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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a busy tourist city that can sometimes be very crowded. Things have started to normalize, which has led to Amsterdam struggling with excess tourism. The city authorities have incepted a tax on cruise ship passengers and a tax on tour groups to ensure they curb the over-tourism crisis. Considering all the latest developments, Amsterdam is still a beautiful European city that offers multiple unique experiences that will match every global traveler’s taste and requirements. Amsterdam features several medieval attractions, fabulous art and craftwork, and an old quarter’s unique charm and elegance. If you don’t know the best time to visit Amsterdam, this guide will help you to plan your holiday well and uncover the best of what Amsterdam offers.

Weather and various seasons in Amsterdam

Spring scene in Amsterdam city

The Netherlands experiences a mild sea climate due to its close proximity to the sea. The weather is relatively warm, with bearable summer and winter temperatures. Rain and winds are frequent visitors due to their geographical location. They often combine to make it freezingly cold.

  • Spring runs from March to May; sunny days are frequently found, but the weather overall can be unpredictable.
  • Summer runs from June to August; the season is comparatively colder and enjoyable. But, intermittent showers can ruin some bright sunny days.
  • Autumn runs from September to November; chilly winds are frequent visitors, with October being the wettest month of the year.
  • Winter runs from December to February; canals are frozen, and you can see a combined force of wind and rain.

Best time to visit Amsterdam?

April, May, and September to mid of October bring pleasant and great weather ideal for tourism. However, avoid visiting from November to February if you want to skip the wet and cold weather during this period. We bring you the month-on-month guide that allows you to schedule your Amsterdam holiday based on your taste and preferences.

Amsterdam in January

You will experience a wet, cold, and windy climate where the canals freeze and have several skating opportunities. This month also easily allows access to several attractions as fewer crowds are here. If you can deal with the extreme weather, then January can be the perfect month to explore Amsterdam. Great deals on flights and accommodation are on offer all through this month.

Amsterdam in February

February continues the precedence of January weather with a small emergence of the spring season in early February. You will witness fine weather with warm sunshine on Amsterdam’s canals by the month’s end. The weather, however, can be a bit tricky. Schools are closed for a winter vacation at this time, and you will get extremely low hotel prices that make it ideal for a budget holiday if the unpredictable weather can be handled.

Amsterdam in March

This month sees a ray of sunshine brightly, and tourism picks up slowly and steadily. You will not get the typical summer crowd here in March, but with the spring season, the larger tour groups and the first cruise ships arrive. Keep an umbrella or raincoat handy, as the unpredictable weather can be a spoilsport. Pleasant weather is an open invitation to tourists to explore this beautiful city.

Amsterdam in April

April welcomes a larger tourist crowd and some popular festivals as well. The King’s Day on April 27th and the flower season bring several flocking tourists to the Dutch capital. As part of the festivities of King’s Day, people dress up in Orange and swell up the streets to celebrate the birthday of its monarch: King Willem-Alexander. The popular Keukenhof Park welcomes tourists from different corners of the globe. Check out the Easter Sunday dates, which generally fall as a long weekend in April.

Amsterdam in May

You will often witness a burst of beautiful sunshine, with unpredictable intermittent rain throughout the month. The first week can be a touch busy due to Labor Day on May 1st, Remembrance Day on May 4th, and Liberation Day on May 5th. But, overall, the weather is great and pleasant, coupled with a low crowd density, making it perfect for sightseeing and visiting major attractions.

Amsterdam in June

Crowds start to pick up the intensity in June, but the place is not crazy busy. The density of the crowds garners full capacity towards the end of the month as the school vacations in the Netherlands, and its neighboring countries led to holiday moods and vacation time. The weather is great for sightseeing and browsing through the attractions. You may face intermittent rainfall, but not much to ruin your sightseeing plans.

Amsterdam in July

The peak tourist season in Amsterdam city sets up in early July and goes on till the end of August each year. With School vacations being timed this month, you may find several people flocking to the city for a relaxing holiday experience. Purchase attraction entry tickets well in advance to avoid long, waiting queues. The weather is great for sightseeing and enjoying attractions here. Just like in June, you may experience intermittent light rain but not sufficient to ruin your sightseeing plans.

Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam in August

The peak season of July is pushed into the entire month of August. As a result, several tourists jam-pack the streets compared to any other month in the year. If you want to explore the attractions at your pace, we suggest you skip this month completely. The alleys are blocked, which causes chaotic experiences for many tourists. If you still land in the city this month, we recommend you move out of Amsterdam and browse through other Netherland highlights.

Amsterdam in September

Amsterdam slowly manages to catch its breath as the peak season closes. Many schools reopen during the month, which makes families stop arriving in the city. Expect the weekends to be still busy all through the month. Get to witness warm summer days in Amsterdam city all through September. Browse through the city highlights and explore this beautiful city.

Amsterdam in October

October has many public holidays in the European region, and the Netherlands is no different as it follows the same pattern. Autumn vacations in many European countries see a uniform tourist population flocking throughout the month. The weather is pleasant and bad at the same time as it does get unpracticable at times. Even though the peak season closes during September, you will see crowds at major streets and attractions till early October each year.

Amsterdam in November

The windy Autumn storms bring chilly weather all through the city along with wet and swampy experiences. The city slowly and steadily moves towards a vibrant holiday spirit. The city is relatively quiet in November as there are no school vacations or public holidays. Overall, November is a quiet month in terms of tourism, unlike the weather, which is just the opposite. This month, you can get low hotel accommodation, airfares, and smaller crowds traveling.

Amsterdam in December

Christmas markets are among the renowned hot attractions this month, but Amsterdam is not a typical Christmas celebration city. Tourism does pick up speed all through the month as the festivities of the nativity and new year celebrations continue all through the month. Unlike other major European cities, Amsterdam spends its December relatively quieter. Skip shopping this month, especially in the Bijenkorf department store placed on Dam Square, as it gets super busy and crowded at Christmas.

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