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Who won’t be mesmerised by the thousands of colourful butterflies fluttering around in their natural environment? Dubai Butterfly Garden, opened in 2015, brings it to reality!

Aren’t we all aware of Dubai’s incredible architecture and attractions? The city is touted as the innovative capital of the world. From the groundbreaking skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa to the luxurious experiences like safari rides, Dubai keeps you on your toes. But, what awaits you at Dubai Butterfly Garden is a whole new world. This one-of-a-kind attraction is a land of colourful dreams.

Here is a glimpse of what happens inside Dubai Butterfly Garden:

Dubai Butterfly Garden Image Credit: Oiva Eskola

What is Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Spanning over 6000 square metres, Dubai Butterfly Garden is the world’s largest covered butterfly garden. It is strategically situated in Dubai Miracle Garden, which is itself an oasis filled with over 150 million flowers. Conceptualised and designed by the same minds that have built the flower paradise, this butterfly garden offers a rejuvenating break from the urban chaos and heat.

Home to ten custom-built, climate-controlled domes, this absolute butterflies’ abode promises you an immersive experience. From rainbow-hued to the interestingly rare, the garden is brimming with 15,000 beautiful winged creatures. Its unparalleled concept and picturesque landscape has made the world turn their heads.

Why Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Inside Dubai Butterfly Garden Image Credit: dubaibutterflygarden.com

It is one of Dubai’s ultimate attractions where you can experience the nature in its truest form. As the butterflies gracefully float by your hair, hand and shoulders, you will find yourself giggling and smiling your heart out. It’s a magical riot of vibrant colour and chirpy sound in an exuberant ambience.

While the Dubai Miracle Garden rolls out the red carpet for the travellers in the winter months, now there is something equally exciting in summers as well. Seek a natural respite from the soaring temperatures as you duck into this indoor Butterfly Garden. The garden is maintained at a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius, perfect for visitors to wander during summer afternoon.

The garden is opened throughout the year and is large enough to occupy 300 visitors at a time. It takes roughly an hour to make a round of this space and be filled with delight.

Things to Do in Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Dubai Image Credit: Oiva Eskola

1. Visit the Domes

  • Built in a circular shape, the Butterfly Garden is categorised into 10 versatile, interconnected domes, where each one of them will leave you intrigued. Enjoy and relax in its charming and serenade milieu.
  • Its lush, jungle-like environment is inspired by a greenhouse. Witness an eye-catching range of butterflies and pupae belonging to 50 species, originating from Latin America, Asia and Africa. It boasts the biggest species of Blue Morpho. It is tempting to marvel at the American white-winged butterfly Anteos Clorinde. Wait till you find the large Owl Butterfly, that grows up to 65-200mm.
  • Some other famous butterflies that you can discover are Archaeoprepona Demophon, Monarch, Red Rim, African Queen, Tailed Jay, Doris, Great Eggfly, Orange Oakleaf, Clipper, and Golden Birdwing.
  • The landscape is dotted with a cornucopia of tropical foliage. Meander through the pathways that are flanked by flowers. Visitors get goosebumps in bones when a dozen of butterflies sit on them. The frenzy of butterflies is worth to catch.
  • Each dome features clean and tranquil gazebos where visitors can sit, kick back and observe the butterflies flapping and chasing around. Their endearing actions will force the visitors to take out the camera and pose with them. Remember to be sensitive towards nature.
  • There are 15 food stations and hanging trays speckled around, where butterflies perch on the nectar plants like bush and weed. It is splendid to spot the butterflies feeding on nutrient syrups and fruits like mangoes, pineapple and watermelon.
  • The tendrils of ivy hanging from the ceilings, small fountains and water elements look like a series of serendipity.

2. Eat and Unwind to Your Heart’s Desire

Looking to take a breather? Stop by the coffee shops and food kiosks that serve mouth-watering snacks. The wide variety of food menu is enough to cover all kinds of hunger pangs. From coffee and sandwiches to candies and fruits, go for an endless munching. Gelato, popcorn, nachos, sodas, fresh juices – just name it and you will get it here. So, fuel up and get back into wandering.

3. Overload your Senses with Edutainment Experiences

Did you know that there are butterflies and moths everywhere, except on Antarctica? That’s a shocking revelation! It’s time to learn more and be fascinated. There is a Butterfly and Insect Museum that holds several trivia about the brilliant species of such winged creatures. There is in-depth information and exhibits. You can see the journey of caterpillars crawling and growing into a butterfly through each stage. Kids are thrilled to glance at the interesting transformation. There are guides around who are available to answer your curious mind.

