A beautiful part of Malaysia, Langkawi is a multilingual, multicultural and multi-ethnic island loved by tourists from all parts of the world. The name ‘Langkawi’ is supposed to be derived from the vast presence of eagles around the island. Eagle is fondly known as ‘Lang Merah’ in the Malay language. It is said that around 2000 years ago, the name of this land was ‘the land of bliss’. One visit to this place can force anyone to call it with its original name, as it is truly a land of bliss. Here’s a list of 8 most magnificent

places to visit in Langkawi.

1.Eagle Square

Eagle Square

Built as an emblem to the island of Langkawi, this 12-meter tall structure symbolizes the most found bird on the island. The place around the structure is perfect for evening strolls, leisure walks and discovering the sumptuous food of the island. Find the best of cafes, restaurants and fast-food chains around the area including some really nice duty-free shops. Enjoy near the beautiful mini fountains and pose at the splendid miniature bridges and terraces. Early morning hours and evening time around the sunset is perfect to visit the place. Its close proximity to the sea makes it all the more beautiful to visit.

Useful Tips

  • The place can be accessed 24 hours, which means you can visit anytime during day or night. Plus, there is no entry fee.
  • Eagle Square is located in Kuah Town, near Kuah Jetty and can be reached by cab or private car.

2. Langkawi Sky Cab

Langkawi Sky Cab

Langkawi is known for its amazing geological formations and there’s no better way to explore its beauty besides the Langkawi sky cab. Enjoy a thrilling journey on the world’s steepest cable ride and witness the beauty of the geological formations along with the splendor of its western sea coast. The ride is of 950meters which is also the world’s longest free span on a single rope. The ride duration is of 15 blissful minutes and takes you to the top of Mount Mac Cincang. On your way, you’ll witness the magnificence of waterfalls, islets and amazing Langkawi rainforests. Remember taking warm clothing with you as it gets a bit chilly on the top.

Useful Tips
  • It is best to avoid the place during summer holidays, public holidays and weekends, as the place gets crowded.
  • You can opt for three types of cabs or gondolas, which are private, VIP and glass-bottom gondola The private gondola can be hired for RM555.00 (per gondola), VIP gondola for RM550.00 (per gondola) and glass-bottom gondola for RM 105.00 (per person).
  • Standard gondola tickets come in two combos: Combo A (RM45-RM75) and Combo B (RM40-RM70). Here, you would have to share the cab with other passengers.
  • The normal timing for the cab ride is between 9.30 AM to 7 PM. However, the timings may change under circumstances, hence one must check the calendar on the official page before visiting the place.
  • You can buy tickets online through the official website. The payment can be done by credit/debit card or online booking. You would receive your ticket via email. You have to produce the printed copy of the ticket during your visit.

3. Langkawi underwater world

Langkawi underwater world

Langkawi is an island with numerous deep secrets. Discover them at the Langkawi underwater world. Amazing aquatic life forms that are otherwise rarely seen rule the underwater world. Witness over 500 rare species of magnificent sea creatures such as rockhopper penguins, flamingos, mandarins, harbor seals, sea horses and many more. The main highlight of the place is the walkthrough underwater tunnel of 15 meters in length that allows you to have a close view of stingrays, sharks and green turtles. You can also witness beautiful penguins playing and swimming in the water. While in Langkawi, the underwater world is a must-visit.

Useful Tips

  • Langkawi Underwater World timings are 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM on public and school holidays, and between 10 AM to 6 PM on regular days.
  • It would be best to buy your tickets online as the tickets to the Langkawi Underwater World get sold out quickly.
  • You can indulge in feeding sessions of different animal species. The feeding sessions happen at 10: 30 AM (macaw), 11 AM and 2:45 PM (African Penguin), 11:15 AM and 3 PM (Rockhopper Penguin), 11:45 AM and 3:45 PM (otter), 2:30 PM (fur seal), and 3:30 PM (tunnel tank). The animals are likely to perform certain acts during the feeding sessions.
  • The underwater world has a gift shop as well as a café where you can buy snacks and drinks. If you are taking pictures of the water tank, make sure not to use flash as some of the marine animals are sensitive to it.
  • Differently-abled people can make use of wheelchairs, ramp walks, etc. available at the Underwater World.

4. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

Developed on the oldest limestone of Malaysia- Setul Formation, the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park beckons you for its amazing landscapes, breathtaking pinnacles of different sizes and shapes. Experience the awesome coastal mangrove forests and enjoy the overhanging Bogak tree, macaques and exclusive limestone formations. The mangrove forests in this park are some of the rare and unique ones in the world. This heritage site of Langkawi is recognized internationally.

