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Does the underwater world fascinate you? Is your stomach strong enough to see the deadliest predator up close? If you are nodding the head, visit one of the world’s largest aquariums, Georgia Aquarium. This pocket guide will give you complete info on what’s inside this gargantuan aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium: The Showstopper

The US brims with an exciting range of attractions, and lately, Georgia has emerged as a mainstream tourist destination. Its vivid culture and gorgeous landscape have been a hit. What has been stealing the show for quite some time now is the Georgia Aquarium. It is a blue-glassed aquarium housing a wide collection of exotic sea life in over 11 million gallons of water. From sumo-sized blue whales to unusual Manta Rays, Georgia Aquarium is packed with thousands of animals and rare critters. This magnificent aquatic attraction has been getting all the attention it deserves since its opening in 2005.

The journey has become more appealing with the 7 galleries that showcase live dolphin shows and sea lion exhibits. Plus, the aquarium is a non-profit attraction that exists to preserve the aquatic life and educate people about it.

Key Features of Georgia Aquarium

  • It is the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere (US) and the third largest in the world. It was the largest aquarium from its opening in 2005 to 2012.
  • There is a stunning array of colourful and mesmerising aquatic animals from hundreds of species.
  • The aquarium hosts a variety of exhibits in its seven galleries.
  • There are behind-the-scenes tours, cage diving and other adventures included in the package.
  • It is the first aquarium outside Asia to house giant whale sharks in a 6.3 million-gallon tank.
Georgia Aquarium

Why Visit Georgia Aquarium?

1. Widest Range of Stunning Creatures

Georgia Aquarium has a massive influx of marine animals. The notable animals include African Penguins, Beluga whales, California Sea lions, Bottlenose Dolphins, Tiger Sharks and Whale Sharks. The school of fishes have Amazon Puffer, Hawkfish, Archerfish, Seahorse, Black Crappie, Electric Eel and plenty more. There are also newbies such as Baja Blue Rock Lizard and Wood Frog.

2. Interactive Experiences Every Day

With dozens of events and activities going around, Georgia Aquarium is perfect for all ages. There are shows, exhibits and presentations on the big augmented screen as well as underneath the waves.

3. Otherworldly Exhibits

The aquarium hosts a spectrum of exhibits that display vivid and varied environments. Visitors can get entries into these seven permanent galleries that organise self-guided tours and exhibits.

  • Cold Water Quest houses the animals that are from polar regions, including the Beluga Whales in 800,000 US gallons of water. This is the second largest exhibit.
  • Ocean Voyager is the largest exhibit and the largest indoor aquatic domain in the world, containing whale sharks. It is about 30ft deep and 800,000 US gallons habitat, showcasing the life of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.
  • Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone lets the visitors uncover the living habits of animals that survive in the extreme weather conditions. It features numerous new habitats that you haven’t heard of before.
  • Sharks! Predators of the Deep is the latest addition featuring a dynamic range of sharks. Immerse yourself to get a fresh perspective of these enigmatic creatures.
  • Tropical Diver is an impressive expo of the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef that let you soak in the 200 vibrant species of corals, with garden eels bouncing out of the sand and seahorses posing around.
  • Dolphin Coast is one of the most loved attractions in the aquarium, as it has super cute dolphins living their most playful lives. Visitors can admire them both in the lobby and theatre.
  • Southern Company River Scout boasts a themed freshwater environment packed with cascades, logjams and rivers from Africa, South America and Asia.

4. Claimed as a Non-Profit establishment

Georgia Aquarium sets itself apart from the rest because of its focus on the conservation of the ocean and its residents. It strives to build a well-protected and nurturing environment for marine life while encouraging nature conservation methods. It not only keeps researching and introducing advanced husbandry resources, but also engages audiences with eye-opening exhibits. It has also undertaken the agenda to save endangered species like African penguins.

Things to Do at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

1. Animal Encounters

Take your little explorers to this amazing aquarium and get a deeper understanding of how these animals live. Revel in face-to-face interaction with these beautiful creatures from every corner of the world. You can even touch and play with these friendly animals. Not just that, guides will help you to feed these adorable beings.

Some major encounters include:
  • Sea Otter Encounter
  • Dolphin Encounter
  • Sea Lion Encounter
  • Penguin Encounter
  • Shark & Ray Encounter

2. Cage Dive With Sharks

Face your fear as you take a plunge into the tank and discover the undersea along with the sharks. Don a wetsuit and go on diving in the pristine waters. It is a hair-raising experience as you come up close and personal with sharks — all under supervision.

3. Swim and Dive with Gentle Giants

Set sail with the whale sharks, Mantra rays and other ginormous pools of fish. Wear the proper gear and take on an epic underwater journey with the biggies.

4. Yoga Session

For someone who wants to get a moment of zen can indulge in calm yoga practices. Break a sweat and transport to the ultimate nirvana as you won’t get a better place to refine your fitness.

5. Behind the Scene

Venture into another world of what goes on behind the aquarium and how things are taken care of. Interact with the charismatic sea lions, discover educational programmes and find out exclusive coverage of facilities of these animals.

6. Sleep Under The Sea

You might have slept under the stars, but Georgia Aquarium will make it grander. Spend a splendid night with the fishes. Plan a sleepover any time of the year and you will even enjoy complimentary snacks.

Where is Georgia Aquarium Located?

225 Baker St. NW

Atlanta GA 30313


Watching animals has never been fun like this before. Ticking off Georgia Aquarium from the bucket list is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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