The art aficionados can better pop in to the gallery and browse through the hand-crafted artworks by the in-house artists. These are made out of real butterflies and look fascinating.

4. Hang out by the Koi Pond

Koi Pond in Dubai Butterfly Garden Image Credit: dubaibutterflygarden.com

What is another creature that is as vibrant and vivid as a butterfly? Yes, you guessed it right, Fishes! The garden has a Koi Pond in Dome 2 that gives you utmost peace. Come here to soothe your soul. The setup becomes more appealing when the cacophony of bird sounds play in the backdrop.

5. Want to take back Memories?

Buy souvenirs at the nearby stores, right by the museum. The shops have handmade jewellery, butterfly frames, toys, books, clothing, accessories and a lot more for you to reminisce about back home.

6. Watch the movies at the Cinema

The garden is also home to cinema and playground for kids. One can check out a range of selected educational movies, ideal to entertain and engage the families together. Choose from the library of Disney Films and go on an epic family-time ride with popcorns and snacks. The little ones can also enjoy other animated movies, videos on butterfly life-cycle and more.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

You must have heard that Dubai Miracle Garden is a 6-month display. But, the Butterfly Garden welcomes the visitors all year round. The best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden is during the winter months, from November to March. The city has a favourable climate.

How to Reach Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Hop on the Redline Dubai Metro and get down the metro station at Mall of Emirates. From there you can ride on the bus that will take you to the Dubai Butterfly Garden in 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose to ride in a taxi or private car. If you are coming straight from the airport, you can reach here within 30 minutes by a taxi.

Some Useful Tips
  • Do not touch, hold or mishandle the butterflies who are resting or feeding.
  • Walk carefully as you do not step over/ harm the butterflies.
  • Food items and drinks from outside are strictly prohibited within the premise.
  • Always take pictures in the presence of staff members.
  • Make sure you do not enter the restricted areas and keep a watch on children from doing so.

Turn towards a unique side of Dubai and tick off Dubai Butterfly Garden. It’s an amazing place in Dubai to visit with families and friends. There are other recreational activities to do in the neighbourhood. So, book your Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets with us and have the best time.

Intrigued by the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable diversity around the world, Shambhavi has taken the agenda of inspiring travellers to embark on their new journeys with passion and information. She has a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. She is a food-enamoured introvert who is fond of plants, reads fiction and taps feet to Bollywood music.

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      The Dubai Butterfly Garden is stunning. Just want to know if they are taking the conservation efforts and protecting the butterfly species and their habitats?

      • Avatar for Shambhavi Sisodia
        Shambhavi Sisodia Reply

        The conversation is a top priority here and there is no limit of efforts taken for protecting the butterfly species and their habitats. There are experts to ensure care for the butterflies.

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      I visited the Dubai Butterfly Garden and loved it very much. It was interesting to see and learn about the various species of butterflies.

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        We’re happy to know that you loved the Dubai Butterfly Garden. The various colorful butterflies and the beautiful ambiance really make it a memorable place.

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      You’re right without any doubt! The dioramas project the real picture of the early Bedouins life and truly transport visitors back in time.

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      The Dubai Butterfly Garden might not be for me as I’m not a fan of insects. Are there other attractions nearby that I could visit instead?”

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        We honour your preferences! There is no shortage of other attractions near the butterfly garden. The Miracle Garden, and Dubai Parks and Resorts are a few popular ones. Besides, you can go for a desert safari as well. Dubai has something for everyone.

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      It is good to know that Dubai Butterfly Garden offers educational sessions for kids. Teaching children about the beauty and importance of nature is important.

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        Absolutely! The Dubai Butterfly Garden offers great education on butterflies. It also promotes the importance of their ecosystems. Your kids will get inspired for the love of nature.

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      Wow, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is so beautiful, it looks like a magical place! Who would not want to visit such an attractive place? I am eager to visit and find myself surrounded by beautiful butterflies.

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        We’re glad you’re excited to visit the mesmerizing Dubai Butterfly Garden. You will enjoy the wonders of nature.

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      Inna | ThatUnknownBlogger Reply

      Ommg this is definitely a place I’d like to visit. It sounds very beautiful and fun. These photos are amazing! I love the whole theme of the The Butterfly Garden, soo soo pretty! There seems to be a lot of fun activities. If I ever get to visit Dubai, this is surely a place I’d love to go to!

      Thank you so much for sharing this post and for the details of things we can do there. Thank you also for those extra tips! Really helpful.

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