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Jungle Bay Waterpark Perched on the Persian coast of Dubai Marina, the Jungle Bay Water Park stands among the top tourist destinations in the region. Dubai has a fascinating list of attractions, and one of the glowing and latest additions in it is the Jungle Bay Waterpark. This water theme park offers plenty of fun-filled and relaxing experiences ideal for beating the peak of Dubai’s sizzling summer. Placed on the Le Meridian Mina Seyahi beach resort, it offers an exciting spectrum of rides and other attractions that help in quenching the thirst for adventure among all age groups. So, get ready to spend a day full of fun, thrill, and spills at the

Jungle Bay Waterpark Dubai.


You need not look any further if you want to spend a lazy afternoon beside a pool-side destination in Dubai. The Jungle Bay brings the ultimate day to relax and chill out, decorated with beachfront views, making it a great spot to spend some time with your friends and family. Indulge in your dose of adventure as per your taste, with the exhilarating slides, private cabanas, wave pools, and a plethora of dining experiences that offer the ultimate family time together. You and your kids can experience the ultimate joy and a good dose of adventure by sliding down the Body Slides, Whizzard, and gentle kids’ slides, or indulge in the twist and turns of the slides at Jungle Bay West in Dubai to rejuvenate your body senses. This 6m wide, family-friendly wave pool offers the ultimate splashing fun with your loved ones. Aqua Play is another attraction designed for kids across all age groups. Let your children indulge in their playtime across the slides as you can supervise them from the sidelines.

The Futuristic Design

The park is inspired by a Mediterranean theme loaded with greenery to always give it a fresh look. The white and blue hues will take you and reminisce of the Santorini beaches in Greece. The simplistic layout offers cool Aegean vibes, and the picturesque Persian Gulf views that grace its background create a soothing effect.

The entire layout of the park is designed to focus on visitors across all age groups. While most waterparks are designed for children to splash around and have all the fun, this theme park has private cabanas to soak in the ambiance as they quietly supervise their children enjoying their time.

If you want to break down between your fun-tactic and splash time, enjoy some chillers at the onsite beach bar while the Persian Gulf views decorating the backdrop work their magic on you.

How to reach?


The Media City Tram Station 1 is just a short walk away. Bus number 8 will take you to this bus stop.

Car or Cab

Be ready to pay for the hotel resort parking if you bring your car along. Cabs are also available to and fro from this destination.


The Mina seyahi T1 tram station is just a minute away from the water park.


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Tickets and operating hours

All the in-house guests residing at the Westin or Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina get free entry as part of their stay package. You can purchase a family day pass that would be more economical for all the others.

Adults – weekdays – 200 dirhams and weekends – 250 dirhams.

Kids aged 4-12 years pay 100 dirhams on weekdays and an increased price of 125-150 dirhams on weekends.

Jungle Bay is open every day between 10 am and 6 pm. Visit the park during the weekends for the best experience. You can look forward to spending at least 4-6 hours in this incredible water splash park.

Best time to visit

Best time to Visit Jungle Bay Waterpark

November to February come with the best idyllic weather for tourists in Dubai; hence, the tourist population is at its peak. You can also visit here during the summer break but make sure you start off early so that you can wind up before the sun takes a toll on your body. Avoid the scorching sun at its peak during the late afternoon. You can also witness the gorgeous sunset go down, leaving a mesmeric impact on the Dubai skyline.

Why the Jungle Bay waterpark Dubai?

  • This water-based theme park is much smaller in size as compared to other gigantic waterparks in Dubai. Hence, you can easily supervise your children as they enjoy the splash with other little ones.
  • The slides are wide, so taking your little one with you is very much possible.
  • This theme park has pocket-friendly eateries within and outside the park and may not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Several rides and slides like the Body Slides, Whizzard, and the Lighthouse do not have any height restrictions. So, your kids can enjoy and have loads of fun in a splash-tactic way.
Best rides and slides

You bring you the ultimate rides in this splash world that you should look to indulge in your water-time.

Aqua Play

This splash park is meticulously designed keeping in mind the little ones are engaged for hours together. Adults can easily supervise their children as they enjoy splashing during their playtime. There are no height restrictions here, so children of all ages can enjoy this water feast.

Body Slide

This will need nerves of steel as you enter through the lighthouse, where you pass through an enclosed blue tunnel winding before whizzing down into the water pool. Only children above 1.1 meters are permitted due to the overdose of adventure. However, you will never regret the moment you go down because you will realize it by the time you land in the pool. It is just so sudden and fast.

Family Wave pool

This 6-meter pneumatic wave pool is designed for some family time together. You and your kids can spend hours together splashing water over or simply lazing around a corner of the wave pool as you see other family members go water crazy against each other. There is no minimum height and a mandatory swimming certificate; you can bask in the ambiance while enjoying a splashing time together.

Kids’ Slides

Let your kids play around and slide into a shallow pool designed especially for the little ones. The rate or speed of the slides is also gentle, keeping in mind the kids slopping around for a completely safe and fun time for the little ones. There is no height restriction, so kids of all ages can enjoy their dose of adventure.

The Whizzard

Riders are placed in aqua tubes across three enclosed slides measuring 130 m in length and spiral against each other. The slides twist and turn with a 360o loop before finally landing in a shallow pool. Compete with your friends and other members as you race to reach the bottom of the slide faster than them.

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