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Every day is a new day in Dubai with newer attractions, astounding creations and another thing to look forward to for tourists. The city has always positioned itself as a place for families. A city with innumerable attractions for the family and tourists across age groups. What makes

Legoland Water Park Dubai

all the more interesting is the fact that every attraction is a distinct one. You cannot leave one attraction assuming that it will be similar to any other. Each one is different and exquisitely unique.

Key Features of Legoland Water Park Dubai

Legoland Dubai is one tourist attraction that is popular among tourists and locals alike. Splash your way to fun at Legoland Water Park. Located in Dubai Parks & Resorts, Legoland Waterpark has over 20 thrilling rides and it is particularly popular among children aged 2 to 12.

  • Legoland is one of the first and only of its kind in the Middle East.
  • It has self-build rafts with soft Lego bricks, a unique addition unknown to any waterpark.
  • It is a part of the massive 3 million sq. Ft Legoland parks and resorts facility in Dubai.

All about Legoland Water Park Dubai

Best Time to Visit Legoland Water Park

Since it is the water park, the best time to visit it would be the summer season. However, Dubai is hot all-round the year, so every day is practically the best day to visit Legoland waterpark Dubai.

Legoland Water Park Location

Legoland waterpark is located at Sheikh Zayed Rd, Exit No 5, Opposite Palm, United Arab Emirates.

How to Reach Legoland Water Park

Take on E11 Highway (Sheikh Zayed Road), past Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali heading towards Abu Dhabi. Then take Dubai Parks and Resorts Exit 5. Follow the signs towards your preferred parking or drop off location

Legoland Water Park Timings

Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Friday & Saturday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Legoland Water Park Tickets


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Legoland Water Park Attractions

  • Build a Boat

build a boat, legoland water park dubai

The unique attraction allows you to create your own boat using LEGO bricks but the trick is that you have to build the boat against the water currents which makes it challenging and a really fun activity.

  • Build a Raft River

build a raft river

Here comes one of a kind fun at Legoland waterpark Dubai. The build a raft river that allows both kids and adults together customize their own raft using soft LEGO bricks and then use it to float on the river.

  • DUPLO Splash Safari

duplo splash safari, legoland water park dubai

Specially made for toddlers, this one has special small-sized slides to help youngest kids guests at Legoland waterpark enjoy the best of water fun.

  • Joker Soaker

joker soaker

Whether you’re an enthusiast youngster or a supercharged adult, Joker soaker allows you to enjoy the interactive rides in it. Make someone stand under the 300-gallon torrential downpour tub or just wade in the pool for pure fun.

  • Twin Chasers

Twin chasers are a double body slide where you and your partner can race each other to see who reaches the bottom first. Slide into the wading area below and splash in the water.

  • Splash Out

Splash out in the water after zooming down the 60-foot drop through the open body slide. Gliding along with water the slide is a super fun experience.

  • Red Rush

red rush

Sit aboard a family-sized raft and slide down a 312-foot long curved slide on an 11-foot diameter open half-pipe. Don’t forget to catch the expressions of your family while enjoying this fun slide.

  • LEGO Slide Racers

lego slide racers

Race against your friends in this exhilarating ride that consists of six mat slides. While it sounds perfectly safe, it surely will make drench you in fun.

  • LEGO Wave Pool

Safe for the entire family big and small, the LEGO Wave Pool has gentle waves where you can cool off. Just stand and let the cool water splash against you helping you relax after some nerve bending rides.

  • Twist N Spin

twist n spin

Sit on a double tube alone or with your friend and spin down the slide to splash in the water. The endless twists & turns will surely you entertain you to the core.

  • Wave Rider

wave rider

Zoom your way down 240 ft in this open body slide splashing into the water. Though it looks challenging, it is safe and sure means to the fun.

Tips for First Time Visitors to Lego Water Park

  • Outside food is not allowed inside the park except for baby food.
  • If possible, try visiting the park during weekdays as weekends can be very crowded.
  • Ensure you wear swimwear only at the waterpark region.
  • There are shoe racks near every attraction, remove your shoes only before you enter the water as the floor might be hot.
  • Do drink a lot of water and stay hydrated at all times.


Lego water park is unlike any water park you will ever visit. It is by far one of the best creations of Lego world franchises across the world. It is especially popular among both kids and adults alike. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Legoland Water Park in Dubai NOW!

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