Skyline of Hong Kong at sunset.
Hong Kong features among the most vibrant and happening places in Southeast Asia. Being a fast-paced city, Hong Kong regularly introduces exciting indulgences to make up for a wonderful holiday experience. The city features amazing vistas, vibrant festivals, bustling markets, adventurous excursions, and mind-blowing experiences for a great holiday. We have collated a small guide on how you can

explore the best of what Hong Kong has to offer on your 2-day trip.


When you arrive in Hong Kong, you can either explore the Island or travel to Kowloon, with both sides being separated by a river body. Hong Kong -mainland features many amazing experiences and is well connected to different city corners. The city is bustling as many global businesses operate from central Hong Kong. Kowloon offers a more secluded place with a local and authentic stay experience.

Day 1:

Start your day at the Victoria Peak

Hong Kong skyline. View from Victoria Peak

If you are in Hong Kong, it is a cardinal sin to skip visiting Victoria Peak. This iconic mountain offers the perfect backdrop to the Hong Kong-mainland with uninterrupted access to the Kowloon Harbour. Be ready to get your mind blown by these fascinating mountain mansions as you move towards the peak, where you will find extravagantly high prices for real estate. It is definitely, one of the things we world recommend the first-time travellers in Hong Kong to check out.

Catch a scrumptious lunch at Cat Street

You can savour some delightful flavours at Cat Street that are also quite popular for local souvenirs, handicrafts, and gifts that you can carry back home for your loved ones. The food caters more to global taste and is specially designed for the ex-pat population, with several options of western cuisine on the menu. You would love digging into these delicious flavours that will tantalize and kick your gastronomical juices to the core.

Explore the kid in you by visiting Disneyland

visiting Disneyland Hong Kong

Well! You may get a chance to reclaim your childhood at this wonderful recreation park in Hong Kong. Disneyland allows you to relive your childhood dreams and explore the magnificent seven lands of Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Main Street, USA and Toy Story Land. Interact with your childhood heroes as you enjoy an action-packed day with these cute little cartoon networks. Do capture these moments as they will form core blocks of your cherished memories.

Take a star ferry to explore the other side of Hong Kong Mainland

Hong Kong may offer you a wonderful mix of modern and contemporary experiences; a visit to the other side of the Kowloon River takes you to the authentic and local town of Kowloon. The best part is that the ferry will cost you less than $1, which is not too hard on your pocket. A visit to Kowloon is worth visiting for an authentic feel of the local culture.

Browse the vibrant Mong Kok night market

Mong Kok night market

After the peace and serenity of the Kowloon, you should gear up for the popular night markets such as Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market post-sunset or day markets at the Flower Market, the Fish Market, and Fa Yuen Street for a refreshing new experience.

Keep yourself busy at Macau

Macau is a busy industrial export destination in Hong Kong, contributing close to 6.1% of the total exports. If you have got time in hand, this destination is just a 45-minute ferry away from Hong Kong city. In terms of entertainment, Macau is the gaming capital in the region. The casino industry is a booming and popular industry that contributes close to 80% of its economy. Gambling is legal here and remains the only region in China to be so. Try your luck and some mind games to earn some monetary rewards.

Day 2:

Explore the Outlying Islands of Lantau and Lamma


The beauty of Hong Kong city lies more on the outskirts through hikes, natural vistas, and several gorgeous beaches that decorate the mainland. However, whether you have visited Hong Kong earlier or not, a visit to Lantau Island is an absolute must. Explore the iconic Bronze Buddha statue and dig into the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Hong Kong. Lamma Island is another option to enjoy a relaxed and refreshing holiday experience that offers the perfect break from the bustles and hustles of a busy Hong Kong city.

Visit the Ocean Park

Visit the Ocean Park

You don’t need to be a water baby to explore this popular water theme park in Hong Kong. Placed on southern Hong Kong Island, the Ocean Park is lavishly spread over 915,000 square meters offering a diverse collection of animal attractions, world-class aquariums, zoo areas featuring both land and marine species, amazing shows between the Waterfront and the Summit, along with thrilling rides. You will not be able to take your eyes off once you browse through the scenic parkland against the ocean backdrop. Don’t miss the entertainment shows, educational exhibits, and souvenir shops while visiting this amazing destination.

Fulfil your shopping guilts at the Stanley Market

Tiny little shops are dotted all around the Stanley Market. This traditional market sells several varieties of goods like silk fabrics, sportswear, souvenirs, sportswear, and Chinese-style jewellery at reasonable prices that won’t break your budget. This open-air market gives you a wonderful opportunity to dig deep into your shopping desires without any guilt.

Enjoy a delightful dinner at Ho Lee Fook

This is one of the best places to visit for a scrumptious dinner in Central. This destination is famous for its culinary offerings featuring local and global delicacies. In addition, there are plenty of Asian and Western flavours, quirky cocktail offerings, and a great ambience for a wonderful and relaxed evening. There are many options available all over Hong Kong, but you will have a liking to this destination when you visit once.

Indulge in some crazy shopping at the Causeway Bay

the Causeway Bay

It is a busy and vibrant neighbourhood in Hong Kong that features several cafes and offers cheap accommodation. This place does get very crowded and is one of the central areas in Hong Kong. Many outlets offer trendy local and imported fashion products, making them a huge hit among the younger generation. You will see many shops open even after midnight.


Hong Kong features several other star attractions like the Central, Avenue of Stars & Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, A Symphony of Lights, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, and Hong Kong Museum of History that match a global taste and offer a deep insight into the amazing cultural heritage of Hong Kong. However, this city brings in more on the plate than this list for you to extend the plan for a 3-day in Hong Kong.

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