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The Sky Terrace 428 observation deck offers you unbeatable 360° city views irrespective of the time you visit here. This destination also hosts several business gatherings and private parties, offering a unique celebration style on the high. Standing atop the Peak Tower on Victoria Gap at Victoria Peak,

the Sky Terrace 428 redefines Hong Kong’s tourist landmarks,

with its wok-like shape designed by the popular British architect, Sir Terry Farrell.

Opened to the public in 1970s, it got its current design and look in 1997 when it was transformed into a full-fledged retail and entertainment center. Later in 2005, it underwent a round of renovation worth $100 million before it was opened to the public again in 2006. The Peak Tower comprises ultra-modern steel and glass without interrupting the natural view of the neighboring hills.

Is Sky Terrace 428 worth the hype?

The Sky Terrace 428 is worth the hype it has created in the tourist world. The peak is a quintessential symphony of nature and stands as one of the architectural marvels created by humans. Starting right from the iconic Peak Tram that defines gravity in ascending toward the Sky Terrace 428 observation deck, the authorities have focused on reimagining the tourist experience. The lush green backdrop of the surrounding hills further enhances the journey, making it a human and natural endeavor.

The tallest observation deck in the region

Being one of the tallest observation decks in the region, with several notable ones like the Centre, Bank of China Tower, Two International Finance Centre, the ICC, Hong Kong Convention Center, and the Nina Tower falling short in front of the Sky Terrace 428 proudly standing 428 meters above sea level. In addition, you can also get to witness amazing views of the Reservoir, Aberdeen, and outlying islands like Lamma Island, Cheung Island, and Lantau Island.

Incredible panoramic views

The scenic views of Hong Kong city from the top are postcard friendly and deserve to be featured in several Instagram stories. This open platform gives 360° scenic views of the entire Hong Kong skyline, irrespective of whether it is day or night.

Glittering post-sunset views

The Sky Terrace 428 comes alive post sunset around 7 pm during the summers, and 6 pm during the winters; it is a treat to watch the vibrant city being lighted up in an amazing setting. You will also witness strong patterns atop the iconic buildings, making them stand out. This time of the day also sees very few visitors, so you will have these scenic views yourself.

A complete family entertainer

You can club the Sky Terrace 428 with several other popular attractions to meet the entire family’s demands. Enjoy a day full of scenic views, shopping, and finally dining to complete your experience.


Hong Kong Sky Tour

This interactive audio tour is available in six languages: English, Mandarin, French, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese. Feel the refreshing breeze hit against your face atop the Peak Tower, where you can look to express your love or share your story with all the visitors. You can connect to the free Wi-Fi available to kickstart your tour. The Sky tour is focused on exploring the marvelous architecture, neighborhoods, rich culture and history while sweeping through the gorgeous city views. There are no charges for indulging in this tour. This tour is limited to only those at Sky Terrace 428. That’s not it; you can share your memorable stories and moments with your friends in real-time with the free Wi-Fi available at the Peak Tower. Last not to miss, don’t miss capturing the postcard view of the Sky Terrace 428 with the gorgeous Hong Kong skyline decorating the backdrop.

Explore the century-old tram journey on the Peak Tram

The unmatched views from the Sky Terrace 428 become even more enchanting with the Peak Tram ride in the century-old carriages. Enjoy an amazing visual illusion as all the gigantic skyscrapers and tall trees as you leave them behind, ascending to the Peak Tower. The tram services offer spectacular views of the Victoria Harbour, making it easily figure in almost every Instagram story of every visitor exploring the combo of this unmatched destination and ride. Browse through 9000+ gigantic skyscrapers that decorate the Hong Kong skyline on this ride. You can view the picturesque fishing villages as well during the ride. The ticket for the Peak Tram can be purchased online, and the combo is very economical for the pocket.

Operating Hours

The Sky Terrace 428 is open all days of the week from 10 am to 11 pm on weekdays & from 8 am to 11 pm on public holidays.

Tickets to the Sky Terrace

We recommend you purchase a combo of the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 to enjoy the best price and be part of the incredible journey that saves the headache of purchasing two separate tickets.

How to reach?

You can reach this iconic destination by tram services, bus, and car.

MTR: Central and Admiralty are the nearest MTR stations from the Sky Terrace 428. Both the stations are located 800 m away from the Peak Lower Terminus, where you can start your Peak Tram journey to the top of Mount Austin directly into the Sky Terrace 428.

Car: You can drive down to the Peak Galleria building, where you must pay HK$26 per hour parking charges.

Bus: Board Route X15 or Route X15R from Admiralty West MTR Station and Central Pier 5, respectively.

Other nearby attractions

Madness 3D Adventure

It is one of the awesome attractions nearby the Sky Terrace 428. This gallery features 3D paintings created by local artists; they represent that have recreated local landscapes and experiences like bungee jumping from the Sky Terrace 428 and pulling up the Peak Tram, making it come alive.

Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds, Hong Kong

There is an array of wax figurines and statues of several International & Hong Kong celebrities and K-Pop stars in the museum. You will also get to see several historical and National figures of significance find space in this art gallery that matches its global counterparts in all aspects.

Peak Market

Hong Kong never shies away from a shopping spree experience, and the Peak market is designed to quench your shopping thirst in some form. Purchase or browse between gifts, official souvenir boutiques, and designer label outlets Swarovski, Giordano, and Hard Rock Café. For some culinary flavors, you can visit Mr. Simms Old Sweet Shoppe.

Peak Tram Tourist tram at the Peak

This iconic century-old tram service ascends against gravity at 396 meters above sea level directly into the Sky Terrace 428. Weave unimaginable scenes through scenic panoramic views and a gorgeous city skyline.

Peak Tram Historical Gallery

A stopover at this historical gallery will journey you to the region’s past. It showcases the rich history of the century-old Peak Tram services, including a replica of the first carriage used. Several unique artifacts and exhibits will take you back in time. It is a dream paradise for all the history buffs and small kids.

Trick Eye Museum

You can browse through artistic masterpieces or indulge in a round of sky diving within this Museum. 50+ paintings and artwork are housed here within an optical illusion to create a unique experience. The Museum is built on five themes: the Great Adventure, Hong Kong Discovery, Neverland, Secret Garden, and the World of Masterpieces.

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