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You’re in Dubai, but wondering whether a hot air balloon ride is worthwhile! Throw all your speculation to the wind; ballooning over the magnificent Arabian Desert landscape is, without a doubt, one of the must-dos on your Dubai trip. That’s why Rayna Tours has launched a dedicated in-house wing, Balloon Flights, to help you check off this bucket list experience in the safest and most hassle-free manner possible. This comprehensive guide outlines everything, including its various packages and top highlights, with information on how to book and what to expect from each flight experience.

Balloon Flights Fast Facts

Balloon Flights Fast Facts  
  • Balloon Flights is wholly owned and managed by Rayna Group.
  • It was launched in October 2022.
  • Its ultimate aim is to provide its guests with a highly safe and exceptional hot air balloon ride experience in Dubai.
  • Its well-maintained fleet includes the largest balloons in the Middle East: A6 WOW and A6OMG.
  • The balloons have an overall capacity to cater to 66 guests per day.

Why Choose Balloon Flights?

Balloon Flights
  • Expert Pilots:

Balloon Flights’ pilots are trained, certified, and come with over 10 years of experience in flying balloons in diverse locations, such as India, Russia, Spain, and Turkey, to name a few.

  • Five-star Reviews:

It has become a sought-after name in the industry within a short span of time. Don’t take our word for it; check out its reviews page to know first-hand what Balloon Flights’ happy customers say about their unforgettable ballooning experiences with them.

  • High Quality, Latest Equipment:

Its balloons are some of the largest in the region and also among the best in the industry, especially in terms of its safety record.

  • Top-Notch Safety Standards:

The safety of the guests is Balloon Flights’ number one priority, and hence they exercise all high-end measures to ensure a pleasant and safe flight experience.

  • Professionalism:

Balloon Flights is licensed and further backed by the services of a highly professional commercial team.

Top Balloon Flight Packages

Balloon Flight

1. Magical Morning with Balloon Flights:

It is designed to offer a great start to your day. Besides a one-hour flight over the desert and magnificent sunrise views, it includes refreshments like tea and coffee.

2. Exotic Sunrise with Balloon Flights:

It is an all-encompassing adventure with a one-hour flight, sunrise views, refreshments, and a sumptuous breakfast. You can also click your pictures with falcons and enjoy a camel ride.

3. Private Balloon Flights:

It is ideal for anyone who wants to make their hot air balloon ride in Dubai magical and extraordinary. In this package, you can have an entire balloon for yourself and your group, making it a perfect gift to delight your dear ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. And it is also an exclusive and romantic way to ask your sweetheart out.


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What To Look Forward To As Part Of Your Balloon Flight?

1. Rise Early & Enjoy a Warm Welcome

As a pre-dawn activity, it starts with an early pick-up from your hotel or pre-agreed location. Once you arrive at the desert launch site at the Margham Dubai – Skydive base, you will proceed to the welcome majilis, where you will be greeted in traditional style with gahwa, dates, cookies, tea, and coffee.

2. Join the Preps

After listening to a brief yet comprehensive safety instruction by our experienced crew and watching a safety video, you will be taken to the take-off location, about 10 minutes from the majilis. You can choose to be part of the flight setup procedures wherein the balloon is inflated, and the high-performance engine is activated.

3. Enjoy the Aerial Views of the Desert and Sunrise

Once the balloon is ready and lifted off, you will realize it is an otherworldly adventure. Feel the sensation of the earth moving away from you as you soar and slide with the morning breeze. Watch the compelling sunrise views while being up in the air at the height of over 4,000. Along with this, you will gaze down at the captivating desert sands and the indigenous plants and animals, such as camels, Arabian oryx, etc., that encompass its landscape.

4. Delicious Breakfast & Exciting Experiences

Depending on your chosen flight package, you will sit down for a sumptuous breakfast session with a menu enriched by Asian, Middle Eastern, and Continental flavors after your flight. Subject to your choice, you can add optional activities such as camel and horse riding plus photography with falcons.

5. Flight Certificate and Return Transfer

The whole experience ends as you take home a flight certificate signed by your pilot. Return transfer to your rendezvous spot is provided.

Important Tips And Things To Know Before Your Balloon Flight Experience

Balloon Flight  
  • Make sure you book your hot air balloon early to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Eat dinner early and get enough sleep the night before your balloon flight.
  • On the day of your hot air balloon flight, wake up early and dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothes that allow for easy basket ascent and disembark. Dress up in layers (if required) as the desert temperature can drop in the morning, with chilly winds.
  • With the most fantastic views during the ride, carry your camera, phone, etc.
  • Leave any valuables behind at home, as no storage facility is made available as part of the experience.
  • Now, if you carry expensive gadgets such as a DSLR camera, it must be fastened to your body to prevent its descent from heights.
  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol before this experience and onboard.
  • It is ideal to refrain from this activity if you are pregnant, have any neck or back problems, or have recently undergone surgery.
  • While this is a year-round activity, the best time to enjoy this activity is during the winter, from November to April.


We hope that this extensive resource on Rayna Tours’ Balloon Flight packages has convinced you to add this experience to your Dubai program. All these flights are customizable; they make a great gift to delight your loved ones and make any special occasion extraordinary and unforgettable.

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