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The Gulf is a beautiful region in the Middle East that evokes beautiful emotions, with its unique oriental charm, warm desert sands, futuristic architecture, and turquoise seascapes. The region was once completely a desert land that has transformed today into a modern tourist hub. It is where luxurious hotels, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and modern indulgences gracefully coexist with the ancient sites that speak volumes of the rich cultural Arab history. With the luxurious MSC Bellissima, you can now enjoy an exotic sea cruise in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar. This cruise is blessed with a spectacular array of features, a great fusion between the future and charming traditions. The ship cruise brings innovative technology like a digital cruise assistant, Zoe, powered by artificial intelligence and placed in every stateroom for a modern technology flavor to your sea cruise. Let’s take you through the exotic sea cruise on the

MSC Bellissima cruise’s

promenade features that have set the sea ablaze.

Discover the sea through a different lens spread out in diverse itineraries.

The MSC Bellissima has various scheduled itineraries for a varied experience. So naturally, you can opt for the ones best suited to your taste and requirement. So be ready to dive into the pools, dance with the themed parties and pamper yourself with delicious treats at the restaurants, among others.

Amazing Ports

You can choose various ports to onboard MSC Bellissima, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Sir Bani Yas, Muscat, and Doha.

Key features

Atmosphere infinity pool

The MSC Bellissima has a poolside space that provides an amazing sea view. Spread lavishly over an area of approximately 10 sqm of public space per guest, this poolside space allows you to discover plenty of sea discoveries at your own pace. Gorgeous lighting, atmospheric design, and a giant screen make the atmosphere infinity pool even more enchanting after sunset.

Carousel Productions on Sea Waters

You will be spoilt for choices with the live entertainment concept onboard. Watch mind-blowing acrobatics enhanced by live music and spectacular dance moves that match the class and elegance of a luxury MSC ship. Innovative technology is combined with live futuristic and immersive performances by top artists twice a night and six days a week. On board, you will witness the magnificent two productions: MYUT – an emotional journey coupled with magical words of acrobatic dancers and SWEET, where sweet treats come alive within a candy-filled land. Don’t miss out on the signature cocktails while enjoying the marvelous live performances.

A complete family entertainer

Many kids refer to the MSC Bellissima as the Ship of Magic primarily because its partners Chicco and LEGO worked on creating the same theme and a project room dedicated to music: NINTENDO experience onboard, Doremi lab 2.0, LEGO movie maker, and Webstar room/Doremi studio. If we go purely by numbers, then there are 10 new activities for younger ones & teenagers, 4 new mascots, 60 new costumes for the youth staff, 1 new tech experience, and 7 rooms for the kids (baby club CHICCO, teens club, juniors club LEGO, mini club LEGO, young club, Doremi lab, and Webstar room). Enjoy a gigantic canyon-themed Aqua Park, innovative hub centers for your younger ones and teenagers, and a sports center for the sports frenzy crowd.

Galleria Bellissima

This central promenade catches the attention of every tourist onboard instantly. Spread lavishly over 314 feet, it features several restaurants, boutiques, and several tranquil destinations for shopping, relaxing, eating, and socializing. Post sunset, the promenade comes alive with modern music, vibrant parties, and plenty of entertainment options.


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Horizon Pool

This pool offers an open-air deck space for sunbathing and relaxing during daylight hours. Post sunset, the area will be converted into a stunning outdoor party spot for some creative dance moves and live entertainment for the in-house guests.

MSC Aurea Spa

A luxurious Balinese spa awaits you to offer signature rejuvenating treatments to recharge your body and soul. Revitalize yourself with relaxing techniques, a thermal spa, a nail boutique, and a beauty salon. The MSC Aurea Spa leaves no stone unturned in pampering their guests.

MSC Formula Racer

This section is exclusively designed for speed lovers. There are car racing simulators where you can compete with your family and friends or complete strangers onboard to get your hearts and pulses racing.

