The Hawaiian Islands are known around the world for their fantastical beaches, breathtakingly beautiful white sands, and crystal-clear waters. With so many islands and every island with a unique flavor for its tourists, it becomes extremely difficult to pick the best islands to visit. For the few of you who venture beyond the hotels and the known beaches, here’s a list of the

best places to visit in Hawaii

that will startle you with their exceptional beauty, food, and culture.

1. USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Oahu

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

One of the top destinations in Hawaii is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. The history of the site where World War II began and the tragic attack that shook the entire world is explained with the help of a short film and a tour of the site. The place gets over 2 million visitors every year from the U.S. alone.

2. North Shore of Oahu


The area between the East Oahu’s Kahuku Point and the West Oahu’s Ka’ena Point is known as the North Shore of Oahu geographically. Surfers love the larger-than-life waves that flow in winter and are loved by surfers around the world. The other main attraction is the historical town of Haleiwa which is famous for its laid-back lifestyle, some of the coolest art galleries, surf shops, museums, and friendly locals.

3. Waikiki Beach in Oahu


The beach has a very interesting history behind it. While the name Waikiki means ‘sprouting waters,’ the beach was initially used by the Hawaiian royalty for their vacations. Foreign visitors started visiting the place only after 1830s. When the first ever hotel opened at the beach in 1901, it marked a global trend of visitors visiting this beautiful beach, which is today one of Hawaii’s most sought-after beaches.

4. Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park in Kauai


It is one of the best places to visit to know the rich cultural history of Hawaii. Witness the grandeur of beautiful waterfalls, dip in the mesmerizing freshwater rivers, and discover an abundance of flora and fauna that will captivate you. Exploration of the Na Pali coastline can be a rewarding experience, especially for those looking for private snorkeling tours, sunset cruises with dinner, ocean tours, and many other water sports activities. Don’t forget to visit the iconic 800-year-old fishing village of Hawaii.

5. Haleakala National Park in Kauai


The sunrise and sunset of this place will mesmerize your imagination. You can take guided tours, go hiking and camping, and enjoy various activities at the famous Haleakala crater. The place is a treasure trove of the unique geographical and natural history of Hawaii. Talk to some of the park naturalists to gain fascinating insights about the natural ecosystem and cultural history of this awe-inspiring place.

6. Magic Sands Beach

This beach, about two kilometers from downtown Kailua-Kona, is one of Hawaii’s most wondrous sights, with compelling sunset views, turquoise waters, and perfect settings for body surfing and other water activities. Also known as La’aloa Beach, it gets the name due to its rare phenomenon, where the sands tend to vanish entirely in winter due to high surf, thus uncovering the lava rock and corals beneath the sands. However, the sand returns and restores itself to its previous state.

7. The Road to Hana


Any trip to Hawaii is incomplete without traveling through the road to Hana. Witness the most picturesque and extremely beautiful landscapes while on the journey to the east of Maui through the famous Hana Highway. There are very few roads in Hawaii that are as famous a tourist attraction as the Road to Hana. You can take a car and drive your way or take a guided tour on the road to Hana. Either way, you are in for an awesome tour. Don’t forget to stop for snacks in Paia (town). Enjoy a stopover at the Twin Falls, the Garden of Eden Arboretum, and Wai’anapanapa State Park.

8. A Trip to Lanai


Fondly known as the ‘Pineapple Isle’, it is one of the most beautiful and unbelievably amazing privately owned islands. You can reach here either by taking an inter-island flight or by ferry. While on the island, visit the Garden of Gods, see the landscapes of boulders, rock towers, spires, and admire the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, etc., and stay at world-class golf resorts. The place is full of abundant natural beauty and is definitely a must-visit.

9. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in Big island


Getting a footfall of over 3 million visitors every year, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park includes the summit of the world’s most massive volcano, Mauana Loa, and the most active volcano, Kilauea. With superlative hiking and camping opportunities, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is loved by tourists for all its different aspects. Drive down the crater road, viewing the flowing stream of actual lava (if you are lucky) and the all-so-beautiful stopovers at Crater Rim Drive and Kilauea Visitor Center.

10. Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace

It is one of the historically significant attractions in Hawaii, located in Honolulu. Built in the 19th century, it once served as the royal palace of the rulers of the Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties. It is now a museum with the status of a National Historic Landmark, where you can acquaint yourself with the region’s enlightening past.

11. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay

Nestled on Oahu’s southeast coast, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is a must-visit for its unspoiled marine ecosystem and breathtaking natural beauty. With its exuberant underwater world enriched by magnificent fish varieties and colorful fish, this spot is a haven for swimming and snorkeling.

12. The Konna coffee farms, Big Island


It doesn’t really matter whether or not you love coffee; your visit to the Big Islands of Hawaii is incomplete without this stopover. From over 100 coffee farms (literally) in Konna, choose a few and definitely take a tour, as it is going to be one hell of a tasting adventure. Enjoy the live music, adventure, and entertainment specially meant to thrill the tourists, along with tasting some of the best coffees.


1. What is the ideal time to travel to Hawaii?

The ideal time to visit Hawaii is probably between March and September, especially to make the most of its pristine beaches and warm weather.

2. Why should I visit Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the US’ most vibrant states, known for its gorgeous beaches, astounding marine life, world-class surf, active volcanoes, and, of course, endless adventure activities.

3. How many days do I need to discover Hawaii?

With so much to see and do in Hawaii, you will never run out of activities or experiences here. In fact, you will need at least a week to make the most of its delights.

4. Do I need a visa to travel to Hawaii?

Your nationality determines whether you need a valid US visa for your Hawaii holiday. Speak to our visa specialists to learn more about US visa packages.

5. What are the must-try foods in Hawaii?

Hawaii is worth a trip for its gastronomic specialties alone. Experience it yourself with must-samples like a traditional luau, poke, garlic shrimp, fish tacos, and manapua.

6. What is Hawaii’s language? What are some basic Hawaiian phrases?

English and Hawaiian are the official languages. Due to its multicultural influences, languages like Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese are also widely spoken. It is good to know a few basic Hawaiian phrases like:

  • Aloha: Hello
  • Kane: Man
  • Wahine: Woman
  • Ohana: Family
  • Keiki: Child
  • Mahalo: Thank You

7. What are the essentials for my Hawaii trip?

First of all, you must plan your Hawaii holiday and book all elements of your holiday in advance. Pack the right clothing, like breezy clothes for your national park tours, swimsuits for beach outings, and waterproof jackets and a quality pair of athletic boots for outdoor adventures.


Visit Hawaii like a true traveler and explore the unexplored; take the road less traveled and witness the unrivaled beauty this place has to offer. While warm and friendly locals greet you with the traditional ‘Aloha,’ the exceptionally beautiful surroundings satiate your soul. Visit Hawaii for a cherished bag full of memories.

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Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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