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Dubai’s desert is a true natural gem that never fails to astound. While exclusive desert safari packages with dune bash and quad bike do complete justice, admiring the unparalleled desert sands from an altitude of over 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) on a

hot air balloon ride Dubai

is altogether an incomparable experience.

Find Dubai’s endless sand dunes and its indigenous flora and fauna right underneath your feet, as you tranquility glide in the sky, helped by the refreshing morning breeze. Apparently, very few activities compare to the fun, thrill, and exquisiteness of a hot air balloon ride above Dubai’s untouched desert landscape.

With everything encompassing its location, timing, tips, and other aspects, this all-inclusive guide is especially for those looking to go airborne on a hot air balloon tour.

All about Hot Air Balloon Dubai – Timing, Duration, Location, How to Reach & Ticket Info

hot air balloon tour dubai

Hot Air Balloon Timing:

This is an early morning activity. So you can expect to be picked up from your hotel before dawn.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Duration:

Although the actual hot air balloon flight lasts not beyond one hour, the whole experience takes two to three hours in total.

Hot Air Balloon Location:

Conducted from its launch site in Margham, the hot air balloon Dubai flies you across the enchanting DDCR or Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (check ‘A little about Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve’ section to know more about the location) during the experience.

How to Reach Hot Air Balloon?

The location is about a 40 to 45 minutes drive away from Dubai. Being a pre-dawn adventure, it’s highly recommended to choose an all-inclusive package complete with hassle-free hotel pick up and drop off.

Hot Air Balloon Tickets:

It costs around AED 1,100 for a regular hot air balloon ride. Check our exclusive tour page out to know more about its ticket and pricing information.

A Little About Ddcr (Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve)

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one of the UAE’s most significant natural treasures. It’s the first national park in the country and is declared as a protected reserve by the government. Occupying five percent of Dubai’s overall land space, it spans over an area of 225 square kilometers and is rightly the country’s biggest protected land. It’s a safe abode for the region’s indigenous flora and fauna, with over 50 desert plant species, 40 plus mammals, and more than 100 birds.

Whether you want to set out on a native wildlife viewing adventure or just want to escape from Dubai’s glamorous sights, a trip to Dubai Conservation Reserve guarantees you mind-blowing experiences. There are specialized desert safari packages available to experience the pristine beauty and serenity of this incredibly preserved reserve. And the most popular among them is probably the hot air balloon Dubai experience which lets you marvel at the astonishing charm of the Arabian Desert like no other.

What To Look Forward To On A Hot Air Balloon Tour?

hot air balloon dubai
  • It begins with a convenient pick up from your hotel: Book an all-inclusive package and your driver will be on time to collect you from your desired location in Dubai or Sharjah. As an early morning activity, expect to be picked up between 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM so that you’ll arrive at the take-off point in Margham before sunrise. The drive to the spot from Dubai won’t take more than 45 minutes.
  • See Pre-Flight Preparations: While it’s quite an effort, it’s absolutely intriguing to enjoy a look at the hot air balloon’s setup procedures. You’ll find an expert team meticulously working behind it to unload the basket, unfurl the enormous balloon, fix up the engine/burner, and finally inflate the balloon until it’s vertical. Following this, you’ll receive flight safety instructions and finally board the basket which can carry up to 20 people at a time. Now that you’ve safely clambered, it’s time to fly.
  • Once way up above: This is the most exciting part of your entire hot air balloon experience. Your expert pilot will gently lift the balloon, giving you the thrilling sensation of moving away from the earth. You’ll soar high and drift over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is truly magical! Immerse yourself in the sheer silence and serenity while appreciating the compelling views over Hajjar Mountains and breathtaking folds of golden sands that spread across miles upon miles.
  • Get the best ever sunrise views: This offers the ultimate standpoint to relish the spellbinding sunrise view from a height of over 1200 meters. Yes, you’ll get the once-in-the-lifetime chance to see up close the sun gradually rising over the desert and illuminating the region’s mountains and the desert landscape.
  • Fly with Falcons: Depending on the hot air balloon ride you choose, you’ll be able to be part of an innovative falconry adventure. Falconry has been one of the region’s most revered sports activities since ancient times, and this experience during hot air balloon ride lets you admire this traditional activity from a whole new perspective. After all, this is the first-of-its-kind spectacle wherein a trained falcon (released from the basket) will fly high (up to a height of over 1000 meters) and return to the starting point, displaying its incomparable agility, grace, and speed in between.
  • Appreciate Desert Flora and Fauna from a stunning vantage point: As you peacefully float along with the air, don’t miss to gawk at the splendid desert scenery below. You’ll get to spot its native inhabitants including camels, Arabian oryx, and gazelles, all wandering in their safe, natural habitat.
  • It’s an airborne adventure like no other: From paragliding, bungee jumping and sky diving to a helicopter ride, there are many aero activities which promise you a heart-racing adventure with killer views. While a majority of these activities lasts for not more than 20 to 30 minutes, a hot air balloon ride will take you on a much longer ride, allowing you to take in the magnificence of Dubai’s desert in all its grandeur.
  • Back to the land: Wind is the main aspect that determines the flow of your hot air balloon adventure. This indicates that you won’t necessarily land at the starting point and can expect to land in a different place. Once it comes to end, wait for the pilot’s instruction to disembark.
  • Receive flight certificate plus photographs: After the experience, get ready to receive flight certificates signed by the pilot, along with complimentary pictures of your hot air balloon expedition.
  • Enjoy a traditional Arabic breakfast: The final treat is a lavish buffet breakfast in a heritage campsite where you’ll get to sample everything from tempting bread, meat delicacies and smoked salmons to fresh fruits, tea, and coffee.

Important Hot Air Balloon Ride Tips

  • A bit of planning will help you to make the most of your Balloon Ride Dubai. So it’s advisable to book your trip in advance through a reliable service provider.
  • As the pick-up will be before dawn, make sure that you go to bed early on the night before your adventure. This enables you to wake up fresh and give a perfect start to your tour.
  • Come prepared to captivate some amazing pictures during the ride; so don’t forget your smartphone, camera, etc.
  • That said, keep your expensive gadgets safe, and preferably have them fastened to your body in order to avoid its drop from heights.
  • Choose comfortable clothing which makes it easy for you to climb and disembark the basket.
  • Moreover, dress in layers as the morning temperature in the desert will be chilly and this can get even colder once you reach greater heights during the ride.
  • Know that this adventure is not ideal for pregnant ladies, kids under five years old, and anyone who has back / neck problems or had undergone major surgery or injured arm or leg in the six months’ time.
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A Dubai balloon tour may not be inexpensive. But, it’s undoubtedly worth trying for the exhilarating adventure, mind-boggling tranquility, and breathtaking desert views it guarantees. So if you haven’t tried this activity before, be sure to add it to your upcoming Dubai travel program. It’s definite that you’ll return with memories of a lifetime.

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      Among the many adventures that Dubai offers, hot air balloon is something every traveler should indulge in. It is one of those exciting endeavors, that can tranquil your senses through the picturesque landscape of a city beaming with golden sands. Also if pictures say a thousand words, get yourself clicked while you fly high!

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