Global Village is the foremost of Dubai’s seasonal attraction, and an introduction is probably not needed to describe the endless attractions and extraordinary carnival-like vibe of this multi-cultural park. As it is whirling back for its 28th season from October 18, 2023, to April 28, 2024, here we have a list of the top things to do in Global Village Dubai. But just before we go into details, take a quick look at some important facts, including Global Village timings, location, and more.
  • Launched: 1997
  • Current Location: Dubailand
  • Opening hours: Sunday through Wednesday from 16:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs; Thursday through Saturday and public holidays from 16:00 hrs to 01:00 hrs (next day)
  • Gate Closing time: 11:30 pm from Sunday through Wednesday and 12:30 am on Thursday through Saturday and public holidays
  • Tuesdays are ladies-and-families only day
  • Type: All-inclusive fun, entertainment, shopping, and dining destination
  • Duration: Winter months from October to April

Tourists arrive in millions to check out the Global Village pavilions and other highlights that are revamped every year. Continue reading to find the top things to do in Global Village Dubai.

Things to Do in Global Village Dubai

1. Globetrot the World in a Day

We didn’t say this just like that! The main highlight of Global Village is undoubtedly its about 30 pavilions, featuring more than 90 countries, including Egypt, India, Turkey, China, etc. This gives you the rarest opportunity to experience the culture, traditions, and other not-to-miss delights of different parts of the world, all in a single day. Isn’t that exciting? So brace yourself up for some amazing and unforgettable cultural experiences as you explore one pavilion after another on your visit here.

2. Check Out Season’s Brand-New Attractions: Cyber City Stunt Show and Mini World

Cyber City Show – Powered by Surge is one of the season’s brand-new attractions. A high-tech ambiance with flying cars and avant-garde LED police cars forms the background for this compelling show, set in 2075. Mini World is equally enticing for its jaw-dropping miniature versions of the world’s top 25 celebrated landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower. There is also a mini-golf segment ideal for all age groups.

3. Spectacle over 40,000 Live Concerts and Shows

Shamma Hamdan

See some of the most influential stars and celebrity bands from across Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world performing right in front of you. With thousands of shows, including live concerts on all Fridays, you can expect to watch several brilliant and energetic performances throughout the duration of Global Village Dubai. There are street performances, stunt shows, and kids’ specific shows, to name a few. Also, don’t miss its interesting array of stage presentations and cultural shows in the new season, especially by AAINJA, Dhol Foundation, and Fusion Japan. It is one of the best things to do in Dubai, we bet!

4. Look out for the Fire-Breathing Dragon & Floating Market

One of the main attractions this season is an extravagant fire fountain show. Directly facing the vibrant floating market, it also comprises a fascinating fire-breathing dragon that is 20 meters long. As for the floating market, it is set right in the heart of Global Village and offers the most scrumptious Asian culinary delights, such as noodles, seafood, grilled specialties, and desserts.

5. Visit the Middle East’s first Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

For those in the know, this popular American museum franchise (which has its presence all over the world) is the place to discover the most unusual and bizarre collection of displays, covering everything from prehistoric to the most futuristic. Apparently, this is not your ordinary museum. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East with several strange exhibits, like the Mirror Maze with over 250 mirrors and LED lights. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! has over 10 new astounding displays in the new season.

6. Enter Peter Rabbit™ Adventure Zone

This exciting zone is one of the ultimate attractions for families and little ones. As the name indicates, it is inspired by the all-time favorite television series of Peter Rabbit and his companions. It is an immersive world  with the most exciting and educational experiences as diverse as the Squirrel Nutkin Activity Park, the Radish Dash Maze, the Scavenger Hunt, and the Screen Area. There is also Mrs. Rabbit’s Fresh Farm Café.

7. Find Something for People of All Age Groups

Carnaval in Globlal Village

Global Village brings a wide spectrum of attractions that are ideal for every age and ability. These include the Nine and Pink Caravan exclusively for female guests. Each of them is unique and promises you unforgettable experiences.

8. Don’t miss these exciting rides at Carnaval

More than 170 rides, attractions and terrific experiences await you in this fun-and-thrill-packed segment of Global Village.

  • Manila Mayhem: Experience the thrill and fun of a lifetime as you enjoy an exhilarating tizzy spin.
  • Festival Wheel: An exhilarating spin on this 60–meter-high, colorful observation wheel will enthrall you with the most fantastic views over Global Village and beyond. It’s also complemented by a 50-meter LED screen that is definite to add to your experience.
  • Transylvania Towers: Modeled like a hotel and enhanced by stunning animations and special effects, this recreates the ambiance of a haunted house. Needless to say, this is where you can drop in for unmatched spooky fun and entertainment.
  • Moscow Max: It offers an absolute treat for adventurists and fun-seekers. This pendulum ride emulates a jet plane with its G force and will lift you 18 meters off the ground on a thrilling 360-degree spin.
  • Miami Surf: This is a 240-meter water attraction that allows you to have a surfing adventure like no other.

9. Watch Merry-Go-Round

Merry-Go-Round is a circus troupe that presents nerve-wracking acrobatic performances by brilliant talents from all over the world. You can find it on the main stage against the backdrop of a vibrant carousel. Besides the rib-tickling acts of high-energy clowns, you can also take in high wire acts.

10. Shop Some Amazingly Cool Stuff

Shopping at Global Village DubaiMuhammad Ahmed/

Shopping in Global Village is quite an interesting and unique experience. There is always something strikingly unusual and unexpected to take home, thanks to its over 3500 outlets. With a roster of intriguing cultures and marvelous attractions blissfully represented under a roof, you can look forward to shopping exceptional stuff like authentic Turkish sweets and Iranian saffron, traditional Afghani and Indian outfits, Arabian oud and perfumes, and African specialties.

