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Historical treasures, imperial grandeur, flower-laden alleys and pompous festivals— Rome offers a head-spinning mix of things that attracts travellers of all kinds. But, when is the best time to explore this capital city?

Rome is a city steeped in history and heritage. Here, the museums echo with hurrah of art lovers; the piazzas are beating hearts of the town; and the monuments are the embodiments of the iconic tales from thousands of years ago. It is also one of the most charming cities in the world, with the most delectable food options and trattorias (Italian restaurants) to its credit.

With so much in the bucket list, the best time to visit Rome depends on what you are looking forward to doing here. December is cold and chock-full of Christmas decorations; October witnesses the magical fall sunsets; February has the Six Nations rugby tournament. Talking about seasons in Rome, summers are decent with short and humid days, winters are longer and crispier, spring has mild-temperature and azaleas spread around, and the autumn is awash with colour. Rome has multitude of things to offer in every period. Skim through this all-inclusive guide to know the best time to visit Rome, listed as per various aspects.

Handy Guide and Breakdown of the Best Time to Visit Rome

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Best Time to Visit Rome According to Weather

April to June and September to November are the most favourable months to visit Rome because of the pleasant and inviting weather. These are the peak seasons when travellers arrive from around the world and the city is brimming with eclectic attractions. It is the perfect time to ditch the indoors and go sightseeing. On these bright sunny days, sunrays fall over the magnificent architecture and create a startling spectacle. The only downside to travelling during these months is you will stumble upon long waiting lines, but there are shaded areas to give you the needed respite.

Best Time to Visit Rome for Food and Wine

It’s always a wine time in Rome with such an ecstatic view of the iconic monuments, open spaces and archaeological treasures. But, during October, the city comes alive with musical gigs and street shows. Book the seats at cafes and bars to spend a splendid time chugging down drinks and eating chestnuts and gelato.

Best Time to Visit Rome without Crowd

One of the quietest times to visit Rome is the winter season, from December to March. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing point. The crowds dissipate and the city looks like a calm quaint landscape. There can be occasional spikes, but it does not stay long. The ones braving the cold season can enjoy the biggest bargains. Plus, you can have exclusive visit to famous attractions like Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, as there is thin crowd.

Best Time to Visit Rome for Budget Travellers

It’s roasting hot in July and August, and majority of the hotels and attractions slash the prices. So, if you can survive the sweltering heat and want to be kind to your wallet, this is the time to book your Italy visa. Winter is another good time to explore Rome at a cheaper stake. You can grab a great deal and spend less on flights, hotels, tours and excursions.

Best Time to Visit Rome for Off Season

Winters in Rome are somewhat between bone-chilling cold and pleasant breezy weather. People decide to move life indoors. Winters are also rainy so don’t forget to carry your umbrella. The markets and streets are lit with Christmas lights in December.

Optimal Time to Visit Rome

April to May is a decent time to be in Rome as the weather is enjoyable and the prices are reasonable. It is springtime when the burst of colours and the fervour of Easter embrace the town. The queues at the tourist attractions are short and traffic is less, offering a great sightseeing opportunity.

Best Time to Visit Rome: A Monthly Guide

Rome City, Italy

1. January (4°C-12°C)

Historically the coldest month with approximately 83mm of rainfall, Rome in January is sparsely crowded. The cold wind attracts lesser tourists and allows you to idle around the city at your own pace. An aggressive winter sale is live during this month with jaw-dropping discounts of up to 70%. It is a classic time to be inside the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Also, the off-season helps you curb the budget and save big on airfares and hotels.

2. February (4°C-14°C)

With no crowds in the city, low-priced hotels and perfect outdoorsy weather, Rome in February is a treat. Visit the top attractions without having to spend hours waiting in the line, join a food tour and go on an exciting getaway. Witness the 8-day long festival Carnevale and paint the town red. Couples can get deals and rekindle their love on Festa di San Valentino aka Valentine’s day.

