Putrajaya is the federal administrative center of the Malaysian Government. As Kuala Lumpur was getting overcrowded, the administration of Malaysia was shifted to Putrajaya in 1999. The city is well planned and boasts of artistically designed bridges, public parks, malls, and monuments. Tourism in Putrajaya is on the rise as various travel agencies in Kuala Lumpur have now dedicated tour packages for Putrajaya which is approximately 40 km from the capital.

In this article, we will attempt to list the top 15

Putrajaya tourist attractions

to give you a brief glimpse into this planned city:

1.Putra Mosque

Putra Mosque

It is a beautifully designed mosque whose architecture is inspired by Safavid monuments of Iran. Non-Muslims can visit outside of the praying hours and can rent robes as well if not properly attired. The mosque can house 15,000 worshippers at a time. The pink-colored domes look immensely beautiful during the day under the sunlight

2. Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Many travel agencies in the city offer cruise tours of the city which are approximately 45 minutes in duration. The cruise ships are not huge like the traditional ones but do seat 70 or 80 odd people per trip. Traditional Gondola style boats can take you around as well and prove to be the reference for people in groups who want to travel together.

3. Putrajaya Convention Centre

putrajaya convention centre

Putrajaya Convention Centre is one of the most notable works of modern architecture in the city. Its design is inspired by a spaceship and the location is very picturesque as well at the corner of the Persiaran Perdana. The best way to reach the building is by riding a bike through a loopy road which offers a good sighting of the town.

4. Marina Putrajaya

Marina Putrajaya

The complex is situated in Present 5 of Putrajaya and offers luxurious experiences at reasonable rates. Tourists can enjoy boat rides here besides learning water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. The compound also has an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, karaoke rooms, and snooker table. The biggest attraction is the musical fountain in the evening with a special show each Saturday.

5. Botanical Garden (Taman Botani)

Botanical Garden in Putrajaya

It is one of the major tourist attractions of Putrajaya and once you get to this 93-hectare landscape, you understand why! The place is full of aesthetic tropical gardens with flowers that offer a multitude of colors and fresh odor. There are various species of plants which are unique and rare inside the garden. Best way to explore this beautiful place would be hiring a bicycle at RM 4 per hour.

6. Taman Wetlands

taman wetlands in putrajaya

The wetland park is the biggest man-made wetlands system in the Tropics and a unique work of modern engineering. When Putrajaya was being designed, the constructors wanted to build an efficient water filtration system. This park precisely offers that to the city. It performs three major functions – prevents folding by spreading the excess water, filtration of the water system of the city and provides habitat to many frogs, reptiles and birds which dwell on lakes. You can rent a bike inside the park and go to the viewing tower which provides a 360-degree view; the flamingo pond is another major attraction.

7. Taman Wawasan

Taman Wawasan

Taman Wawasan covers a total area of 137 acres and houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within its premise on a hilltop. There is an amphitheater, a pebble beach, a hibiscus garden, a lotus pond and a jogging path with many viewpoints. The viewpoints inside the garden offer amazing views of the notable buildings like the Putra Mosque and the Prime Minister’s office.

8. Prime Minister’s Office (Perdana Putra)

Perdana Putra

The Prime Minister’s office obviously cannot be accessed by tourists but the building is very well designed and offers a good view of the sight. The nearby Dataran Putra is the biggest square in the city and many cultural events take place here. There is also a nearby shopping area known as the Souk inspired by the middle-eastern street shopping culture.

9. Millennium Monument

millennium monument putrajaya

Located on the waterfront of Putrajaya, the Millennium Monument is a 68 m high tower-like structure whose design has been inspired from a hibiscus flower which is the national flower of Malaysia. When you walk up the ramp inside the monument, you will see many important landmarks in the history of Malaysia engraved on the glass by the sides. There is a lake garden next to the monument which is a good place to relax. The Putrajaya Kite Festival and the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, both take place at this venue.

10. Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque

This is the second most visited mosque in Putrajaya after the central Putra Mosque but upon completion, it was twice of the size of Putra Mosque. Each year in the holy month of Ramadan, there is a Bazaar with colorful goods and mouth-watering flavors of Malaysian cuisine.

11. Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya

Also known as the Agricultural Heritage Park, this is a major attraction for tourists visiting Putrajaya. The visitors can treat themselves with a variety of authentic Malaysian food items like the key Teow, noodle and roti rolls. The park comprises of trees of a various specimen like the palm oil tree, rubber tree, guava fruit besides plantations of various spices and herbs. A buggy can be hired to tour the park if you are visiting in a group.

12. Putrajaya Challenge Park

Putrajaya Challenge Park Putrajaya

This space is dedicated to the adventure of loving souls visiting the city. The park consists of an indoor rock wall climbing arena, skating park and a mountain biking trail which is quite sporty and fun. There are a dedicated 9.1 MTB trails which are fun for both pros and beginners; bikes can be hired inside the park.

13. Cycling in Putrajaya

cycling in putrajaya

The best thing to do in Putrajaya which works out the body and relaxes the soul at the same time is cycling around the city. The cycling routes are well mapped on Google maps as well as local street signs and there are not much highs and lows on the streets making it a healthy experience.

14. Palace of Justice

palace of justice putrajaya

This building houses the Justice Museum and the tour gives an insight into the Malaysian legal system and its development. The museum has a mock-up court and biographies of all Chief Justices of Malaysia are kept inside the museum as well.

15. Bridges of Putrajaya

Bridges of Putrajaya

Mentioned at the last but certainly, the best of Putrajaya can be made out of its bridges. The Seri Perdana Bridge, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Seri Saujana Bridge, Putra Bridge, and the Putrajaya Monorail bridge are great examples of the architectural brilliance of the planners and constructors of Putrajaya with each offering a different view during the day and night.

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