Things to Do in Nepal
Beauty, nature, gorgeous locales, interesting cultures, thrilling adventures, and delicious food are something we look forward to while traveling to a new place. Nepal is a country that offers all these things and much more. Still, not many people consider this Asian country as their holiday destination. However, Nepal offers several fascinating places to see and exciting things to do. Hence, a holiday in this beautiful city would surely create some amazing memories. While there are several things that you can do here, we bring forth 15

best things to do in Nepal

that you should not miss.

1. Trekking in Nepal

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Trekking is one of the best things to do in Nepal. Thanks to the presence of the magnificent Himalayas, you would find no dearth of terrains and mountain peaks to trek or climb. For the beginners, there are shorter mountain peaks like Mera Peak, Island Peak, while professionals can take this opportunity to trek on Mount Everest. The Everest Base Camp trek, the Manaslu trek, the Everest Base Camp – 3 Passes trek, etc. are some of the options you have. Whichever trekking route you choose in Nepal, adventure, thrill, and gorgeous views await you.

2. Sightseeing Tour in Kathmandu

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The vibrant city of Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and one of the most interesting places in the city. Complete with palaces, temples, intricate carvings, stone images, pagodas, monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, the city is full of history and culture, making sightseeing here one of the most interesting things to do in Nepal. A few of the attractions of the place include Durbar Square Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, the Natayanhiti Palace Museum, Temple of Kumari, Swayambhunath Stupa, etc. It is best to get a tour guide who would not only take you around the city but also tell you about the history and folklore of the place.

3. Visiting Lumbini

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A pilgrimage destination, Lumbini is not just for the believers. The beauty and spirituality of the place would warm anyone’s heart. If you want to experience peace and tranquillity, there is no better place than Lumbini in Nepal. Apart from the spiritual experience, Lumbini has a complex of beautiful gardens, monasteries, and temples including the archaeological remains of the birthplace of Buddha. One of the highlights of the place is the Maya Devi Temple which is a temple dedicated to Gautam Buddha’s mother. Explore the beauty of the place with a two days trip to Lumbini.

4. Wildlife Tour at Chitwan National Park

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Discover the rich flora and fauna of Nepal with a visit to Chitwan National Park, the first national park of the country. Spread around 332 sq. miles, the park is home to several birds and wild animals. A tour of the national park would give you the chance to see Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, deer, buffalo, sloth bears, leopards, deer, critter, etc. Crocodiles and freshwater dolphins are also some of the inhabitants of the national park. You can choose to explore the place either on foot or on the back of an elephant.

5. Exploring Patan

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If you love anything that is ancient and historical, Patan in Nepal is a place that you would appreciate. The place dates back to 250 BC and is home to fantastic architecture and beautiful wood carvings. The temples and monuments of the place are a pleasure to view although several of them were destroyed during the 2015 earthquakes. Still, Patan holds a unique charm and is worth visiting if you want to learn more about the history of the place. One of the must-visit places here is the Patan Museum where you would find 200 gilt or copper statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities.

6. Helicopter Tour of Mount Everest

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Even if you are not the mountaineering type, there is no reason you should miss seeing Mount Everest if you are in Nepal. With the helicopter tour, it has now become possible for everyone to see this majestic mountain that attracts thousands of mountaineers to Nepal every year. Hop into a helicopter that would give you the chance to see panoramic views of the Everest and some of its magnificent peaks including Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt Pumori, etc. At the same time, the staff onboard would familiarize you with the traditional Himalayan cultures that are truly interesting.

7. Indulge in Adventure Sports

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It is true that trekking is probably the most famous adventurous activity in Nepal. However, it is not the only one. On the other hand, Nepal is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Right from river rafting to bungee jumping and sky diving, you can indulge in different kinds of adventure sports here. You can enjoy a river rafting and kayaking experience at the Bhote Koshi River, bungee jumping at the Last Resort (9th highest bungee jump in the world), paragliding in Pokhara and mountain biking on Kathmandu Valley. However, the ultimate adventure would be sky diving where you get to jump right in front of Mount Everest and land at Amadablam Basecamp at 15000ft.

8. Revel in the Architecture of Bhaktapur

Architecture of BhaktapurImage Source: Jean-Marie Hullot/

Bhaktapur is another ancient city of Nepal which glorified the historical and spiritual part of the country with its rich architecture and art. However, it is also the city that suffered major destruction during the earthquake of 2015. Nevertheless, you will still find temples and edifices that show you the excellent art and architecture of the past. As the major population of Bhaktapur comprises of Hindus, you would find lots of beautiful temples here. While the entire place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the highlight of Bhaktapur is Durbar Square. You can also indulge in shopping for souvenirs and cultural handicrafts in this town.

9. Flight Tour of the Himalayas

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If you are excited about the prospect of a flight tour of the Mount Everest, you would definitely love the idea of touring the Himalayas on a plane. This tour is for those who want to see the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges but are not keen on trekking. The tour would give you breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and a glimpse of all the major peaks including Mount Everest. Get ready to check out Mount Dorje Lhakpa, Mount Makalu, Mount Pumori, Mount Gauri-Shanker and Mount Gosaithan. Seeing the Himalayas at such a close range would surely cause goosebumps.