3. March (6°C-16°C)

Clear skies, sunny days and occasional downpours are observed in the month of March in Rome. With relatively fewer crowd, this stands out as one of the most beautiful times to be in Rome. We have heard that every street and building in the town has a story to tell. So, go ahead and hear them all as the weather is comfortable for outdoor tours.

4. April (9°C-19°C)

Spring is in its full glory. April is the calm before the storm as the summer tourists will soon knock on the doors. Consequently, you have less waiting time at the major attractions and uninterrupted vantage points. You can even plan a wonderful day trip to Pompeii or take a bike tour in the neighbouring areas. Besides the pompous Easter celebrations, indulge in Artichoke Festival, Liberation Day and Maratona di Roma.

5. May (13°C-24°C)

One of the favourite months to tour Rome is May, the peak of spring. The charm becomes irresistible as the Eternal City is laden with fresh flowers under the clear skies. The amalgamation of sunny days and brisk nights will give you a hundred reasons to extend your trip. There is a hub of activities and events in May, including Primo Maggio and Open House Roma.

6. June (17°C-28°C)

With hospitable temperatures and longer days, June is the perfect time to check out the majestic architecture like Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Sistine Chapel and Trevi Fountain. Well, you can saunter and meander through the winding streets and explore the sights at your leisure. Celebrate the Feast of Saint John, Corpus Christi and Republic Day in June. Did we say the Rose Garden is open in the month?

7. July (19°C-31°C)

Soon the temperatures are at their highest and the school is out. Romans are either outdoors or heading away from the city. You can book tickets for international rock festivals, visit the gorgeous aromatic gardens and browse the art exhibitions. Don’t forget to subscribe to the summer sale.

8. August (19°C-32°C)

August is blazing hot. Locals are on a holiday and the prices of facilities have plummeted. The month is perfect for travellers on a shoestring budget. Well, the temperatures can test your patience — it is also the time to soak in the local culture and sign up for events like Festa Della Madonna Della Neve and Ferragosto.

9. September (16°C-27°C)

Summer resigns and the harvest festival is soon to be welcomed in September. Locals return to the city, temperatures are still soaring and the prices are on the higher side. You can expect nights to be favourable and ideal for evening walks. Events and festivals like Great Opera, Sumdayz Festivals and Live Cinema are ready to rock you.

10. October (12°C-22°C)

Another fabulous time to visit Rome is October when the warmth lingers in the city, but a pleasant breeze makes the temperature drop. Outdoor activities and excursions are best done at this time of the year. The foliage surrounding the grand avenues and buildings offers a jaw-dropping antique visual. Enjoy the Rome Jazz festival and ShowRum festival.

11. November (8°C-17°C)

Winter creeps down the city and the low season commences in November. Also, it’s one of the wettest months,; so besides bundling up in winter coast, do carry an umbrella. Crowds start to get thinner.

12. December (5°C-13°C)

The Christmas fever is on and a giant Christmas tree is tucked at St. Peter’s Square. Go ice skating, whizzing around the merry-go-rounds and hogging the most delicious cuisine at the food stations. The Christmas markets are all set to fulfil your cravings.

Top Tips to Visit Rome

  • No matter when you choose to visit Rome, the most vital thing is to ensure that you pre-plan your Rome holiday.
  • Book your accommodation, flight tickets, sightseeing tours, and entry tickets to the region’s top landmarks, among others, at least three to four months before.
  • Depending on your nationality or where you’re traveling from, you will need a Schengen Visa to enter Rome.
  • Contact our specialist international visa team who will not only help you to choose the right visa, but also take care of all the complex procedures involved in the approval of your Schengen Visa.
  • To save on your sightseeing, buy a convenient all-inclusive pass that allows you to visit two or more attractions of Rome; some even offer skip-the-line access.

It can take a lifetime to explore the treasures of Rome. Its museums, churches, galleries and a range of historical sites are worth a visit any time of the year. This guide hopefully will help you plan the perfect trip at the most ideal to visit Rome.

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