MSC Gym by Technogym

This world-class gym is equipped with modern Technogym cardio and strength training equipment, amazing fitness regimes, training sessions, and courses for fitness freaks.

MSC Yacht Club

This exclusive VIP experience gives you an experience of a ship world within a ship itself. Savor exclusive benefits and privacy in a ship world like never before with luxurious indulgences, numerous recreation, and endless entertainment possibilities. The MSC Yacht Club offers an exclusive sea adventure unparalleled with other cruises.

MSC Ship in UAE Relaxing bars and lounges

You will find several stylish themed bars, lounges, and cafes that match every taste and requirement. So no matter your mood, you will always find your place to relax while sipping in a refreshing drink coupled with some happening live entertainment. The top bars and lounges onboard are Carousel Lounge, Attic Club, MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar, Masters of the Sea, Top Sail Lounge, Bellissima Bar & Lounge, Atmosphere Bar North, Atmosphere Bar South, TV Studio & Bar, Sky Lounge, Jean-Phillipe Crepes & Gelato, Jean-Phillipe Chocolat et Café, ASIA, Horizon Bar, Atmosphere Ice Cream Bar, Infinity Bar, Champagne Bar, Sports Bar, and Imperial Casino Bar.

Restaurants serving delightful cuisines

Twelve distinct venues in the MSC Bellissima offer authentic and exquisite dining options for their guests onboard. The in-house Tapas Bar welcomes delicious culinary experiences co-created by popular Spanish chef Romon Freixa. Among its top restaurants are the Lighthouse Restaurant, Le Cerisier Restaurant, II Ciliegio Restaurant, Butcher’s Cut American-styled steakhouse, the French Atelier Bistrot, L’Ateller Bistrot, Kaito Teppanyaki, Kaito Sushi Bar, Sea Pavilion Hot Pot by Jereme Leung, Posidonia Restaurant, and the Marketplace Buffet.

Luxurious Staterooms & Suite

Guests can choose from several accommodation staterooms and suites that offer diverse offerings, indulgences, and complimentary services, depending on the type of room you opt for during your stay. Choose from the Royal Suite, Deluxe Suite, Interior Suite, Grand Suite, Premium Suite, Ocean view, and staterooms with a balcony.

The London Theatre

You can count it as a classy representation of ancient lines. With its Broadway-style theatres, you don’t have to travel to New York to see high-end shows. You can get your piece of entertainment with several international artists without leaving the ship.


Dive into authentic sea vibes and discover the unique onboard experience that has not learned anything apart from pampering their onboard guests to the core. This experience will form core memory blocks unmatched by any sea adventure in your lifetime.

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      Going on a cruise on MSC Bellissima seems like a wonderful idea. The cruise has so many exciting things to do. I will definitely plan a holiday on this cruise.

      • Avatar for Aparna Sisodia

        Yes, it is one of the best cruises on the Gulf Coast. Go for it if you are looking forward to an exciting, yet relaxing holiday with your family and friends.

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      I just booked a cruise on MSC Bellissima for my entire extended family. We are 20 of us and are having a get-together on the cruise. Eagerly looking forward to it!

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      I have been on this cruise with my family. All of us, especially my 10-year-old twins loved the cruise. We had so much fun that we are planning another cruise holiday on MSC Bellissima soon.

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      I have two children, one aged 2 years and the other 5 years. Can I take them on this cruise?

      • Avatar for Aparna Sisodia

        Yes, all children above the age of 6 months can go on the cruise. There plenty of things to do on the cruise to keep them entertained. But if it is their first time on a cruise, go for a shorter journey rather than a longer one.

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      I have been planning to go on a cruise for a long town, and the MSC Bellissima Cruise seems quite exciting. I will book a cruise for me and my husband soon.

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        Yes, you must. The cruise is luxurious and perfect for a relaxing holiday. Plus, you will get to see some interesting places on the Gulf Coast.

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