10. Enjoy a Homestay

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Nepal is home to several hotels where you find every modern luxury. However, if you want to experience and learn about the authentic Nepali culture first hand, you must try the Panauti Community Homestay. Panauti is an ancient city quite close to Kathmandu where families have opened their doors to tourists. Started with the initiative to empower women of the community, this homestay attracts tourists from all over the world. Apart from getting to stay with a Nepali family, you also get to taste their food, learn about their culture, socialize with the villagers and indulge in their day-to-day activities. The facilities are basic, yet comfortable, and you get to experience the warmth of the people of Panauti.

11. Visit Temples

Boudhanath TempleImage Source: xiquinhosilva/

Nepal is a spiritual land, and this is proved by the fact that the place is full of temples, monasteries, etc. Most of these temples date back to several decades. They are not only known for their spiritual ambiance but also for their architecture. Boudhanath with its gold and white stupas and Swayambhunath with its amazing views of the city are two of the Buddhist temples in Kathmandu that you must visit. If you are looking for a Hindu Temple to visit, there is nothing better than the Pashupatinath where you can view crumbling stone structures as well as watch Hindu cremations performed along the Bagmati River.

12. Meditate

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Nepal is not just for sightseeing and adventure. As it is a land of spirituality, you must take this chance to take a break from the constant wanderings of your mind and look for some peace and quietness. There is nothing better than meditation for this, and Nepal is the best place for it. You would find several meditation centers in the country where you can stay for a couple of days and learn to meditate. One of the most popular and probably the best meditation center is the Vipassana center where you learn to meditate amidst peaceful surroundings.

13. Nepali Cuisine

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No holiday in a new place is complete without trying its cuisine. So, if you are in Nepal, be sure to taste the food of the place. Nepali cuisine is a mix of Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai food. Dal Bhat, Nepal donut, Thupka (noodle soup), pulao, Gorkhali lamb, etc. are some of the dishes that you should try here. Then there is Nepal’s butter tea which has a peculiar salty taste and is available only in traditional restaurants. Another popular Nepali dish is momo which is nothing but steamed dumplings.

14. Shopping at Thamel Market

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No holiday can be complete without shopping. Be it a souvenir for yourself or gifts for your loved ones, you would like to take back something from the place you visited. The best place for shopping in Nepal is the Thamel Market. The Thamel Market with its narrow alleyways full of shops and vendors sells everything from fresh fruits to beautiful souvenirs. You can buy cashmere, traditional wool clothes, handicrafts, trekking gear, etc. at the place. You can also buy some delicious pastries and fruits at the market. Even if you do not want to buy anything, wandering around the crowded alleys of the market is an experience in itself. But if something catches your attention, do bargain well to get the best price.

15. Check out the Casino

Casino A casino is not something you expect to see in Nepal. However, the capital city of Kathmandu is home to Casino Royale which is not only a luxurious hotel but also a popular gaming zone. You can try your luck at 30 gaming machines as well as enjoy poker games like paplu, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and flush. This is the perfect way to relax after hectic days of sightseeing and adventure. Apart from indulging in games, you can have a drink at the bar or cafe and have something to eat at the restaurant. If you want to enjoy and have a good time, the Casino Royale is where you must head to.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Nepal

As you now know the best things to do in Nepal, it is time to know some important things before you actually pack your bags, book your tickets and head to this beautiful country.

  • Citizens of most countries can get a visa on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu as well as at the Indo-Nepal and Indo-China borders. You need to have your passport and a passport size photo. It is best to pay your visa fee in US dollars (in cash as the credit card is not accepted). You can get multiple entry visa for 15, 30 and 90 days.
  • Drinking water directly from taps and fountains is unsafe. Always buy bottled water while traveling in Nepal.
  • The best time to visit Nepal is between October and December when the climate is cooler. However, it can be crowded. Springtime (between April and June) is also a great time although the temperature can reach around 104o F. there is no haze and you can see the Himalayan flowers in bloom.
  • The Nepalese rupee is the official currency in the country. However, the Indian Rupee and US dollars are usually accepted everywhere. It is better to pay in cash rather than a credit card.
  • Typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera are some of the main health problems in Nepal and hence it is better to get vaccinated for these before traveling.

With the knowledge of Nepal tourist attractions and important things to know about the place, you are all ready to visit this marvelous country. While Nepal is stunning, the people here are warm and friendly. So, a holiday in Nepal would surely be a memorable one.


Q1. What are the top things to do in Nepal?

Some top things to do in Nepal are trekking in the Himalayas, visiting historic temples and monuments, experiencing the local culture and food, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and mountain biking.

Q2. What is the perfect time to explore Nepal?

The perfect time to explore Nepal is from September to November, because the weather is mild & dry, making it ideal for trekking and outdoor activities. The second-best time to visit Nepal is from February to April when the weather is warmer and the skies are clear.

Q3. Is Nepal a safe country to travel to?

Nepal is generally a safe country to travel to, but like any other destination, travelers should take precautions and be aware of their surroundings. Petty theft and scams are common in tourist areas, so it is important to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Q4. Can I get a visa on arrival in Nepal?

Yes, most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport or land borders in Nepal. However, it is always recommended to check the visa requirements beforehand and have the necessary documents and fees ready.

Q5. What are some adventurous activities to do in Nepal?

Some adventurous activities to do in Nepal include trekking, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

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