11. Chow Down on Delicacies from Across the World

Craving some exotic tastes or flavors? Don’t just limit your taste buds to Arabic gahwa or local delights like kunafah or melt–in-the-mouth luqaimat drizzled with a generous amount of date syrup! Go ahead and sample specialties ranging from Turkish ice cream and Lebanese sweets to Indian chaat, spicy chicken tandoori, Thai seafood, and chow mein. After all, this seasonal attraction, which runs for almost six months, is also the best time to savor the world’s most celebrated culinary treasures. If you want to try something new and exotic, check out Indian Chaat Bazaar (offering authentic vegetarian Indian specialties), Railway Market, Happiness Street, and Fruit Bazaar.

12. Make the Most of DSF fun and excitement

Being one of the main attractions of the much-awaited Dubai Shopping Festival, Global Village is at its best during the one-month extravaganza, making it one of the most recommended times to visit this cultural theme park. Watch stunning celebrity performances, participate in contests offering prizes of jaw-dropping amount, and get maximum discounts to enjoy the finest in leisure, shopping and dining options here as part of DSF.

13. Revel in the Fireworks Display

Fireworks Display at Global Village

You can catch a magnificent musical fireworks display twice a week in Global Village. Come here on Fridays and Saturdays, and this extravaganza of lights usually begins from 9 p.m. Apart from these, you’ll also get to see this spectacular display on special occasions or days, such as UAE National Day (December 2nd) and the New Year. Fascinatingly, in previous years, the New Year fireworks display took place not once but seven times as per the arrival of New Year in seven countries, including the UAE, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. And we hope that this year the spectacle will be even more spectacular and grander.

14. Throw Yourself Back to the Ancient Emirati Era

With dedicated programs such as ‘Live Our Heritage Festival,’ you’ll get the unique opportunity to experience the legendary Emirati culture and ancient lifestyle. It allows for an incredible understanding of the region’s age-old crafts and traditions, from braiding palm fronds and thread weaving to creating perfumes and making coffee. You’ll also be able to revel in mesmeric Arabian folk dance performances while gaining some interesting information.

15. Try Something Distinct & Exotic

Global Village offers ample opportunities for those who wish to experience something new and exciting. Besides exploring the culture and culinary flavors from all over the world, choose to engage in activities worth treasuring. Try calligraphy, sign up for a crash pottery course, or gift yourself a unique souvenir by getting your caricature portrait done from a brilliant artist, among many others.

As Dubai Global Village will open now and become active in a blink of an eye, we’re sure that this season will be the exciting ever with a truckload of lively activities and memorable moments to add in your journey of life. You can also skip the open-air concerts and jump into the indoor activities in Dubai, which are equally thrilling.


Q1. What is the Dubai Global Village?

It is a shopping destination and a multi-cultural festival park that brings cultures together from across the globe.

Q2. What is an ideal time to explore Global Village?

An ideal time to explore the Global Village is between October to April.

Q3. What are some things to do in the Global Village?

• Road of Asia • Fire Mountain Show • Floating Market • Here Comes the Boom

Q4. What is so unique and interesting about shopping at the Global Village?

The experience of shopping in the Global Village is pretty intriguing and different. With over 3,500 outlets, there is something always incredibly unique and unexpected to bring home.

Q5. Is the Global Village family-friendly?

Yes, it is much family-friendly as there is something for every age group.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

  • 20 thoughts on “Best Things to Do in Global Village Dubai 2023 – 2024
    1. Avatar for Rezmin

      The entertainment options at Global Village sound incredible! Any live performances or events that stand out and shouldn’t be missed?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Absolutely! The Main Stage hosts captivating live performances. Every day, Global Village conducts cultural shows, shooting music concerts, and amazing dance performances representing different nations.

    2. Avatar for Rezmin

      I am interested in seeing pure skills that thrill the audiences and the Merry-Go-Round seems to be perfect to satisfy my interest.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes. Merry-Go-Round will thrill you by presenting amazing acrobatic performances by amazing talents called here from the world over. There are rib-tickling and high wire acts performed daily.

    3. Avatar for Rezmin

      How many people visit the Global Village each day?

    4. Avatar for Rezmin

      Are you serious that Global Village conducts 40,000 live concerts and shows?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes. It invites stars and celebrities from different parts of the world who enthrall visitors with their live performances.

    5. Avatar for Rezmin

      Global Village Dubai looks like a wonderland. I am excited to explore the cultural exhibits that display the rich heritage at each of the pavilions represented by different countries.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Global Village celebrates diverse cultures. Visit the Heritage Village and enjoy the timeless traditional crafts, interesting performances, and historic displays. The Heritage Village will offer an immersive experience for history enthusiasts.

    6. Avatar for Rezmin

      I have been to this place. It really is wonderful and it is stuff like this that makes Dubai such a global city and wonderful city to live in.

    7. Avatar for Rezmin

      I heard that in the Global Village, one of the main attractions is the food. So, all these pavilions from different countries also serve their food?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes, you heard right. Here, you can taste a variety of authentic cuisines from different countries. Some people come here just for the food.

    8. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hi, I have 2 kids, both teenagers. I am thinking of taking them to the global village. What pavilions would you recommend for kids of their age?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Hi. For teenagers, I would recommend Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone, Here Comes the Boom and Harbour Force.

    9. Avatar for Rezmin

      Is the place open again? I had heard from someone in Dubai that owing to the pandemic, Global Village had shut down for a long time.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        Yes, the Global Village, like many tourist places, had shut down but it’s operational again. Hopefully, there’ll be no more lockdowns.

    10. Avatar for Rezmin

      I make it a point to see the Global Village during all my Dubai trips. This place is astonishing and every year, there’s something new to see and experience.

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