Useful Tips

  • The best way to check out the landscape of the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is to opt for a riverboat cruise on the Kilim River. You can book the riverboat cruise at a price of between RM200 and RM500. The cruise also includes a tour guide.
  • Wear cotton, light-colored clothes that would keep you comfortable in the warm weather.
  • Do not forget to apply sunscreen and wear your sunglasses during the trip.
  • If you plan to swim, do carry swimwear and an extra set of clothes.
  • Consider beach shoes for the tour.

5. Taman Lagenda Langkawi

Taman lagenda

Know about the history and culture of Langkawi in a unique way by visiting Taman Lagenda. A theme park that you can travel by foot or in a buggy is an open-air museum of 17 vibrant sculptures of Langkawi legends depicting their heroic tales. It has beautiful princesses, giant eagles, and evil ogres as well. Being an affordable theme park to visit, it also serves as a jogging and picnic spot for the locales. This is a good place for tourists to see the locales enjoying themselves with their family and friends. The place also boasts of 4 manmade lakes along with a narrow beach strip.

Useful Tips

  • The place is located close to Eagle Square and Jetty Point. It would take around 10 minutes on foot to reach Lagenda Park from Jetty Point.
  • The place opens from 9 AM to 7 PM daily.
  • The theme park does not have an entry fee; i.e. you can visit the place free of cost.

6. Beaches of Langkawi

Langkawi Beaches

Langkawi boasts of some of the most pristine beaches of Malaysia. Cool breezes and white sandy shores are the specialties of the Langkawi beaches. The top 4 public beaches of Langkawi are Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok, Pantai Tanjung Rhu, and Pantai Tengah. Pantai Cenang offers amazing nightlife options around it along with many beach sports activities. It also has various accommodation choices it. Pantai Kok boasts of clean beaches and clear waters. It is surrounded by beautiful limestone hills and forests. Pantai Tanjung Rhu is often called the hidden treasure of Langkawi. Away from the crowded areas and various duty-free shops, the Pantai Tanjung Rhu is for relaxation along the silver coastline of the beautiful beach. Pantai Tengah is hardly over a kilometer away from Cenang beach but is still less populated and crowded. It is also the longest beach on the island.

Useful Tips

  • Most of the beaches of Langkawi can be accessed by bus or boat.
  • You would find cafes, food stalls, and dining options aligned to the beaches of Langkawi.
  • Langkawi has a tropical climate, so shield your skin from harsh rays with sunscreen and don your sunglasses and hat while strolling at the beaches.
  • Swimwear is preferable for the beach.

7. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

One of the best natural attractions of Langkawi, the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls is a series of 7 natural pools interconnected and fed by 7 different waterfalls of Mount Mat Cincang. While the locals believe that it is the land of fairies, even a practical person can hardly argue with it as the place looks nothing less than magical. Amazing plant life including the Sintuk and exclusive lime plants can be witnessed while taking a dip in the water. Adventure enthusiasts can also climb the steep waterfalls up to the top to spot some hornbills, giant squirrels and macaques too.

Useful Tips

  • Taking a cab is the easiest way to reach the waterfalls. Make sure that the cab driver is waiting for you so that you can return to the same vehicle. Alternatively, you can hike to the nearby Oriental Village before you hire a cab that takes you back to your hotel or rendezvous spot.
  • If you are hiking in the area, you need to be careful about leeches.
  • Although there is no opening and closing time, you must be aware that by the afternoon the dense forests become dark.
  • You can explore the entire place in 4-5 hours, including taking a dip in the various waterfalls

8. Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Imagine walking almost in the sky. This is how you are sure to feel while walking on the Langkawi sky bridge. While it may look terrifying sometimes, walking on this bridge and looking at the stunning views of the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls and Gunung Mat Cincang along with various islets of Langkawi is amazing. The breathtaking and thrilling walk can only be experienced to best describe it. Hanging at 700 meters above the sea level, the sky bridge is very sturdy and can accommodate up to 250 people on it at one time.

Useful Tips

  • The SkyBridge opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening.
  • The ticket’s price to visit the SkyBridge is RM5 for adults and RM3 for children.
  • The ticket for SkyBridge does not include access to the cab ride.
  • You can purchase the tickets for the SkyBridge at the counter. However, the queue could be long and you may have to wait around an hour to get the tickets. To avoid this, arrive as early as possible.


Langkawi has everything a traveler can dream of. From mesmerizing landscapes to thrilling sky bridges, the magnificent underwater world to duty-free amazing shops; Langkawi promises an amazing travel experience for one and all.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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