Svaneti is a remote location in Georgia, bordering Russia. Perched on a mountainous cliff in the northwest Georgia region, Svaneti is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is blessed with incredible rocky terrain, the ten highest peaks of the Caucus Mountain range, and the surreal land towers. Off late, there have been significant developments to promote tourism and make it more accessible to move around to explore Svaneti. Svaneti has a rich history of invasions that led to several destinations dedicated to verbal Svan language and powerful polyphonic music. So book your Georgia holiday packages today and explore the beautiful Svaneti region.

Reaching Svaneti

Mestia houses a global airport that is easily connected to major cities worldwide. Reaching Svaneti through a rented car will never be a problem. You have one of the best roads from Zugdidi to Mestia. You can even use the local transport that is both convenient and affordable. The vans used by the locals are called marshrutkas. If you take a metro from Tbilisi, you will reach Mestia within 8 hours.

Best time to visit Svaneti

Svaneti welcomes tourists all through the year. However, the majority of the tourists visit Svaneti during the summer for hiking and the winter season for skiing and winter sports.

The skiing or the winter season runs between December to April and is extremely popular for skiing and snowboarding. Two resorts, Hatsvali and Tetnuldi, offer varied slopes as per the difficulty level to practice and hone your skiing skills. The old ancient villages are all covered in snow in this season.

The spring season runs between April to May and has a thick blanket of wet and heavy ice at the mountain passes. You will have limited opportunities to indulge in skiing or hiking. If you want to explore Svaneti only for sightseeing, this is the season to visit.

The early summer season runs between May and June, providing limited skiing or hiking opportunities. Rain is a frequent visitor that will play a spoilsport in all your limited plans. However, you will witness lush green valleys and blooming flowers all around.

The high season runs between July and August, and we recommend you book all your accommodation and experiences well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment. The Guli and Baki pass trails are great for hiking. The days are slightly hotter, but the weather is relaxing overall.

The autumn season runs from September to mid-October. The days are pleasantly dry as trees experience their autumn foliage. Trekking is quite popular in this season.

The late autumn season runs between late October and November. This is a low season here in Svaneti, where you will also find fewer tourists and locals. But, it is a wonderful time if you want to browse through various attractions of Svaneti at your own pace.

Trek to Chaladi Glacier

Hiking and camping are quite popular while exploring the Chaladi Glacier during the day. Sip a cup of hot tea in between to keep yourself warm. Standing 1,850 feet above sea level, the Chalabi Glacier trek will take 5-6 hours. Once you reach the frozen zone, you will get instant access to breathtaking vistas that you can cherish lifelong.

Dive Deep into History at the Ethnography Museum

Exploring the Ethnography Museum’s rich history is a must-experience activity for any tourists or visitors visiting Georgia. This museum in Mestia discusses the Svan culture, heritage, and lifestyle. Incepted in 1936, you can browse important artifacts like engravings, jewelry, ancient weaponry, icons, Svans’ lifestyle, and much more about the region.

Know more about Georgian Alpinist

Mikheil Khergiani is a former Georgian Alpinist who won seven gold medals in rock climbing and mountaineering at the USSR Championships. Born in Mestia, the house museum displays his exceptional work, photographs, clothes, climbing equipment, and the prestigious awards he won.

Check out the Lamaria Church in Ushguli

The Lamaria Church in Ushguli has the Shkhara Mountains decorating its background, making it a sight to behold. The Lamara Church, named after the Virgin Mary, provides incredible natural vistas to its visitors and tourists. In addition, the church has several unique and ancient frescos housed inside. You can’t miss this destination if you are a history buff.

Discover the beautiful city of Mestia

 Mestia city, Svaneti

Mestia is one of the gorgeous destinations in Svaneti, perched 4,921 feet above sea level. It is 283 miles (approximately 456 kilometers) away from Tbilisi. The Adishi Glacier is a sight to behold here, and you will be fascinated at first glance itself. There are beautiful, inviting trails to explore the region. Be careful during your exploration journey, as there are often hidden cracks found in the ice. Learn more about the Svan culture and heritage at the museum and savor local culinary flavors along the way.

Savor Delicious Local Cuisines

For all food lovers, Svaneti has several restaurants serving local cuisines. We recommend you try local delicacies to get a real and authentic taste of the culinary flavors. Some of the best local delicacies you should try are Tashmijabi, Fetvraal, and Kubdari.

Get on Some Pulse Running by Indulging in Skiing

Skiing Svaneti

You will enjoy skiing in Svaneti as the skiing season lasts almost till the mid of April each year. The Hatsvali resort offers great snowboarding and skiing opportunities over its 5.6 km long slopes with varying difficulty levels. Therefore, the months between December and April are the best season for some snow fun.

Embark on a Hiking Trip to Shkhara Glacier

 Shkhara Glacier

The hike to the Shkhara Glacier in Ushguli offers magnificent views and is one of the most popular Svaneti activities among locals and tourists alike. You may get to witness many muddy landscapes and dirt roads, but the result of reaching the highest peak in Georgia is worth it.

Enjoy hiking the glaciers

 Svaneti glaciers

Svaneti can be a hiking paradise if you are into hiking. There are spectacular hiking trails, fabulous views, and gorgeous landscapes with plenty of glaciers that can be explored at your own pace. You can break up in between by finding accommodation in the nearby villages.

Browse through the beautiful Svaneti villages

Beautiful Svaneti village

The neighboring villages of Mele, Soli, Mazeri, and Lentekhi can be easily accessed through minibuses from Mestia. Hire a taxi to reach faster. The locals are friendly and easily accommodate tourists, hikers, and backpackers. Enjoy some peace and tranquillity at these laid-back villages while interacting with these friendly locals.

Explore the Splendid Lakes

 Lakes in Svaneti

Georgia houses many beautiful lakes, with many of them housed in Svaneti. However, Koruldi Lakes is the all-time favorite among the lot, placed at the foot of Mount Ushba. The 6–7-hour trek to the lake gives you access to beautiful vistas.

Enjoy panoramic vistas of the Tetnuldi Mountains. The restaurant and hotel at Mount Zuruldi hold the record for being the highest restaurant and hotel in Georgia. Not only do you get local delicacies in their best flavors, but you also get to witness magnificent views of the Caucasus and Tetnuldi mountain ranges. To reach the restaurant and hotel, drive to Hatsvali before taking a 1.5 km long ropeway.

Cross over to Zagar Pass

Drive over the Zagar Pass, which is at an altitude of 2.623 meters above sea level. You will not regret the drive as it will take you across Georgia, Turkey, and Armenia along the way. The ride may be tough due to extreme weather conditions, but it is worth it.

Top Travel Tips

  • Svaneti is featured as a dangerous landscape for tourism where tourists are often robbed. However, the president started a clean-up campaign to open up a safe tourist destination for people worldwide.
  • The locals are very welcoming, friendly, and accommodating. However, don’t be surprised by their unsophisticated nature.


Svaneti may be one of the remotest spots in Georgia, but it packs a punch when it comes to its untouched natural beauty, age-old history and interesting traditions. So, if you have set your heart on a relaxed, tranquil holiday in the best of surroundings, Svaneti should definitely be added to your travel bucketlist.

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