistas and a chance to see yew. This tree has the longest lifespan but is unfortunately on the endangered list worldwide.

Kukushka Train

Whether you are a train lover or not, you would love traveling on the Kukushka train, where you can witness the 2.5 hours of scenic views covering the dense forests and alpine meadows during the railway journey. Unfortunately, the Russians incepted the construction of this 37-km narrow gauge railway line in 1897 that connects Borjomi and the ski resort of Bakauriani higher up in the mountains. Due to its rough mountainous terrain, building this railway network took more than 4 years. The first train debuted on this network in 1902. You would not like to miss this journey even though the journey time is much longer than the bus.

Mineral Water Springs

Mineral Water park Georgia

There are mineral water springs of volcanic origin that have remained a key attraction of the region for thousands of years. The Russians started bottling it in 1890, and the Soviets made it a national icon in this period that is running to date. This bottled fizzy water is exported to 40+ countries worldwide. The water springs naturally rise to the surface and have a depth of 1500 meters. There are two taps in the central park’s green pavilion where you can taste the mineral water directly from the source springs. You can also purchase the mineral water bottles in the spring, although we recommend you just fill up your bottle. You may find that bottled water has far less sulfuric taste than normal water.

Romanovs’ Palace

Placed along the Mtkvari riverbanks, this Palace was the summer residence of the Russian royal family. It was built under the order of Russian Tsar Nikolas II by the architect Leontin Benua at the beginning of the 19th century. There is a hydropower plant and a large garden inside the complex. In addition, there are unique exhibits, including the gifts including the table from Napoleon and the armchairs by the Shah of Iran. These also include the medieval hand-made table carved by the Russian Emperor Peter I. Furthermore, the Palace’s billiards room houses a Roman-era billiard table. You will get deeper insights into Borjomi’s history and culture while exploring the unique exhibits and the Palace.

Sulfur Pools

Sulfur Pools in Borjomi Image Credit:

The locals call it the Tsar’s baths, as these pools were built in the early 19th century exclusively for the Russian royal family. Today, they operate as open-air thermal pools in the forest reserve. The water is warm between 32 and 38 degrees, which will be warm even on the coldest winter days. Reach the park by car or bus. Then, you will have to walk for about 45 minutes alongside the Borjomula River to the forest trail for about 4 km. Bring in your swim gear if you wish to indulge in a dive or swim. There are changing showers and rooms available for both men and women.


A holiday in Borjomi promises you some treasured moments in the midst of refreshing nature sprinkled with lush greenery and mostly, the legendary mineral waters. So, be sure to add this wonderful destination on your upcoming Georgia travel program!

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