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Dubai is not only a wonderful place to spend an exciting holiday, but also a great place to relocate and build your career. It is a welcoming destination for people from different parts of the world, with more than 70% of its population being expats. With that being said, the reality is that

finding a job in Dubai

is quite an overwhelming and adventurous task. Dubai has an exceptionally competitive market where it may not be all that easy to land your dream job. That’s why we have brought this exclusive post which will help you to make your search for jobs easier in Dubai. Dubai

1. First of all, Get Your CV Right

Your CV is the foremost of things that will help you to reach your potential employer and finally secure a job. But, the sad reality is that hundreds of thousands of CVs go into the trash on day to day basis. This indicates how important it is to create a strikingly perfect resume that will stand out from the piles of CVs.

Instead of using intricate words and fancy designs, the mantra is to keep your CV simple, short, concise, up to date and mostly real where it mentions all your key skills, experience and of course, personal details including contact information. It is equally vital to include a well-written cover letter that is precise yet to the point.

Most importantly, make sure that your CV is ATS-friendly. Most Dubai companies or HR departments now use an application tracking system (ATS) in order to sort and rank the right candidate for a job application. The catch is to incorporate relevant details plus all right keywords, so that your CV won’t get rejected by the recruitment bots in the first step itself.

2. Set Your Job Goals

For this, you must identify both your hard skills and soft skills. While hard skills in general denote your job experience plus academic or technical skills, soft skills are of non-technical nature and can be referred to as interpersonal skills such as leadership and decision-making qualities, communication skills, analytical thinking, creativity and team building abilities. Knowing your strengths, precisely, will help you to easily narrow down your possibilities and further determine what kind of job and industry is most suitable for you to build your career graph.

3. Register Your Details on Dubai’s Top Job Portals

This is officially one of the first steps to do when you search for a job in Dubai. Yes, there are some amazing and reliable job portals that have been exclusively designed to help companies and potential employees to connect with each other. Some of our top recommendations among them are:

  • Khaleej Times Dubai: Khaleej Times is the first and one of the UAE’s top English daily newspapers. Its classified section is a reliable source to find your preferred job in Dubai.
  • Bayt: This award-winning portal is one of the major sources to find jobs not only in Dubai or the UAE, but also in the whole MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
  • Naukri Gulf: It is one of the top sources for both job seekers and employers in the Middle Eastern countries.
  • Monster Gulf: This is another job portal in Dubai where you can apply for a suitable job online.
  • Indeed: Just like most other job portals in this, it is a free, user-friendly platform where you will find hundreds of job listing.
  • Dubizzle: With its simple layout and easy accessibility, it is one of the top job platforms where you can search for a job with the help of smart filters.
  • Edarabia: It may be a website dedicated to cater to the region’s education landscape, but it also offers an extensive listing of jobs across diverse categories and industries.

4. Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

While this can be easily fitted into the above sub topic, we feel that this topic deserves a special mention in this list. This is because about 90% of recruiters in Dubai hire their employees through LinkedIn. It, therefore, goes without stating how vital it is to have an engaging and well-written LinkedIn profile. This not only boosts your online visibility but also incredibly add to the credibility of your information.

The best thing is that it will keep your abreast of the latest job openings and further let you join relevant job groups where you can connect with some brilliant, like-minded people. There is also a feature which lets your past employees or clients to recommend or endorse your skills. Most of all, with majority of HR managers and recruiters on LinkedIn, it allows you to easily connect with your future employer.

5. Approach a Professional Recruiter

Right from registering your CV on a portal to waiting for the recruiter’s response to attending the interview, the whole process of finding a job is time consuming. But, with an experienced recruitment specialist by your side, you can skip most of these hectic steps and connect with your employers faster. The bonus is that they will guide you in every step until you land your desired job in Dubai. After all, there are certain job roles or vacancies that could be filled only via a professional recruitment agency.

6. Establish Strong Connections

Your strong networking skill is another surefire aspect that will make your job hunting in Dubai easier. In other words, knowing how to network or connect with people can be your gateway to take your career forward. Before you come to Dubai, make a list of people including your friends, relatives, and acquaintances with whom you can get in touch for the search of your right job. The added benefit is that it may open up for you new opportunities or avenues which you may not probably find in a conventional job search method. This is because some companies may not list their vacancies online; instead, they rely on word of mouth or internal contacts to fill in a particular position.

7. Have a Good Understanding About the Job Market

Dubai’s job market is recouping post pandemic, with some openings and opportunities in the finance, technology, travel and hospitality sectors. While this is true, knowing the pulse and trend of the job market is inevitable to make your job search in Dubai a breeze. For this, you can conduct a thorough research online or alternatively refer to the relevant publications in order to keep yourself aware of the demand for your job skills in the industry. This will help you to align your job search in a more meaningful way.

8. Be Present in Dubai

You can search and apply for a job in Dubai while remaining in your home country. While there is nothing wrong about it, it is highly recommended to have your presence in Dubai when you search for a job. This allows you to attend a face to face interview and complete other formalities, especially when a company wants to fill a job vacancy on immediate basis. You can further attend walk-in interviews which are mostly conducted at short notice. If you are looking to visit Dubai for job search, it would be suffice to get a 90-day Dubai visa. To get the best out of this visit, make sure that you avoid traveling to Dubai during summer months, in particular July to September.

9. Be Flexible and Open to Diverse Opportunities

Most people limit their job search to their area of expertise or specialization. But, you can think out of the box and apply for other jobs that match your skills or unique qualities. Along with this, make sure that you’re flexible. For instance, instead of staunchly looking for permanent jobs, you can also take up temporary roles that come your way. This gives you both experience and paycheck in Dubai. But, to do this, you have to ensure that you have the right visa and comply with the UAE law.

10. Finally, Be Patient

Dependent on the job market, your experience and other aspects, it may take some time to find a job in Dubai, but don’t give up. It is worth the wait. After all, working in Dubai is an exciting and rewarding experience at the same time.


There is no doubt that Dubai is a land of awesome career opportunities as it is a strategic base for some really ambitious companies and creative, upbeat minds. And keeping the above things in the mind will make your search for your desired job or profession in Dubai goes smoothly.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

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