New York City is a modern global city that has been instrumental in setting trends and is often an epicenter of fashion, art, culture, and a rich history that makes it among the most vibrant and happening global cities. As New York hosts some of the best places to visit in USA, this city never sleeps, and you will find endless indulgences matching all tastes. The spring season (April–June and September–early November) is the

best time to visit New York

. You will witness the best weather, and the crowds are not as dense as in other touristy seasons. As a result, you will find various indulgences catering to your interests, no matter when you plan to visit New York. To make it easier, we’ve narrowed down this topic as per holiday seasons, shows and events, and travelers’ unique preferences.

New York Weather and Climate: An Overview


New York has a continental climate, indicating hot summers and cold winters. Summer in New York is hot and humid, starting from June to September. The average temperature during these months are about 25 degrees Celsius. In the winter season, temperatures drop to two to four degrees Celsius and even hit below zero, particularly in the peak winter months of January and February.

Best Time to Visit New York for Good Weather

Best Time to Visit New York

For the best weather, visit New York in September and May, when it experiences a pleasant and comfortable climate. The weather, at times, can be unpredictable for other months all through the year. Central Park’s landscape is decorated with lush green, contributed by blooming trees, flowers, and colorful foliage that refreshes all moods. September and May are also ideal for indoor and outdoor activities and visiting attractions like the Statue of Liberty in New York. This avoids the humidity and chilly temperatures that come summer and winter.

When to Visit New York on a Budget

Central-ParkImage Credit:

The best time to travel to New York City if you are traveling on a budget is January and February. You will save money as the tourism crowd dips, which will land you good deals for flights, cafes, hotel accommodations, and Broadway tickets. In addition, many attractions and events hosted in New York are free. The American Museum of Natural History, other New York City museums, and the iconic Empire State Building are the best.

The temperatures are freezing cold; hence, these months do not see a big tourist crowd, unlike the busy summer season. Therefore, the season is perfect for trying out some winter sports or activities like ice skating, snowboarding, just admiring the snowfall in Central Park, or playing a game at Madison Square Garden.

When to Visit New York with Family and Kids


The warmer summer months are perfect for enjoying a relaxing family holiday. New York City throws amazing surprises where you get new and unique experiences that can be cherished lifelong. The tourist population reaches its peak between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Hence, you must plan your holiday well in advance. The summer also brings in several family-friendly events like the boat tour, Bronx Zoo, exploring playgrounds, live outdoor concerts, and music classes, which are great ways to experience something new.

Visiting New York for the Broadway Week


Broadway Week; hosted twice a year in January and September, is also the best time to visit New York City. The theaters are closed on Mondays. However, you can purchase tickets for matinee and night-time shows for an amazing time. The month of September welcomes the Broadway and performing arts season, where you can witness spectacular shows and performances live. Getting tickets for these magical New York shows may not be a big concern as it’s the non-touristy season. More than 20-30 shows run daily at a discounted rate.

The Best Time in New York for Sporting Events

The best time to visit New York to attend and be a part of sporting events is from April and August to October, when the baseball, ice hockey, and US Open seasons kick off. New York City houses the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the venue of most sporting events across seasons. It is an unmatched feeling to cheer for your favorite team as you enjoy the pulse of the matches at these sports stadiums.

The Best Time to visit New York for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season in USA

Many New York citizens get high in the holiday spirit during the Christmas and New Year seasons. The city streets are so elegantly lit up and decorated that they are sure to blow you away. Several light shows and holiday windows are also part of the festivities that are beautiful to witness. Enjoy the holiday festivities across every city corner. For great festivities, explore the gigantic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, purchase tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, or witness a stunning live light show on the outskirts of Saks Fifth Avenue. Prices for all accommodations, flights, and attractions will be sky high as it counts as a high season. You will also witness Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade during this season.

The Christmas season also brings all the Christmas markets where you can shop for fine jewelry, clothing, and fun trinkets, with Bryant Park, Union Square, and Columbus Circle being the notable ones. The top events running during the holiday season include special holiday performances and decorations, especially at Tiffany and Bergdorf Goodman. New Year’s Eve festivities at Times Square are a special one you should never miss out on, no matter what happens. Thousands of people wait hours to witness the ball drop, and you will witness loud cheers and dances at the turn of the new year.

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The Best New York Travel Seasons

Spring Season New York

The spring season, from March to June, is pleasant as the city comes alive, and the entire city’s landscape is decorated with blooming trees and flowers after the gloomy winter. You can enjoy pleasant weather during the early spring. However, April can bring heavy rain, so carry your umbrellas and raincoats. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and dining alfresco are two popular activities you shouldn’t miss this season. March Madness is a great event to participate in when the annual baseball season kicks off.

Many sporting bars are dedicated to certain teams, and you can root and cheer for your team among the crowd with great vigor. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, hosted on March 17th each year, is the oldest worldwide, incepted in 1762. You will witness thousands of spectators lined up to be part of this classical event. The parade runs from 44th to 79th streets on 5th Avenue from 11 a.m. onwards. Another popular festival is the Cherry Blossom Festival, where you can see blooming cherries at the New York Botanical Garden or the western reservoir in Central Park and Roosevelt Island.

Visit New York for Culinary Treats

Restaurant Week is a great time to savor culinary flavors spread across several restaurants for lunch and dinner. You may not spend a good amount of money on culinary experiences. However, these deals are valid only for a week. Therefore, it is better that you plan your travel in advance to accommodate the Restaurant Week during your visit. Restaurant Week is hosted in January or July each year.

US Visa Guidelines

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) lets citizens of around 40 countries to visit the US visa-free as long as they travel to the country for business, tourist, or transit purposes. Other nationals not covered in this program must apply for a non-immigrant visa, such as a B1 (US business visa) or B2 (US tourist visa), and get it approved, before their US visit.


1. When should I visit New York City?

Your personal preferences determine when you should travel to New York City. New York hosts wonderful attractions and experiences year-round; hence, you can plan a holiday here based on various parameters, such as the climate, sporting events, and other must-attends like Broadway Week.

2. Does New York make an ideal destination for budget travelers?

New York is definitely an expensive destination. But planning every detail of your holiday allows you to save a ton. Traveling to New York during the off-season also help you cut down your holiday expenses.

3. Does New York get extremely hot in the summer season?

The average temperature during this season is 25 degrees Celsius, which makes the city hot and wet from June to September.

4. Does New York see snow in the winter months?

January and February, being the coldest months in New York, experiences snow. This is because the temperature dips to zero degrees Celsius, causing the city to snow for at least three days.

5. How many days do I need to explore New York City?

With a lot to see and do, you must be armed with at least three to five days to discover this wonderful, activity-and-attraction-packed city.

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