Travel bloggers bring the world to life for the rest of us. They do the writing, but somehow it’s us who travel to all those places they write about. Here are some of the world’s best travel blogs that’ll help you travel cheaper, better and much smarter. If you’re looking for travel inspiration and in-depth advice, packing tips, best places to visit, where to get the best deals and so on, follow travel bloggers. They go where you haven’t been and blaze the trail for you. Check out these

top travel bloggers of 2020


aleah, from solitary wanderer

Aleah Taboclaon, a writer and editor is a digital nomad who travels the worlds and shares her experiences. She prefers to travel alone by choice, as she enjoys the freedom to go where she wants and when. If you’re planning to be solo traveler, and especially if you’re a woman, then the Solitary Wanderer is a good place to start. Aleah provides a lot of safety tips especially for women traveling alone, including top destinations for solo travelers, travel gear tips and visa guides. Check out her Instagram feed here.

jodi ettenberg, from legal nomads

Jodi Ettenberg is an amazing blogger whose blog focuses on culture and food. She is a foodie and devotes a lot of her travel to food on the road. Most of her travel pictures include mouth-watering food, which tempt others to travel to the same places and try the food in the picture. A former lawyer, Jodie also authors a series called “Thrill-able Hours” that talks about other lawyers who gave up the legal world for a life on the road as travelers. If you’re in the legal profession, Legal Nomads is one of the travel sites you should check out. Follow her on Instagram here.

kristin, from be my travel muse

Kristin Addis can show you how to ditch all the touristy stuff and throw yourself into the local culture. Kristin, a native Southern Californian is a solo traveler, and has dedicated her life to solo traveling. Her blog won several awards. It helps women to confidently travel the world, and enjoy an adventurous life. She provides extensive tips and guides to help people to travel. She’s also the author of 2 travel books. Kristin’s is one of the travel blogs you must explore to learn to be a solo traveler. Check out the Be My Travel Muse Instagram feed here.

sabrina, from just one way ticket

Sabrina Lovino has a beautiful witty and honest writing style that makes people smile and cringe at the same time. She’s been on the road since 2008, after quitting her job. Today, travel is her lifestyle. She has traveled straight for 433 days, before returning to Germany, her home country. There she realized that she didn’t want to ‘settle down’. She wanted to remain homeless and a traveler, for life. Read her blog if you desire a wealth of reviews, destination tips, packing tips and some excellent advice on finding flights, stays, how to get work and much more. Sabrina is one of the best travel bloggers, most known for her decision to make traveling her lifestyle. Check out her Instagram here.

oneika, from oneika the traveller

Oneika the Traveler prefers to be known as Oneika. Last names are not important to her. She is a well-known world travel junky, dedicated to encouraging, empowering and inspiring men and women to see the world. As a woman of color, she’d like to see more women of color take to travelling. She provides a rich travelling experience in her blog, including tips on how to travel as a colored person. Her advice on how to find love on the road and other tips are very relevant. Follow her on Instagram here.

  • Veronika, from Veronika’s Adventure

veronika, from veronika adventure

Veronika Tomanova is a native of Czech Republic, who has been travelling around the world for the last couple of years as a solo female traveler. She visited 15 different countries just in 2014 alone. Her readers find her step-by-step travel guidelines to be very useful. Visit her blog to learn how to travel to a place like Sri Lanka and get the best out of that country within 7 days or less. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

leyla, from women on the road

Leyla Giray Alyanak started traveling in earnest after her first foray of a few days on the road satisfied a deep yearning to see the world. As she traveled, she couldn’t find much information on traveling solo, especially for women on the internet. After spending three years on the road, Leyla put together her experience on how to travel smart, safe and solo as a female. Leyla believes that all women, whatever their age, should attempt solo travel and learn to push their boundaries. Travel, she says, makes you more confident, and opens you up to the world. Follow her on Instagram here.

  • Canaan and Kent, from No Vacation Required

canaan and kent, from no vacation required

For travelers Canaan and Kent, every day is a dream day. Together, they started a virtual consulting business so that they could focus on traveling full time, and make a living from anywhere. They do the work they love, writing about LGBT getaways (gay tourism), nature, nature-centric adventures, travel and tech, luxury escapes, traveling with purpose and more. If you want to know more about digital nomading, to travel tips and everything in between, visit their blog & follow them on Instagram.

alex in wanderland

Alexandra Baackes is a graphic designer, travel lover, photographer and dive specialist. She is also a dive enthusiast and has traveled the world looking for great dive sites. Her blog is full of great photos, dive tips, travel stories and lots of useful information. What you’ll like about her blog is the ever-present biting and self-deprecating humor. A New York native, Alex left her world of convenience to explore the world thoroughly, taking her time to go it. She likes to read guidebooks on countries she has no immediate plans to visit. Check out her Instagram feed here.

alice, from teacake travels

Alice Teacake has been travelling the world for the last 8 years. To her, travel isn’t just about switching destinations and Instagram photos. It’s about challenging herself. Her blog reads like an 8 year challenge to herself to do more. It’s a journey of self-discovery, with tips on how to begin your travel, where to go, how to earn money during travel and what to buy and where. If you’re planning to be a solo traveler, you’ll find her blog a true gem. Alice believes in solo traveling as it helps one to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential. Check out her Instagram feed here.


For some people, travel is something to be enjoyed when they can afford it, or when they manage to squeeze in vacation time. For many travel bloggers, travel is a way of life. They cannot imagine doing anything else but traveling, with minimal possessions and maximum exposure to the world. Use the blogs we’ve listed to understand solo traveling and the joys it can bring.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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